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A GATHERING OF VOICESLiterature of Early AmericaBeginnings to 1750 We shall be as a City upon a Hill theeyes of all people are upon us so that if.
we shall deal falsely with our God in thiswork we have undertaken and so causehim to withdraw his present help fromus we shall be made a story and a by word through the world .
John WinthropGovernor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony So why should we study AmericanLiterature Because it s more than just studying.
about major American writers It s more than just reading about majorliterary movements that shaped this It s even more than just learning howhistory and cultural events shaped the.
writers of the past It s about Learning how you feel how you react and how you respond to the literary historical and cultural movements of.
yesterday It s about learning how take thoseevents from yesterday and using themto become better men and women So that one day you can be the writers .
leaders and great thinkers that ourchildren read analyze and write about Questions for Consideration Who is an American What is American literature .
When does American literature Who is great and who is not so What forces shaped American What is an American Are Christopher Columbus.
and John Smith Americans Are early Native Americantales American literature Were the PuritansAmericans .
Was Thomas Paine anAmerican writer First Explorers and Settlers Columbus Smith early missionaries andearly settlers thought of themselves as.
They thought wrote acted and worked asand for Europeans Columbus wrote as propaganda to gainmore funding and political backing for his Smith also wrote for propaganda purposes .
to gain backing and settlers The First Americans When Chris Columbus reached North Americain 1492 the continent was already populatedby several Native American tribes .
Though unknown when the first Americanscame to what is now the United States NativeAmericans have been here 30x longer thantheir European counterparts What were they doing all that time No one.
really knows What we do know is that theytreated the Europeans as friends Pilgrims and Puritans Farmers and Religious Reformers Small group of Europeans sailed on the Mayflower Religious reformers known as Puritans.
Became critical of the Church of England Instead of purifying within they chose to Established settlement in PlymouthMassachusetts Believed human beings exist for glory of God and.
Predestination Massachusetts Bay Colony founded by religiousreformers still apart of Church of England Pilgrims and Puritans Farmers and Religious Reformers The Southern Planters.
Southern Colonies differed from New England Climate crops social organization and religion Prosperous costal cities grew up in the South Beyond the cities lay large plantations Plantation a large scale agricultural enterprise.
and center of commerce 1st Black Slaves were brought to Virginia in 1619 A year before Plymouth Rock By 1750 Puritanism was out and the plantation systemwas a way of life .
Literature of the PeriodAn odd melting pot The Melting Pot Native American Tradition Explorer s Accounts Viewed mainly as folklore Christ Columbus backed by.
95 oral no fixed versions Queen Isabella set sell in 1492exist Wrote his experience in hisJournal of the First Voyage to Famous orators Logan and Red Jacket.
The Puritans Southern Writers Writing dominated Puritan s John Smith Wrote The General Consisted of theologicalstudies hymns and histories History of Virginia.
Anne Bradstreet and Edward John ByrdTaylor TheHistory of theDividing LIne Names and Terms to Know Christopher The Great.
Columbus Awakening Massachusetts Edward TaylorBay Colony Puritans and Anne Bradstreet Pilgrims Native Explorers .
Americans Accounts John Smith Important Dates to Remember Christopher Columbus lands in the Bahamas 1st permanent settlement in U S established.
in Florida by Pedro Menendez English Colony at Roanoke Island disappears known as the Lost Colony Iroquois Confederacy established to stopwarfare among the Five Nations.
Important Dates to Remember 1st permanent English settlement at Jamestown Virginia 1st Black Slaves brought to Virginia Harvard College founded in Massachusetts First printing press in English speaking N America arrives in.
Massachusetts Salem witchcraft trials result in execution of 20 people Great Awakening a series of religious revivals begins tosweep the colonies Are you still with me .
Name 3 key developments in colonial Founding of Harvard University First permanent English settlement First printing press What was the cause of the of executions.
People were convicted of witchcraft Susan Power Native American Writer and PoetBorn in Chicago Susan Power was greatlyinfluenced by parents representing two distinct.
cultures Her mother Native American Her father Adescendent of the New Hampshire governor of theCivil War What we ll be readingThe Earth on Turtle s Back Onondaga.
When Grizzlies Walked Upright Modocfrom The Navajo Origin Legend Navajofrom The Iroquois Constitution IroquoisMuseum Indians Susan PowersA Journey Through Texas.
Early Native AmericanLiterature Background There were more than 2000 independent tribes of about onemillion natives living here for about 2000 years already .
They spoke 500 different languages from 50 differentlanguage groups But no Indian tribes had a writtenlanguage until Sequoyah invented a syllabary for theCherokees in 1821 Different tribes had different literary tastes The Sious.
preferred war tales the Ojibwas preferred stories about sex and the Menominis liked tales of the supernatural Styles of Native American WritingsThe Oral Tradition Links the Past withthe Present.
The Art of Storytelling How Native American retold History Through Song Dakota Indians at a chief s funeral would sing the life andaccomplishments at the chief s funeral.
Sacred Symbols on Tanned Hides Literary religious scriptures were placed on tanned hides orstone tablets to ensure customs and religious traditions Winter Count Indian version of a history book.
Tanned buffalo hide with symbols one picture for each yearto represent the most significant event during that year Oral Tradition Earliest form of American Literature Native Americans .
Two Literary Traditions 1 CultureThe Oral Tradition The Written Tradition Begins earlier in time Begins later in time Requires language but Requires language andnot a system of writing system of writing.
Based on memory Based on texts that can Includes folklore be written read proverbs and chants Uses strong rhythms and Includes novels shortrepetition to help memory.
stories history books Orator can varypresentation in response No variationto audience Materials fixed in a.
single version Literary Analysis Term Origin Myths Origin myths Tradition Stories that recount the origins of.
earthly life Passed down from generation togeneration Often explain phenomena The beginning of human life .
The customs and religious rites of a people The creation of natural landmarks Events beyond a people s control Reading StrategyRecognize Cultural Details.
Literature reflects the culture that produces it When we read the three Native Americanmyths there are several cultural details thatindicate how the Native Americans lived aswell as what they valued .
When you read you need to begin to payattention to cultural details References to objects animals or practices thatsignal how people live think or worship You do this to gain insight into their culture.
John WinthropGovernor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony “We shall be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us; so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world.”

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