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A Hanging Reading for Understanding andAnalysis Questions Answer Scheme Lesson 1Paragraphs 1 2 Establishing the setting.
In this section you will learn how Orwell Uses pathetic fallacy to create atmosphere Uses first person narrative Uses imagery and vivid description Uses language to convey his attitude .
1 Comment on the positioning of the word it what is the effect By placing the word it right as the first wordof the essay Orwell makes the readerquestion what was happening that day The.
word it creates a sense of mystery around theevent that will be described in the essay 2 a The writer uses the weather to create an atmosphere the pathetic fallacy analyse the following word choice sodden sodden means absolutely saturated.
with water it suggests that the landscape wassoaked but also creates a bleak atmosphere of sickly sickly is an unpleasant way to describethe colour being given off by the light It hasconnotations of ill health and creates an uneasy.
atmosphere at this point in the text b Analyse the imagery a sickly light likeyellow tinfoil for effect The simile a sickly light like yellow tinfoil has an unhealthydenotation Both sickly and yellow are adjectives normally.
related with illness and decayhence the writer is insinuating the sunlight is abnormally off colour this reflects the unnaturalness of the situation takingplace in Burma Under usual conditions light and tinfoil are gleaming but to propse they are unhealthy looking is to.
suggest all is not well in the prison I believe that Orwell sportrayal of a tense ambience helps the reader to understandthat an aberrant event is about to take place consequentlythis provokes anxiety and a slightly nervous reaction towardsthe overall situation .
3 We is simply the use of first person narrative in theplural Why do you think Orwell chooses the word We over the word I Orwell does not want to feel accountable orresponsible for the heinous act of taking a life .
He wishes to create a sense of collectiveresponsibility among all the men who wereinvolved We is also useful in creating an usversus them attitude in order to highlight thecontrast between the guards and the prisoner .
4 Analyse the imagery the condemned cells likesmall animal cages for effect Again another effective simile double barslike small animals cages is an example of theawful conditions in which these men live To.
compare a human s cell to an animal cage isupsetting as the individuals in question aredehumanized they are as insignificant asrodents For this reason a strong arousal ofsympathy is provoked from the reader for.
5 What do you think is the writer s attitude towardsthese prisoners in the first paragraph Support youranswer with some reference towards the text They are ill poorly treated sickly smallanimal cages condemned .
They are dehumanized brown silent men squatting Any sensible comment explaining that he feelssome degree of sympathy towards these men 6 In paragraph two Orwell observes the prisoner and.
his guards in vivid detail Write down all the adjectivesused to describe the prisoner puny wisp shaven head vague liquid eyes .
thick sprouting moustache quite unresisting arms limply he hardly notices what was happening 7 Explain in your own words what Orwell.
meant by the description A A puny wisp of a man this makes us visualise aphysically weak man This is effective as the manis a convicted criminal yet Orwell describes himin a way that makes him seem like the victim .
B Vague liquid eyes once again Orwell sdescription of the prisoners eyes makes himseem almost innocent and certainly not like adangerous convict Making us question theharshness of his impending death .
8 What do you think is Orwell s attitude towards theman who was to be hanged Explain and support youranswer from the first three lines of the paragraph only One prisoner had been brought out of his cell He was a Hindu a punywisp of a man with a shaven head and vague liquid eyes He had a thick .
sprouting moustache absurdly too big for his body rather like themoustache of a comic man on the films Orwell has a sympathetic attitude towards the man He describes him at appearing weak innocent andeven comical He does not seem to believe that the.
man is capable of committing a grievous crime Bydescribing the man in a comical light Orwell suggestshis own nerves over being involved in the hanging of 9 Explain how the writer uses sentence structure and word choice in thesentence Two of them tight to his sides to make the behaviour of the guards.
seem brutal Orwell uses a list to describe in detail all of the things thatthe guards did to the man handcuffs bayonets chains the lists of steps taken by the guards to secure the prisonerseems exhaustive and quite unnecessary as he fails to resist.
any of their attempts thus making the guards seem brutal Word choices rifles fixed bayonets handcuffed him lashedhis arms tight to his sides The many weapons seemunnecessarily violent as the man is not resisting the officers Lashing his arms sounds painful and seems brutal.
especially after the prisoner had been described as weakand innocent 10 Explain how Orwell makes the expression careful caressing grip memorable You should refer to twotechniques .
Alliteration Careful caressing the harsh consonantsound of Ca makes clear the force used by theofficers as they gripped the prisoner Word Choice caressing this is an unusual word todescribe how the guards held the prisoner Normally.
caressing has loving or romantic connotationssuggesting that the guards did in fact show somecompassion and respect to the prisoner as they ledhim to the gallows 11 Analyse the imagery it was like men handling a.
fish water For effectiveness This image is effective as it suggests hownervous the guards were in handling theprisoner They believe that he could escape atany given moment and handle him in an.
awkward manner despite him not resisting This imagage therefore suggests that theprisoners felt uncomfortable in taking thisprisoner to his death 12 Analyse two examples of word choice from the end.
of the paragraph to explain the prisoner s attitude towhat was happening unresisting the prisoner has lost all fightand determination to live limply the prisoner is too weak to resist the.
hardly noticed the prisoner no longer careswhat happens to him The conditions of thejail are so horrific that death perhaps seemslike the only escape Summarising our Learning.
