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2018 NFGC REVISIONS SCOPE 1 1 1 1 SECTION 5 5 B The maximum operating pressure shall 5 5 Piping System Operating Pressurebe This code shall apply to natural gas systems Limitations operating at a pressure of 125 psi 862 kPa or.
5 5 1 Piping System Operating PressureLimitations The maximum operating pressureException No 1 Piping systems for gas air for any piping system shall not exceed 125 psi mixtures within the flammable range are5 5 2 Flammable Gas Air Mixtures The.
limited to a maximum pressure of 10 psi 69maximum operating pressure for piping systemsfor gas air mixtures within the flammable rangeException No 2 LP Gas piping systems are shall be 10 psi 69 kPa limited to 20 psi 140 kPa except as provided.
5 5 3 LP Gas Piping Systems The maximumin 5 5 1 6 operating pressure for LP Gas piping systems C This code shall apply to LP Gas systems shall be 20 psi 140 kPa except as provided inoperating at a pressure of 50 psi 345 kPa or 5 5 4 6 .
D This code shall apply to gas air mixturesystems operating within the flammable rangeat a pressure of 10 psi 69 kPa or less RELOCATE PRESSURE LIMITATIONS2 3 2 ASTM International Publications American Society for.
Testing and Materials International 100 Barr Harbor Drive WestConshohocken PA 19428 2959 610 832 9500 www astm org ASTM A53 Standard Specification for Pipe Steel Black and Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Welded and Seamless 2012 ASTM A106 Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe.
for High Temperature Service 20112014 ASTM A254 Standard Specification for Copper Brazed Steel Tubing 1997 Reaffirmed 2007 2012 ASTM A268 Standard Specification for Seamless and WeldedFerritic and Martensitic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service .
2010 FR No 94 NFPA 54 Z223 1 2015 ASTM A269 Standard Specification for Seamless and WeldedAustenitic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service 2015 UPDATE ALL REFERENCE 5 6 2 2 Steel Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron Steel Stainless.
Steel and wrought iron pipe shall be at least of standard weight Schedule 4010 and shall comply with one of the followingdimensional standards of ANSI ASME B36 10M Welded and SeamlessWrought Steel Pipe and one of the following 1 ANSI ASME B36 10M Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe.
21 ASTM A53 Standard Specification for Pipe Steel Black andHot Dipped Zinc Coated Welded and Seamless 32 ASTM A106 Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon SteelPipe for High Temperature Service 43 ASTM A312 Standard Specification for Seamless Welded and.
Heavily Cold Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes ALLOW STAINLESS STEEL PIPE ALLOW MINIMUM SCHEDULE 10 5 6 8 1 Pipe Joints Schedule 40 and heavier pipe Pipe jointsshall be threaded flanged brazed or welded or assembled with.
press connect fittings listed to ANSI LC 4 CSA 6 32 Press Connect Metallic Fitting for Use in Fuel Gas Distribution Systems A Pipe lighter than Schedule 40 shall be connected using press connect fittings flanges brazing or welding B Where nonferrous pipe is brazed the brazing materials shall.
have a melting point in excess of 1 000 F 538 C C Brazing alloys shall not contain more than 0 05 percentphosphorus ADD PRESS CONNECT JOINTS NO THREADED JOINTS FOR SCHEDULE 10 PIPE.
5 6 3 Metallic Tubing Seamless copper aluminum alloy orsteel tubing5 6 3 1 Tubing shall not be used with gases corrosive to suchthe tubing material 5 6 3 2 Stainless Steel Stainless steel tubing shall comply.
with one of the following 1 ASTM A268 Standard Specification for Seamless andWelded Ferritic and Martensitic Stainless Steel Tubing forGeneral Service 2 ASTM A269 Standard Specification for Seamless and.
Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service ALLOW STAINLESS STEEL SECTION 5 6 6 SECTION 7 2 25 6 6 Protective Coating 7 2 2 Protective Coating Where in contact with material Where piping is in contact with a.
or atmosphere exerting a material or an atmospherecorrosive action metallic piping corrosive to the piping system and fittings coated with a the piping and fittings shall becorrosion resistant material shall coated with a corrosion resistantbe used External or internal material Any such coating used.
coatings or linings used on on piping or components shallpiping or components shall not not be considered as addingbe considered as adding strength to the system RELOCATE PROTECTIVE COATING 5 6 8 3 Stainless Steel Tubing Joints Stainless steel.
joints shall be welded assembled with approved tubingfittings brazed with a material having a melting point inexcess of 1 000 F 538 C or assembled with press connect fittings listed to ANSI LC 4 CSA 6 32 Press Connect Metallic Fittings for Use in Fuel Gas Distribution.
Systems Brazing alloys and fluxes shall be recommendedby the manufacturer for use on stainless steel alloys ADD SS JOINING METHODS 5 6 4 1 2 Plastic Polyamide pipe tubing and fittings otherthan polyethylene shall be identified and conform to the.
2008 edition of ASTM D2513F2945 Standards Specificationfor ThermoplasticPolyamide 11 Gas Pressure Pipe Tubing andFittings Pipe to be used shall be marked gas and ASTMD2513F2945 ADD POLYAMIDE PLASTIC PIPE.
5 8 1 Where Required A line pressure regulator shallbe installed where the gas supply pressure is higherthan that at which appliances are designed to operate orvary beyond design pressure limits exceeds themaximum allowable inlet pressure of the appliance.
5 8 2 Listing Line pressure regulators shall be listed inaccordance with ANSI Z21 80 CSA 6 22 Line PressureRegulators where the outlet pressure is set to 2 psi orCLARIFY WHEN PRESSURE REGULATORIS REQUIRED.
5 9 3 Overpressure Protection Devices 5 9 3 1 Pressure relieving or pressure limiting Overpressureprotection devices shall be one of the following 5 9 3 2 The devices in 5 9 3 1 shall be installed either as anintegral part of the line pressure regulator or as separate.
units Where separate pressure relieving or pressure limitingoverpressure protection devices are installed they shallcomply with 5 9 4 through 5 9 9 5 9 4 Construction and Installation All pressure relievingor pressure limiting overpressure protection devices shall.
meet the following requirements RENAME PRESSURE RELIEVING LIMITING DEVICES ADD 39 EHD TO TWO NG CSST 7 8 Branch Pipe Connection When a branch outlet is.
placed on a main supply line before it is known what sizepipe will be connected to it the outlet shall be of the samesize as the line that supplies it DELETED SAME SIZE OUTLETREQUIREMENT.
7 10 Prohibited Devices No device Devices shall not beplaced inside within the interior of gas piping or fittingsthat where such devices will reduce the cross sectionalarea or otherwise obstructs the free flow of gas exceptwhere proper allowance in the piping system design has.
been made for such a devices and where approved by theauthority having jurisdiction CLARIFY AND DELETE AHJ APPROVAL 7 13 2 3 The length of the jumper between the connection tothe gas piping system and the grounding electrode system.
shall not exceed 75 ft 22 m Any additional groundingelectrodes installed to meet this requirement shall be bondedto the electrical service grounding electrode system or whereprovided lightning protection grounding electrode system CLARIFY GROUNDING ELECTRODE.
7 13 3 Arc Resistant Jacketed CSST CSST listed with anarc resistant jacket or coating system in accordance with ANSILC 1 CSA 6 26 Fuel Gas Piping Systems Using CorrugatedStainless Steel Tubing CSST shall be electrically continuousand bonded to an effective ground fault current path Where.
any CSST component of a piping system does not have an arcresistant jacket or coating system the bonding requirementsof 7 13 2 shall apply Arc resistant jacketed CSST shall beconsidered to be bonded when it is connected to appliancesthat are connected to the appliance grounding conductor of.
the circuit that supplies that appliance ADD ARC RESISTANT JACKETED CSST 9 1 24 Existing Appliances Existing appliance installations shallbe inspected to verify compliance with the provisions of Section 9 3and Chapter 12 where a component of the building envelope is.
modified as described by one or more of 9 1 24 1 through 9 1 24 6 Where the appliance installation does not comply with Section9 3 and Chapter 12 the installation shall be altered as necessary tobe in compliance with 9 3 and Chapter 12 1 The building is modified under a weatherization program .
