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A Behind the Scenes Lookat Sports JournalismJOSEPH BEYDA About me Connecting players and fans.
A day in the life of a sports journalist Sports reporting crash course Reporting exercise Opportunities for high school and college About Me.
Grew up a die hard Bay Area sports fan Wrote for Monta Vista HS paper El Estoque asa junior and senior also served as Managing Summer 2010 internships at Stanford AthleticDepartment s Media Relations Office SIDs and.
The Stanford Daily Continuation paid job at men s basketball games andfull time role as staff writer desk editor respectively 100 000 published words work featured onlineby New York Times and linked by ESPN com.
Connecting players and What goes in the middle SIDs Journalists Production Maintain the team website gostanford com Issue media passes.
Coordinate interview photo requests Produce media guides Write releases Research Work with marketing and ticket sales.
Bosses of the press box Stats live trackers press conferences Journalists Print newspapers magazines wire services Beat writers vs columnists.
Broadcast radio local TV stations regionalsports networks CSN national sportsnetworks ESPN Online all of the above plus bloggers stand alone sports sites Yahoo Sports social.
networkers Production Infrastructure behind the publishing of ESPN has 5 700 employees but this accountsfor much more than anch0rs broadcasters .
and writers Pre production script writing research ESPN Statsand Info graphic design Production Infrastructure behind the publishing of.
ESPN has 5 700 employees but this accountsfor much more than anch0rs broadcasters and writers Pre production script writing research ESPN Statsand Info graphic design.
On set production producers camera crews makeupartists etc Post production video and audio editing Production Infrastructure behind the publishing of.
ESPN has 5 700 employees but this accountsfor much more than anch0rs broadcasters and writers Pre production script writing research ESPN Statsand Info graphic design.
On set production producers camera crews etc Post production video and audio editing Online content editors webmasters The News Cycle A Day in the Life of a.
Sports Journalist Types of sports stories1 Previews leading up to a game2 Recaps after a game3 Features a certain player coach position.
group or even the team as a whole with avery specific angle 4 Columns a sports editorial highly personalized voice humor and particularattention to style.
5 Blog posts shorter than a column moreregular and more breaking Before the Game Do your homework How has each team been doing recently Why Against whom .
Have the teams played before What are the larger implications of the game Making the postseason Winning theconference Breaking an individual or team Which players should I be watching for .
Who has been playing particularly well Who has been struggling During the Game How to Take Notes Play by play don t get down everythingunless you absolutely have enough time.
Basketball vs baseball for example Emphasize key moments Note how your prior research is coming into Know which stats you have access to where who to get them and when you will have.
Keep simple stats if needed Draft potential interview questions Start writing pieces of your chronology After the Game How to Interview Who should I interview .
Head coach when possible Players who had the biggest impact not always the What should I ask Don t fish for specific quotes instead work to refineyour potential angles.
Zoom in zoom out Take your interviewee s perspective into account Come up with a broad range of questions but payattention so you can ask follow ups Impress your interviewee with what you know.
How to Improve Three Simple Questions Wrong Who was yourstar player today Coach s reaction Did youeven watch the game .
Alternatives How do you think played How important is to this team when he plays agame like that What does have to do improve as a player .
How to Improve Three Simple Wrong Why did your teamwin lose Coach s reaction Because wedidn t score as much as the other.
team smart one Alternatives How important was to your team s win loss Is scoring your main concern or is defense moreimportant at this point .
How to Improve Three Simple Wrong Do you think yourteam will win Coach s reaction What am I a fortune teller .
Player s reaction Definitely Alternatives What does your team have to do to win What s going to be your biggest challenge playingagainst .
Sports Reporting Crash Five Things You Need to Know Know your sport What are the rules What is the terminology Howpopular is this sport to my audience .
Know your stats How do I use them Where do I get them Which ones areimportant Which are commonly used Know your quotes Do I need to quote this Who said it Where should I put.
it in my story What does the reader get out of this quote Know your specs How long is my story When is it due Know how to use and but and however Structure of a Recap.
Read the following articles about the samegame and try to separate each into four majorhttp www nytimes com 2011 10 3... afootball stanford defeats usc... r 2 ref sports.
http www sfgate com cgi bin ar... c a 2011 10 29 SP781LO4QL DTL Section 1 The LeadLOS ANGELES Stanford s perfect season was on the brink of ruinagainst U S C on Saturday night because of a rare mistake by its.
impeccable quarterback Andrew Luck With a little over three minutesto play in the fourth quarter Luck threw a pass that cornerback NickellRobey intercepted and returned 32 yards to put the Trojans ahead 34 The public address announcer s voice cut through the Coliseum crowd spandemonium reminding the fans to stay off the field at game s end .
The message was received loud and clear by the Stanford players whoweren t ready to concede defeat Not with Luck on their side In Luck the Cardinal trust and after he led them to a 56 48 victory intriple overtime Stanford free safety Michael Thomas tipped his helmetto the public address announcer for the premature declaration that.
fueled the Cardinal s comeback The New York Times Karen Crouse Stanford and Luck Pull Out aVictory Section 2 Analysis Oh yeah Thomas said with a grin as Luck sat nearby nodding with a.
goofy smile illuminating his face We heard it Luck the fourth year junior widely viewed as the second coming of JohnElway rebounded from the interception his fourth of the season with a10 play drive that covered 76 yards consumed a little over two minutesand was capped by a 2 yard run by Stepfan Taylor .
