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A solid foundation for success Meet The TeachersJulie HeroffGeneral Ed TeacherThis is Julie s 3rd year.
with ISD 622Preschool Julie islicensed in EarlyChildhood and FamilyEducational Assistant .
Sally Anderson 16th year with Specialty StaffSandy Special Ed Kylee Speech Teacher Sara OccupationalTeacher Red Penguin Class TherapistRed Penguin Class Red Green and Blue.
Jackie Physical Therapist Diane Speech TeacherGreen and Blue Classes Green and Blue Classes Specialty StaffGreen and Blue ClassesAnnah Smith.
Special EducationThis is Annah s 7th yearwith ISD 622 preschoolAnnah is the Special EdTeacher in both the Tu.
Th AM and M Th PMSpecial Ed Para s and assistants Lisa Ruecker 12th year with ISD Barb Farrell 18th year with ISD 622 Who s in the Classroom .
MWF AM Tu Th AM M Th PMRed Penguins Green Penguins Blue PenguinsTeachers Teachers Teachers Ms Julie Ms Julie Ms JulieMs Sally Ms Annah Ms Annah.
Ms Sally Ms SallyMs Lisa Ms Lisa Why are there multiple teachers Co Teaching is an approach thatinvolves two or more professionals.
teaching in the same class together Co teaching means all teachers willco plan and co instruct lessons Wewill take turns doing various roles inthe classroom so that students.
understand that we are all teacherswith equal authority and expertise Penguin Class Schedule9 15 Sign in 12 459 20 Books 12 50.
9 30 Circle Time 1 009 45 Small Group 1 1510 00 Active Learning 1 3010 40 Circle Time 2 1011 00 Snack 2 20.
11 15 Gym outside 2 4511 45 Goodbye song 3 15 Communication Monthly newsletter Paper copy and email Checkout our webpage .
isd622 org heroff julie Julie s Email jheroff isd622 org Annah s Email asmith isd622 org Classroom Phone 651 702 8439 Feel free to stop by .
Contact Info on parent handbook cover Backpacks Send Backpacks DAILY Keep a clean set of clothes shirt underwear andpants in a ziplock plastic bag back at the bottom of.
the backpack It can stay there all year Please send a backpack that will fit the size of astandard folder Backpacks that are too small aredifficult to send paperwork home Backpacks with wheels are not ideal for.
preschoolers School Shoes Please send shoes that are comfortable andstrap on your child s foot Preferably tennis shoes with easy straps.
Kids will be active in the gym and outside daily Avoid flip flops boots and shoes your childcan t put on independently tie shoes Send shoes in backpack during winter monthsOk if child is.
working on tying Skirts and Dresses If your child wears skirts or dresses pleaseencourage shorts or leggings underneath Children sit crisscross and climb on the.
playground equipment and ride bikes daily Students are taught that underwear is apersonal space and that area should be Dress for Mess This classroom is set up to be a.
learning environment with hands onactivities Send your child in comfortableclothes that allow your child toexplore Please understand that your.
child might be muddy or have painton their shirt but it was a fun day Process Art In preschool we are encouragingmore process art that facilitates.
learning through the process of There will be less cute crafts andCraft All look similar Process art There isn t awith one goal as an wrong way to do it The endoutcome result varies for all children .
Holidays Our district has a policy that encouragesschools to be more culturally responsive Thismeans we will not be celebrating the typicalholidays in the classroom .
Teachers will work hard to keep projectsinteresting and engaging while being mindfulof the many cultures in our district Families if you would be interested sharingyour culture with our class please contact me .
Birthday Celebrations We will celebrate birthday s in the classroom with a simplycrown Please inform me if you do NOT celebrate birthdays Alternative ways to celebrate in our classroom 1 Encourage healthy treat that your child loves Let them.
pick out the treat Or send in your child s favorite book and we can read it tothe class that day 2 if you must bring in cupcakes PLEASE send the mini3 if your child has a Sumner birthday we will encourage.
you to celebrate it on their half birthday Snack Donations Filtered water is served at snack daily Please consider sending in a snack for the class to share 20 students WRTIE CHILDS NAME ON SNACK AND INCLUDE CLASS COLOR red .
green or blue Example Ben H Red class Please send in a snack at some point during the week you are scheduled Thank you This Room is Peanut and Tree Nut Free Please do NOT send anything with.
20 students in the class Families have been extremely generous with donations 1 type of snack isenough Often we pair one healthy snack with a cracker allowing 2 kidsto supply the snack for the day Drop off and Folders.
Parents will be responsible to sign inand sign out their child at thepenguin parent area Check parent folders daily Absent from School.
Page 6 of handbook If your child is sick call or email the teacher to inform them ofthe absence When in doubt keep your child home Fever 100 vomiting diarrhea contagious illness 24 hour.
Vacation or personal reasons Still call or email and alert the teacher they will be absent Bus Kids If your child rides the bus please call transportation to alertthe driver your child will not need to be picked up dropped off .
Medical ConcernsBusing Transportation Please alert me to any medicalconcerns allergies or transportationinformation.
Check in and be sure I know thisimportant information Alert staff to any changes that maycome up during the school year Ready for Success.
Highest Available 4 Star Parent Aware Rated PreschoolAccording to the Parent Aware website a programearning a Four Star shows that it is equipped to offerthe very best in quality care assuring parents that itis doing all it can to prepare their children for school .
Ready for Success Questions Red Penguin Class. Kylee - Speech Teacher. Red Penguin Class. Sara- Occupational Therapist. Red, Green and Blue Classes. Jackie- Physical Therapist . ... Co-teaching means all teachers will co-plan and co-instruct lessons. We will take turns doing various roles in the classroom so that students understand that we are all teachers with equal ...

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