2 A building permit is issued for a building addition or exteriorbuilding modification 3 Three or more window assemblies are replaced 4 Three or more storm windows re installed over existing windows 5 One or more exterior door and frame assemblies are replaced .
6 A building air barrier is installed or replaced REVISE EXISTING APPLIANCEINSPECTIONS 10 4 4 3 Exhaust ducts shall be constructed of rigid metallicmaterial Transition ducts used to connect the dryer to the.
exhaust duct shall be listed and labeled in accordance withANSI UL 2158A Clothes Dryer Transition Ducts for thatapplication or and installed in accordance with the clothesdryer manufacturer s installation instructions ADD UL STANDARD REQUIREMENT.
10 25 2 2 Floor Mounted Type Unit Heaters Floor mounted type unit heaters shall comply with the following requirements 1 A listed unit heater shall be installed with clearances fromcombustible material at the back and one side only of not less than6 in 150 mm Where the flue gases are vented horizontally the 6.
in 150 mm clearance shall be measured from the draft hood orvent instead of the rear wall of the unit heater A unit heater listedfor reduced clearances shall be installed in accordance with themanufacturer s installation instructions 2 Floor mounted type unit heaters installed on combustible floors.
shall be listed for such installation 3 Combustible floors under unlisted floor mounted unit heatersshall be protected in an approved manner 4 Clearances for servicing shall be in accordance with themanufacturers recommendations contained in the installation.
instructions DELETE FLOOR MOUNTED UNIT 10 27 1 1 Locations with Air Handlers Where a drafthood equipped water heater is installed in a spacecontaining a furnace or other air handler the ducts serving.
the furnace or air handler shall comply with Section 10 3 7 4 ADD GENERAL DUCTING REQUIREMENTFOR ALL AIR HANDLING EQUIPMENT 10 28 Compressed Natural Gas CNG Vehicular FuelSystems The installation of compressed natural gas CNG .
fueling dispensing systems shall conform with NFPA 52 Vehicular Fuel Systems Code Residential CNG fuelingappliances shall be listed in accordance with ANSI CSA NGV5 1 Residential Fueling Appliances and installed inaccordance to the appliance manufacturer s installation.
instructions ADD CSA NGV STANDARD 12 4 3 1 Mechanical draft systems shall be listed inaccordance with UL 378 Draft Equipment and shall beinstalled in accordance with both the appliance and the.
mechanical draft system manufacturer s installationinstructions ADD UL STANDARD 12 3 3 Ventilating Hoods Ventilating The use of ventilatinghoods and exhaust systems to vent appliances shall be.
permitted to be used to vent appliances limited to industrialappliances and appliances installed in commercial applicationsand to vent industrial appliances particularly where theprocess itself requires fume disposal 12 4 4 1 Ventilating hoods and exhaust systems shall be.
permitted to be used to vent appliances installed incommercial applications CLARIFY AND DELETE DUPLICATE 12 5 2 Plastic Piping Where plastic piping is used to vent anappliance the appliance shall be listed for use with such venting.
materials and the appliance manufacturer s installation instructionsshall identify the specific plastic piping material The plastic pipeventing materials shall be labeled in accordance with the productstandards specified by the appliance manufacturer or shall be listedand labeled in accordance with ANSI UL 1738 Venting Systems for.
Gas Burning Appliances Categories II III and IV 12 5 3 Plastic Vent Joints Plastic pipe and fittings used to ventappliances shall be installed in accordance with the appliancemanufacturer s installation instructions Plastic pipe venting materialslisted and labeled in accordance with ANSI UL 1738 Venting Systems.
for Gas Burning Appliances Categories II III and IV shall be installedin accordance with the vent manufacturer s installation instructions Where primer is required it shall be of a contrasting color ADD UL 1738 STANDARD 12 5 4 Special Gas Vent Special gas vent shall.
be listed and labeled in accordance with ANSI UL1738 Venting Systems for Gas BurningAppliances Categories II III and IV and installed), except as provided in 5.5.1 (6). (C) This code shall apply to LP-Gas systems operating at a pressure of 50 psi (345 kPa) or less. (D) This code shall apply to gas-air mixture systems operating within the flammable range at a pressure of 10 psi (69 kPa) or less. Section 5.5. 5.5 . Piping System . Operating Pressure . Limitations.

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