The pathetic fallacy is important in the storybecause The writer uses first person narrative tosuggest The writer writes in vivid detail to .
Lesson 2 We will read paragraphs 3 6 Establishing Key Characters In this section you will learn how Orwell Establishes the character of the superintendent Establishes the character of Francis the Head.
Introduces the role of the dog Uses incongruity to create black humour 1 Analyse the word choice desolately What isunexpected about using this word to describe a bugle call .
Desolately suggests that the bugle call isweak lonely and lacking in any hope This isvery unusual as normally bugle calls are loud proud and can be heard all around Thissuggests that even the bugle call was.
depressing and miserable as though it is awareof the horrors taking place in the jail Thisforeshadows the miserable events in the story 2 Referring closely to the text in paragraph 3 commenton how Orwell uses word choice to describe the.
behaviour and character of the Superintendent moodily prodding the gravel this suggests he isunhappy uncomfortable with the job he is about to do army doctor doctors take an oath to protect life so it isironic that he should be responsible for taking a life .
grey toothbrush moustache and a gruff voice he seemsharsh and rugged a contrast to the sensitive look of the he said irritably he seems very keen to get on with thehanging This may be because he is morally against what heis doing and cannot relax until the hanging has been.
performed 3 What do you think is Orwell s attitude towards theSuperintendent Refer to at least on example of wordchoice to support your answer Orwell may believe that the Superintendent is a.
pessimistic and short tempered man moodily irritably for God s sake hurry up These all suggest that the Superintendent is irritable.
and keen to perform the hanging 4 What do you think is Orwell s attitude towardsFrancis the head jailer Explain and support youranswer with reference to the text Orwell may believe that the head jailer Francis is eccentric or.
in a white drill suit and gold spectacles he bubbled waved his black hand These all suggest that Francis is not just racially different to Orwell but also acts in an unusual and different manner Despite their.
obvious differences the man bond over the shared experience ofthe hanging 5 Explain how Orwell uses sentence structure to drawattention to the arrival of the dog as a turning point inthe story .
A dreadful thing had happened a dog come goodnessknows whence had appeared in the yard A Dreadful thing happened by placing this at the openingof the sentence the writer creates suspense regarding whathad happened .
Parenthesis come goodness knows whence provides uswith additional information regarding the shock unexpectednature of the dog s arrival 6 Explain why all of the following descriptions of thebehaviour of the dog are inappropriate to a hanging .
A bounding amongst us leapt round us suggestshappiness excitement B loud volley of barks suggests how unmissable thedogs presence was C Wild with glee suggests extreme happiness as a.
particularly depressing time D pranced around us suggests the joy of the animal E dash for the prisoner tried to lick his face suggests that the dog does not discriminate thusshowing up the men .
7 Explain in your own words the reaction of the peoplein the crowd in the last sentence Everyone stood aghast too taken aback evento grab at the dog The crowd are stunned to the point where.
they cannot do anything to restrain the dog and watch on in shock Summarising our Learning The Superintendent is important to the storybecause .
Francis the Head Jailer is important to thestory because The dog is important to the story because Lesson 3Paragraphs 7 10 The moment of realisation.
In this section we will learn how Orwell Uses the behaviour of the dog to draw ourattention to the situation of the prisoner Uses a retelling of a vivid detail to draw attentionto his point of view .
Has an epiphany a moment of realising thetruth a turning point seeing a mystery revealed 1 Explain in your own words the Superintendent sattitude towards the dog in paragraph 7 The Superintendent is horrified by the.
presence of the dog at the hanging Hedesperately wants the dog to be removed asquickly as possible 2 The happy behaviour of the dog is continued throughword choice Explain how context helps you understand.
the meaning of the word gambolled it danced and gambolled just out of his reach taking everything as partof the game Gambolled means to jump around in a playful.
danced and game helped me to work this outas they both suggest the fun and playful natureof the dogs movements 3 Explain how the following two things takeaway from the formality of the hanging .
A the language of the superintendent paragraph 7 Who let that bloody brute in here said the superintendent angrily Catch it someone The Superintendent is supposed to be in control of this situation but thepresence of the dog surprises him and leaves him seeming flustered and.
pleading to anyone to help remove the dog B the actions of the dog it danced and gambolled just out of his reach taking everything as partof the game The behaviour of the dog contrasts the sombre atmosphere of the.
hanging It is uncomfortable to watch the dog being so playful when aman is about to lose his life 2. a) The writer uses the weather to create an atmosphere (the pathetic fallacy) : analyse the following word choice: “sodden” – sodden means absolutely saturated with water, it suggests that the landscape was soaked but also creates a bleak atmosphere of misery. “sickly”- sickly is an unpleasant way to describe the colour being given off by the light.

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