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Jet Physics at CDF Physics amp Astronomy

Jet Physics at CDF Sally Seidel University of New Mexico APS’99 24 March 1999 CDF: A multi-purpose detector for studying hadronic collisions at the Fermilab Tevatron: The Inclusive Jet Cross Section For jet transverse energies in the range 40 < ET < 440 GeV: this probes distances down to 10-17 cm.

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Physics 113 Lecture 1 Fluids and Thermal Physics Agenda

Thermal Physics biology phase transitions chemical reactions Fabrication of materials engines semiconductors thermal radiation (global warming) magnetism You will learn the rules that describe the behavior of: Materials Phenomena gases thermal conduction liquids thermal radiation solids heat engines polymers magnetism Outline of Topics Chapters ...

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Lecture 10b Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

Slide 23 Potential Energy Slide 25 Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28 Mechanical Energy & its Conservation Slide 30 Slide 31 Slide 32 Slide 33 Slide 34 Slide 35 Slide 36 Example: Falling Rock Slide 38 Example: Roller Coaster Conceptual Example : Speeds on 2 Water Slides

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Physics 2170 Foundations of Modern Physics

Transmit. Coil. Liquid-phase proton FT-NMR spectroscopy. To make an NMR signal you put a coil of wire near the aligned protons. *click* By sending a brief radio-frequency pulse into the coil to can create a varying magnetic field that has the effect of tipping the protons over so they are now perpendicular to the magnetic field.

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Lecture 5 Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

Newtonian/Galilean Relativity If Newton’s Laws of Motion are valid in one (inertial) reference frame, they are also valid in any other reference frame in uniform (not accelerated) motion with respect to the first. This is a result of the fact that Newton’s 2nd Law: F = ma = m (d2r/dt2) involves a 2nd time derivative of r.

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Lecture 0 Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

Answers the question: “Given the forces, how do objects move”? Forces are classified into four types: Four Fundamental Forces Of Nature! Mechanics (in some form) applies to all four! The 4 Fundamental Forces of Nature The Sources of these forces: In order of decreasing strength Strong Nuclear Force: Binds nuclei together.

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Lecture 00 Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

Gravitational Force: Newton (classical mechanics) Einstein (general relativity) 4 Fundamental Forces of Nature Sources of the forces, in order of decreasing strength 4 Fundamental Forces The “Electro-Weak” Force: Since ~ the late 1960’s, in some sense the 4 fundamental forces have been reduced to 3!

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Part III Particle Physics High Energy Physics

Particle Physics Michaelmas Term 2011 Prof Mark Thomson g X g g X g Handout 3 : Interaction by Particle Exchange and QED Recap Virtual Particles Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) Feynman Rules for QED Summary Particle Physics Recap Virtual Particles Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) Feynman Rules for QED Summary e– m– e+ m+ g Working towards a proper calculation of decay and scattering processes ...

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Math in Particle Physics phys689 hepex physics tamu edu

Standard Model of Particle Physics. Physical content: 12 basic particles. Each has an antiparticle. Interact via force carriers called gauge bosons. Higgs boson giving mass to all other particles. Includes 2.5 forces: Electroweak=“electromagnetic + weak” combined force. All basic particles participate, transmitted by W/Z/g bosons

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Physics 564 Particle Physics

Quantum Field Theory, Ryder, Itzekson & Zuber Detector Instrumentation eg. Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics, Fernow Accelerator Physics eg. An Introduction to Particle Accelerators, Wilson Nuclear Physics eg. Introductory Nuclear Physics, Krane Astrophysics, Cosmology Course dedicated to Standard Model and its extensions, eg. Phys 565.

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The Physics of Martial Arts Physics and Astronomy TTU

Chabay, Ruth and Sherwood, Bruce, Matter and Interactions: Modern Mechanics. New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc. (2002). Thornton, Stephen T. and Marion, Jerry B., Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems, 5th Edition. Thomson, Brooks/Cole (2004). The Physics of Martial Arts Application of Classical Mechanics to the Martial Arts.

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Lecture 42 Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

N atomic layers with spacing a = d/n : N quantized states with kn ≈ N /d Quantization in Thin Graphite Films 0 /a /d EFermi EVacuum Photoemission k 1 layer = graphene 2 layers 3 layers 4 layers layers = graphite Quantum Well States in Thin Films Discrete for small N Becomes continuous for N Paggel et al. Science 283, 1709 (1999) Periodic ...

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Lecture 13 Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

To analyze ALL collisions: Rule #1 Momentum is ALWAYS (!!!) conserved in a collision! mAvA + mBvB = mA(vA) + mB(vB) HOLDS for ALL collisions! Ideal Very Special Case: 2 very hard objects (like billiard balls) collide.

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Physics Chapter 1 amp 2 Review BHS Physics Class

The car slows from 40 m/s to 10 m/s in a school zone in 10 seconds. Calculate the acceleration of the car. A = 10 – 40 / 10 = -3m/s2. Slope of a position vs. time graph? ... Physics Chapter 1&2 Review Last modified by: Ordaz, Stephanie Company: Bentonville Public Schools ...

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IB Physics Atomic Nuclear and Particle Physics

IB Physics: Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics Nucleus Nucleons (A) = Protons (Z) + Neutrons (N) Mass and Atomic Numbers Number of protons & neutrons in nucleus is limited. Radioactivity is the decay of nuclei to more stable element via emission of “radiation” (α or β particles, rays, etc.). Half-Life (2n exponential decay)

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B Physics at a Super B Factory The Physics Case and Detector

Radiation Damage Projections 2x1035 7x1035 1036 Versus ~8 physics clusters Occupancy Projections EMC lifetime limit: about 20 ab-1 Both Rad Hard crystal and Liquid Xenon options require EMC inner radius reduction to about 70cm: need to replace DRC bars as well Sheet3. Sheet2. 1.5x10^35 f0KS. 2.5x10^35 f0KS. 7x10^35 f0KS. 1.5x10^35 KKKS. 2.5x10 ...

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Physics 199BB The Physics of Baseball

How do hitters perform against different pitch types, locations, speeds, etc.? What is effect of pitch sequencing? Other questions limited only by one’s imagination Example 2: Pitching at High Altitude: Higher <v>, less movement in Denver vs. Toronto Using PITCHf/x to Classify Pitches Most techniques based on …

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Thermal Physics Physics 1X

Thermodynamics Understanding the words Temperature Heat Heat capacity The 0, 1, 2 laws of thermodynamics (one of) Kelvin’s legacy’s WilliamThompson (Lord Kelvin)

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Lecture 45 Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy

Photonic Crystals Photonic Crystals From Wikipedia: “Photonic Crystals are periodic optical nanostructures that are designed to affect the motion of photons in a similar way that periodicity of a semiconductor crystal affects the motion of electrons.

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Quantum Physics and Nuclear Physics

Quantum Physics. Revision. When an electron falls to a lower energy level, the change in energy (ΔE) is emitted as a photon of e-m radiation. ΔE = E. 2 – E. 1. The change in energy is proportional to the frequency of the emitted photon:

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