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AAT Injector Nozzle TestP15681 Calibration Fluid Exhaust SystemZach Huston Hayden Cummings Adam Farnung Tim Nichols Robert Moshier Andrew HeuserProject BackgroundUpdated Requirements.
Chamber designMeasurement SystemFluid removal systemRisk AssessmentAction Items.
Background AATAdvanced Atomization Technologies AAT Joint venture between General Electric Aviation andParker Aerospace Specializes in manufacturing and testing fuel nozzles for.
gas turbine engines Background ProjectFuel Injection Nozzle Testing System Qualifying fuel injection nozzles Specialized calibration equipment.
Expensive odorous calibration fluidProblems with system Offensive odor permeates entire building Loss of expensive calibration fluid Problem Definition.
All commercial aircraft nozzles must undergo a flow testto assure that requirements are met for spray angle This test uses Stoddart Solvent MIL PRF 7024F Type II Petroleum derived clear transparent liquid The fluid is very expensive and has an offensive odor.
The current exhaust system is ineffective at bothcontaining containing the odor and recovering theatomized fluid for reuse Project ScheduleRepresents Critical items.
Customer Requirements Engineering Requirements Subsystem Risk Flow Chamber DesignComponents .
Nozzle Fixture Integration of both tests in one location constrainand attach nozzle Airlock Test location isolation purge Gloves Correct Material ergonomics attachment Containment Chamber Collection and containment of liquid.
calibration fluid Full Chamber Ergonomic AnalysisSystem must accommodate operator heights from 62 76 Shoulder width range 16 1 17 7 .
Center to center glove separation 14 Range of distance from shoulder to ground 50 7 62 17 Chamber will require 1 foot of adjustablevertical travel.
For details on the anthropometric analysis referenceSystem Level Design Documents on EDGE Ergonomic AnalysisTo accommodate all operators and be safe to operate fromthe top and in the gloves the chamber requires 16 of travel.
Nozzle fixture Combines flow and angle testingin one location Incorporates both nozzle block offs for flow testing and.
measurement system for angleRoles in Engineering Requirements S4 Elapsed Time does not addsignificant cycle time Upper Door.
Provides access to the nozzle fixture insideof the airlock O Ring sealed solenoid locked to beintegrated into controls system Roles in Engineering Requirements .
S1 Air Quality Contains Calibration Fluid S2 Air Particle Removal Provides Sealfor Vacuum S8 Calibration Fluid Leak ContainsCalibration Fluid.
S9 Door Sealed During Operation S11 Accessibility Easy Access foroperator to Test Block Blast Chamber Style gloves Allow operator access without.
exposure to fluidRoles in Engineering Requirements S1 Air Quality Fluid does not leavechamber during operator interaction S8 Calibration Fluid Leak Calibration.
Fluid does not escape during operatorinteraction S11 Accessibility Easy Access foroperator to Dual Block off Mid Chamber Valves.
Ball valve interface between top andbottom chamber Allows for separation of Air Lock fromcollected calibration fluid and smallerevacuation chamber.
Roles in Engineering Requirements S1 Air Quality Liquid Cal fluid isisolated to completely closed portion of S3 Liquid Drain Rate Easy Access foroperator to Dual Block off.
Chamber Design Testing Glove Pressure Testing Several gloves samples were subjectedto an air pressure of approximately 14 7 psi to test their structuralstability to maximum internal chamber pressure Please see subsystem testing glove pressure test videos for more information .
Chamber Design TestingGlove Material Exposure Testing Samples of the same glove materialswere exposed to the calibration fluid fortwo spans of time Tests were.
performed on the samples post exposure to record data for effects ofthe fluid on the materials Please see subsystem testing Test ProcedureSheet glove test docx for more.
information Chamber Design Testing Bottom Chamber Provides space for liquid calibration fluid to collect separate from the air Drain in bottom for line to fluid collection tank recycled back into system.
Roles in Engineering Requirements S1 Air Quality Liquid Cal fluid is isolated to completely closed portion of S3 Liquid Drain Rate Easy Access for operator to Dual Block off S8 Calibration Fluid Leak Liquid Calibration Fluid is kept separate fromrest of chamber away from main openeing.
Measurement Individual motorized control of probes Precision probe control to 0 5thousandths of an inch Cameras provide easy view.
LEDs increase visibility For details on the measurement analysis referenceSystems Level Design Documents on EDGE Measurement Cameras capture ideal vantage point for angle test.
Live video displayed above probe controlsLogitech C310 HD Webcam 720p HD Video Easy interface with Windows 5 MP Photos.
