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4 H Food BoothFood Safety TrainingYouth Adults and VolunteersOsceola County FairFebruary 9 18 2018.
Gabriela Murza Extension Faculty FCSUniversity of Florida IFAS Extension Osceola County 4 H s Role at the Osceola County Fair Communication.
Food Safety How to Make Food and Use Equipment How to Clean and Store Procedures Customer Service.
Emergencies 4 H s Role at the Fair Largest fundraiser for Osceola County 4 H 10 day event held every February at OHP Money used for scholarships events etc .
2 food booths KVLS Hot Food Exhibition Hall East Hot Food Strawberry Shortcake How We Communicate Walkie talkie provided to.
Each Booth Agent or volunteer in charge Volunteer s running food to booths One person in the office Daytime office staff.
After hours volunteer counting money Food Safety We feed A LOT of people Food Safety Principles Separate.
At the beginning of each shift Make sure all equipment and utensils are clean Wash hands properly Put on gloves if handling food directly Spot clean as needed.
Wipe counters with sanitizing wipes Keep utensils clean throughout shift Clean and sanitize food thermometer after Hand washing Prevents 99 of illnesses ex cold flu foodborne .
Hands must be washed Whenever they are dirty After eating After using the restroom After handling trash.
After touching a body part ex hair face After touching an animal Before putting on a clean pair of gloves Hand washing steps will be posted near sink in each booth Activity.
Glow Germ Soapy Solutions Gloves Gloves are not meant to be worn in place of hand Wear gloves if handling and or preparing food ex .
hotdog BBQ sandwich fruit Do not wear gloves if only handling utensils money or pre packaged food Wash hands and put on new pair if they becomedirty torn or if assigned to a new task.
Hair Restraints Hair restraints should be worn by anyone with longhair serving food Ties scrunchies and hats are examples but mustbe clean and in good condition so they don t break.
or fall into food How to make sanitizing solution 1 Tb of bleach per gallon of water Bucket labeled with black fill line Make new batch at beginning of each shift.
or when solution is dirty or cloudy Dump out at night after cleaning the Video Hand washing Using designated utensils helps preventcross contamination.
Utensils designated for use with each Covered in next section Hot food is prepared by Agent and delivered tobooths upon request BBQ and Chili.
Hotdogs prepared in booth Cooked food not sold after 4 hours is replaced by afresh batch Food thermometers MUST be used Proper internal cooking temperatures are met and.
maintained throughout shift Food not held at proper temperature for longperiods of time can develop bacteria Properlystoring food in the refrigerator.
prevents spoilage and bacteria growth Storing will be covered in a separate How to Make Foodand Use Equipment Hot beverages All booths.
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Breakfast in KVLS BBQ Sandwich KVLS and East Chili KVLS and East Hotdog KVLS and East Walking Taco KVLS and East.
Strawberry Shortcake East Video How to Make Food Part Video How to Make Food Video How to Use Equipment Food Thermometers.
Ensures food is cooked to proper internal cookingtemperature and maintains temp throughout shift Must be used throughout shift to keep track of food Two are provided in each booth one for each Use and maintenance.
All thermometers will be calibrated prior to Fair Incidents that can influence calibration Dropping thermometer Normal use throughout Fair Ifyou feel thermometer is not working properly .
request new one from Agent How to Clean and Store When to wash and sanitize equipment and Utensils or equipment are dirty or caked with Utensil was dropped on the floor.
Serving part of utensil was touched with bare At the beginning of each shift before servingcustomers utensils At the end of the night when cleaning up General Cleaning.
Use pre made sanitizing solution for sanitizing utensilsand equipment Rinse and wash utensils and equipment with hot waterand dish soap Dip utensils in bucket of sanitizing solution.
Wipe down equipment using a sanitized rag keep rag inthe bucket at all times Let utensils air dry on drying rack Use sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces but not equipment Spot clean throughout each shift with a rag paper towel .
etc to prevent bugs Booth must be cleaned at the end of each evening How to Clean Cooking Hotdog cooker clean with water and dish soap andsanitize with pre soaked rag.
Turn rollers on but lower temp to lowest setting or OFF Wipe rollers as they spin Place clean tin foil on top of rollers Crockpots wash with dish soap and sanitize withpre soaked rag to wipe inside clean.
Cheese Machine spot clean during each shift ascheese drips onto tray and around interior parts DO NOT turn off Food Thermometer clean with water and dish soapand sanitize.
