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3D Gesture VocabularyGeorge MudrakCS 525 Multimedia Communications ComputingMay 5th 2010 Definition.
Why think about this Input today Input tomorrow Core Gestures Applications and Possibilities.
May 5th 2010 George Mudrak Definitionvo cab u lary1 A list or collection of words or of words and phrases usuallyalphabetically arranged and explained .
2 a A sum or stock of words employed by a language group individual or work or in a field of knowledge b alist or collection of terms or codes available for use 3 A supply of expressive techniques or devicesI focused on .
b a list or collection of terms or codes available for use A supply of expressive techniques or devicesMay 5th 2010 George Mudrak Why Think About This Benefits.
Greater interactivity People interact in 3D Intuitive Natural Greater productivity.
Implicit knowledge transfer Greater interactivity Foundational Keyboard and mouse Need a vocabulary of core gestures .
May 5th 2010 George Mudrak Input today Vocabulary based on naturallanguage alphabet letters Vocabulary based on buttons.
Restricted to 2 dimensions and flat informationprocessingMay 5th 2010 George Mudrak Input tomorrow Gestures.
Hand gestures Increase affordances possible functions Multi Planer Increase directions via depth Cross domain knowledge transfer.
May 5th 2010 George MudrakMouse Neutral GestureLeft click SelectDrag selection PinchDrag Move w pinch.
Drop Open Pinch Gestures Select 1 or 2 fingers to pick an object by touching it Pinch utilizing 2 or 3 fingers to pick up an object Move w pinch while maintaining the pinch gesture move.
your hand to a new X Y location Drop release the pinch hand position More in the research paper May 5th 2010 George Mudrak Application Possibilities.
Relevancysearches using depth Remote control of robotic devices Organic modeling Computer gaming Data modeling and manipulation.
TherapyMay 5th 2010 George Mudrak References C Keskin A Erkan L Akarun Real Time Hand Tracking and 3DGesture Recognition for Interactive Interfaces Using HMM Paper .
C Miller Multi touch Interaction Input Device http 10gui com Wikipedia Org Gesture recognition http en wikipedia org wiki Ges... D Norman Things That Make Us Smart Basic Books 1993 M Csikszentmihalyi Flow the psychology of optimal experience .
Haeper Perennial Modern Classics 2008May 5th 2010 George MudrakDefinition. vo· cab· u· lary. A list or collection of words or of words and phrases usually alphabetically arranged and explained. (a) A sum or stock of words employed by a language, group, individual, or work or in a field of knowledge.

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