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2.Materijal i uputstvo za ponedeljak: 3A would you dare?Vocabulary: prepiši reči i značenja/objašnjena u svesku)dye (v) – change the colour of something- bojiti, farbati(he dyes; dyed; dyeing)dye (n) – boja, farba* die (umreti)(he dies; died; dying)Glagoli dye and die se isto izgovaraju, ali imarazlike u pravopisu!pierce (v) – probušitipiercing (adj) e.g: piercing wind, painpiercing eyes, look ()dare (v) – 1 usuditi se; smeti (have the courage; bebrave enough)Nobody dared to speak.How dare you?2 izazvati nekoga (da učini neštonajčešće opasno, komplikovano, da pokaže da se neboji) Can you jump off that wall? I dare you!(challenge; provoke)dare (n) - izazovTruth or dare?hairdrasser – frizer (hairstylist)(barber) – najčešće muškifrizerhairstyle – frizura (hairdo)

3.Textbook, page 32: Uradi sledeća vežbanja:Exercise 1b – match the expressions to the photosExercise 2a Listen and read the dialogue (page 32, exercise 2a) https://elt.oup.com/student/project/level5/unit03/audio?cc rs&selLanguage en2b Copy an complete the chart (u svesci)Grammar – WOULD (zapiši u svesci primere upotrebe)Upotreba:1. Za opisivanje zamišljene situacije ili aktivnosti:- Would you shave your head? (Can you imagine shaving your head?)- It would be nice to have a new car, but I can’t afford it.2. U uslovnim rečenicama (Conditional clauses Type 2)- If I had a tattoo, I’d have a butterfly.- If I had a lot of money, I would buy a new house.3. Kada pozivamo ili predlažemo neku aktivnost:- Would you like to come to dinner tomorrow? (inviting)- Would you like a cup of coffee? (offering)* NOT: Do you like ….

4.4 I would like (I’d like)… je ljubazan način da kažete šta želite:(in a shop) I’d like to try on this jacket, please.(tourist office) I’d like some information about the hotels, please.5. Za opisivanje aktivnosti koje su se redovno ponavljale u prošlosti( slično upotrebi – USED TO)In winter evenings, we would sit by the fire and talk and the children would play.6. Kao Past tense od – WILL (u neupravnom govoru)Ann: I promise I won’t be late.Ann promised she wouldn’t be late.7 Sa značenjem – ODBITI- (REFUSE)I tried to warn him, but he wouldn’t listen.Exercises 3a and b – uradite u udžbeniku.

5.Matrijal i uputstvo za čas u sredu:Prvo uradite zadatke 1a i 3 u Radnoj svesci, strana 24.Second Conditional (Conditional Clauses Type 2)Pročitajte pažljivo rečenice iz teksta i prepišite:If I had a tattoo, I’d have a little butterfly on my shoulder.My parents would go mad if I did something like that.Obratite pažnju kako ove rečenice glase na srpskom jeziku:Roditelji bi me ubili da uradim/kada bih uradio nešto slično. A kako bi preveli prvu?Koji glagolski oblici su upotrebljeni u zavisnoj (if-clause), a koji u glavnoj rečenici(main clause)?If - clauseMain clausePast SimpleWould verb stemDrugi kondicional koristimo za opisivanje nerealne ili zamišljene situacije usadašnjosti ili u budućnosti.

6.More examples: kako bi preveo ove rečenice?What would you do if you saw a robbery?If you took more exercise, you’d feel better.I’m not tired. If I went to bed now, I wouldn’t sleep.Would you mind if I used your phone?If I knew his number, I would phone him.If you were in my position, what would you do?If I were you (if I were in your shoes), I would tell him the truth.Exercise 6 – uradite u udžbenikuWorkbook (radna sveska) zadaci 4 i 6.Online učenici treba da pošalju zadatke (udžbenik/sveska/radna sveska) do 28.11.


2 izazvatinekoga (da učinineštonajčešćeopasno, komplikovano, da pokaže da se neboji) Can you jump off that wall? I dare you! (challenge; provoke)

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