Allbooths equipped with plastic storage bags foil andplastic wrap Hot food Cooked hotdogs bagged and returned to office Uncooked hotdogs bagged and put in fridge.
Cooked BBQ and chili tied in its original bag and returned to Unused buns should be left in their original package andstored on shelf Used heated buns returned to office Strawberry Shortcake.
Opened packages of shortcake cups stored in plastic storagebag and put in fridge Strawberries kept in their original container and put in fridge Whipped topping opened and unopened put in fridge Biscuits and gravy.
If tray of biscuits is over full cover with plasticwrap to prevent drying out and put in fridge If less than place in plastic bag and put in fridge Gravy tied in it s original bag and placed in fridge Pre packaged food.
All unopened pre packaged food snacks can beplaced on shelf Leave drinks in soda fridge in East Drinks can bekept in cooler in KVLS In KVLS Dump out water at the end of night and.
refill with ice if needed don t overfill Procedures All clubs meet between KVLS and Extension building 15 minutesprior to shift starting near KVLS booth All members working in the booth have to sign in and sign out.
Adults only handle money 18 Make change only for paying customers No bills larger than 20 Do not count money in the booth Sorry no food for free .
Keep track of items sold on Items Sold Chart At end of shift Place all money Sign In Sheet and Items Sold Chart in envelopeand bring to Extension office for counting Return money in denominations you started with.
Two adults or one adult one senior 4 H er must bring money Do not leave any money for the next shift At end of evening Follow same procedures but include Inventory Sheet in envelope Adult vs Youth Roles.
Adults 18 INT and SR 4 H youth ages 11 18 Handle money Make hot food Take orders Take orders Promote items for sale.
Promote items for sale Make hot food CB and JR 4 H youth ages 5 10 Take orders Handle packaged items and.
fruit drinks snacks fruit Promote items for saleYouth who are on the dividing line 7 8 10 11 or Can be promoted to the next level ofresponsibility.
At the discretion of the Leader and or Crew Chief Proper Work Attire Must be 4 H appropriate Jeans and shorts are acceptable but must beclean and have no holes.
4 H club shirt or similar but must be clean andhave no holes Long hair must be restrained with a tie scrunchie or hat Clean and in good condition.
Comfortable close toed shoes are required No sandals flip flops high heels Allnecessary forms are in envelope foreach shift Sign In Sign Out Form.
Food Booth Items Sold Sheet Inventory Checklist for last shift Video Completing Forms End of Shift Crew Chief Let Agent know if low on any items OR tell incoming club.
Make fresh bucket of sanitizing solution for incoming club Crew Chief with one adult or Senior 4 Her returns toExtension Office to balance out the account and return Return all money including start up change Sign in Signout sheets and completed Items Sold Tally Sheet.
Cash boxes and Procedure book stays in food booth Package and return to Extension office any unsold COOKEDfood ONLY IF it was the same batch from the beginning of End of Night Crew Chief Supervise cleaning sanitizing of equipment.
Keep cheese machine ON 24 7 Make sure hot dog cooker is clean and covered with foil Empty trash set outside concession stand for night clean upcrew to pick up Crew Chief with one adult or Senior 4 Her returns to Extension.
Office to balance out account and return forms Return allmoney including start up change Sign in Sign out sheet Inventory Checklist and completed Items Sold tally sheet Cash boxes and manual stays in food booth Package UNCOOKED food and put in refrigerator.
Package COOKED food and return to Extension office Customer Service Be courteous when addressing customer payattention to their order No eating or chewing gum while addressing or.
serving a customer Can promote items to encourage customers to Suggest alternatives if desired item is not in Ask if customer would like something else Smile and have fun .
Video Customer Service Emergenciesemergencies can be handled by calling theAgent or adult volunteer in charge Use walkie talkie to contact.
emergencies regarding lost children call KVLSsecurity office Phone number provided on envelope and in manual Accident Report Care provided ex First Aid CPR ice pack given .
Incident Report Care not provided ex sitting down because ofdizziness exhaustion etc Video Handling Emergencies Thank you for all of your hard work.
and dedication to the OsceolaCounty 4 H Program Questions Contact Gabi Murza FCS Agent321 697 3000 or gmurza ufl edu.
Cook. Chill. We feed a lot of people! Learning and applying proper food handling principles helps ensure that the products we sell are safe to eat. The Osceola County 4-H program strives to make sure that every fair-goer enjoys the experience and their food. To date, we have not had any food illness reports, and we want to keep it that way!

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