In overtime he was cooler than the night air scrambling for 13 yards ontwo carries throwing an 11 yard touchdown pass to Levine Toilolo andconnecting with Coby Fleener on a 2 point conversion following a 5 yardrun by Taylor for the Cardinal s final points Section 2 Analysis.
Running back Curtis McNeal fumbled on the Trojans ensuing drive andthe fourth ranked Cardinal recovered the ball in the end zone to avoidfalling from the ranks of the unbeaten as Kansas State and Clemson hadearlier in the day It was Stanford s nation leading 16th consecutivevictory The last time the Cardinal 8 0 were undefeated this late in the.
season was in 1951 when their quarterback was Gary Kerkorian andthey were one of eight teams in the conference U S C is 6 2 3 2 inPacific 12 play One thing you can t forget about Andrew is that he s the mostcompetitive guy on the team Stanford Coach David Shaw said So.
when a bad play happens he goes completely down in the dumps He sso mad and furious and then it s like flushing a toilet He flushed it andit s like it never happened It s gone And he came back and the look inhis eye he said We re going to get this done Section 2 Analysis.
Luck passed for 330 yards and 3 scores He was at his best when thechips were down going 3 for 3 through the air in overtime andcompleting 16 of 22 passes in the third and fourth quarters whenStanford was chasing an inspired U S C team The stats aren t going to show the plays he made U S C Coach Lane.
Kiffin said but he s a really special pocket passer and makes plays withhis feet It s why he ll be the first pick in the draft Section 3 ChronologyKiffin was critical of the officiating expressing dismay that the Trojanswere not afforded a timeout in the final second of the fourth quarter .
after Robert Woods caught a 7 yard pass from Matt Barkley at theStanford 33 to set up the potential game winning field goal Afterreviewing the play the officials determined that the clock ran out I told them we were going to call a timeout with one second left Kiffinsaid and was told by the side official that we d have a chance to kick.
the 50 yard field goal to win it Barkley passed for 284 yards and 3 touchdowns He passed for 127yards in the first half to Luck s 99 but he also threw an interception thatled to a Cardinal field goal as Stanford took a 10 6 lead intointermission .
Section 3 ChronologyLuck completed his first five passes including a 10 yard score to TylerGaffney as the Cardinal marched 83 yards on their opening drive totake a 7 0 lead He cooled off after that misfiring on 4 of his last 9passes in the first half as the Trojans defensive line ran stunts that.
stumped Luck who handles the Cardinal s play calling The Trojans ran the ball seven times for 16 yards in the first half McNeal who finished with 154 yards on 20 carries got U S C s runninggame out of first gear and into fifth in the third quarter with consecutivescoring runs of 61 and 25 yards to help the Trojans to a 20 10 lead .
It was the first time the Cardinal had trailed all season but Luck wasunfazed He showed the crowd of 93 607 why fans of downtroddenN F L franchises like the Miami Dolphins are rooting for their teams tolose so they can earn the No 1 pick to draft him In one stretch in thesecond half he completed 10 consecutive passes By the end of the third.
quarter Luck had thrown for one touchdown and run for another to putthe Cardinal back on top 24 20 Section 4 EndingThe Trojans regained the lead in the second minute of the fourth on a28 yard pass from Barkley to Marquis Lee Stanford tied the game at 27 .
27 on a 29 yard field goal by Eric Whitaker and then appeared to lose iton Luck s interception I was very disappointed in myself Luck said There were a coupleseconds there where I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself But theguys believed in me I was happy there was still some time on the play.
clock to go down there again I was just relieved there was more clockLuck who is 28 5 as a starter was asked where the victory ranked onhis career highlight list I might need a couple of minutes to digestthat he said adding It s right up there Section 1 The Lead.
Los Angeles For the second year in a row the matchup had a pulse racing finish Last year Stanford won on a field goal That was merely a thriller This was a game for the ages Before a sellout crowd of 93 607 at the Coliseum Stanford outlasted.
USC in the third overtime 56 48 when the Trojans Curtis McNealfumbled and linebacker AJ Tarpley recovered in the end zone The play gave the No 4 Cardinal 8 0 6 0 Pac 12 their third straightvictory in the series with the Trojans 6 2 3 2 and extended the nation slongest winning streak to 16 games .
San Francisco Chronicle Tom FitzGerald Stanford stays unbeaten beats USC 56 48 in 3 OTs Section 2 Analysis Wow Wow I tell you what our guys fight head coach David Shawsaid They just kept fighting .
Against a fired up USC team Luck completed 29 of 40 passes for 330yards and three touchdowns including one in the second overtime totight end Levine Toilolo who somehow got a foot down inbounds in theLuck also was sacked twice matching the total Stanford had given upthis season and threw an interception that Trojans cornerback Nickell.
Robey returned 33 yards for a touchdown with 3 08 left in regulation I was very disappointed in myself Luck said There were a coupleWith a little over three minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Luck threw a pass that cornerback NickellRobey intercepted and returned 32 yards to put the Trojans ahead, 34-27. The public-address announcer’s voice cut through the Coliseum crowd’s pandemonium, reminding the fans to stay off the field at game’s end.

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