Measurement Cameras provide excellentvisibility of spray and probes Visibility with camera of drops throughmist confirmed by testing .
Visibility with camera through LEDglare confirmed by testing Visibility with mist no LEDsVisibility with For details on the measurement tests referenceLED glare Systems Level Design Documents on EDGE.
Eyedropper TestInterference TestLED Mist InterferenceInterference Test Test Drop Test Results.
Drop Test 0 90 Drop Test 100 180 6 6 f x 0 58 x 7 21f x 0 18 x 3 87 R 0 73R 0 59Visibility.
Visibility0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180Angle AngleSME Rachel Silvastrini Mist Interference Test.
Materials 12 Volt Car Battery Jumper Cables GE90 NozzleMist interference with the camera.
visibility is minimal to the point ofunnoticeable Fluids Subsystem Mist evacuation is needed tomaintain visibility during test .
The amount of air pulled from thesystem must be adjustable Evacuating mist cannot influence thetesting procedure A two speed system combines low.
speed for visibility during test withhigh speed for fast mist evacuationat the end of the test Subsystem Flow By keeping the entire system sealed no calibration fluid is allowed to escape .
All aspects of the system are sealed including chamber doors chamber drain draintank mist collector system and mist collector drain The test chamber will be automatically purged before allowing the chamber doors to beopened eliminating the chance for an operator to come in contact with the atomizedwhile also not allowing the atomized fluid to escape .
Fluid that is pulled through the mist collector is returned to the drain tank System is automated to reduce operator error Fluids Subsystem Heart The heart of the subsystem is the AER Control System CM300 This unit is able to pull 300 cfm from the test chamber to quickly purge.
the system while being throttled back during testing in order to noteffect test results Custom built unit will feature aluminum rotating drum to eliminatespark risk Unit will be fitted with an activated carbon after filter to reduce any.
remaining odor Filter can be replaced with ordinary activated carbon which isinexpensive and easily procured Fluid removed via the collector will be returned to the drain tank Spray Angle Testing.
Engineering requirement S10 states that the testsystem cannot influence the test results Test designed to mitigate risk of the systeminfluencing test results spray angle Miniature test chamber built with ability to alter.
test chamber pressure as well as spray fluidthrough GE90 nozzle Test chamber was tested at atmospheric andnegative pressures Result of test at atmospheric pressure can be.
seen at the left and demonstrates the control Spray Angle Testing Result of test at 0 5 atmosphere can be seen atthe left and demonstrates the spray angle whileunder vacuum .
Results show that testing under a mild vacuumgreatly alters test results Testing needs to be done at near atmosphericpressure levels in order to not influence test Odor Testing.
An activated carbon filter will serve as the last A carbon charcoal filter was then fitted to the airline of defense to keep any odors from exit escaping the test chamber The fan was run and the escaping air was again The experimental chamber was setup with cal tested for odor fluid and a small fan to mimic odor escaping Cal fluid odor was greatly reduced with the.
The escaping air was then tested for odor and addition of the filter Doors lock during testing Two solenoids lock outside chamber door Automated ball valves between upper and lower chambers Prevents odor filled air from leaving chamber.
Automated air purge sequence1 Closes ball valves sealing upper chamber2 Runs pump for air purge3 Unlocks chamber door Precision variable speed probe control.
Precision of 0 0005 Minimum speed of 0 001 in sec Maximum speed of 0 5 in sec For details on the measurement analysis referenceSystems Level Design Documents on EDGE.
Integration Cycle time Glove Concept with purge drawer hingeDescription of action Time for action sec X taken Total time for action sec Load Nozzle in fixture 9 1 9 Cycle time analysisOpen interlock 3 1 3.
Load fixture in chamber 10 1 10Connect fluid lines 7 1 7Close interlock 3 1 3 Cycle time reduced by 3 5 minutes from currentPut on gloves 3 1 3.
Open bottom of interlock 10 1 10Remove gloves 3 1 3Test Cycle 10 1 10 New cycle time of 8 2 minutes TestPut on gloves.
Primary Secondary block off 1 Tip Major time savings fewer nozzle connectionsRemove glovesPut on glovesand movements due to one test location fewer.
Primary Secondary block off 2 Tip 10 1 10Remove gloves 3 1 3Test 15 4 60Put on gloves 3 1 3X opening door Both Primary blockoffs.
Remove gloves Time additions putting on and removing glovesPut on glovesRemove Primary blockoffsRemove gloves.
Test Quality 15 1 15Engage probes 6 1 6Test Angle 12 4 48Retract probes 6 1 6Put on gloves 3 1 3.
Close bottom interlock 10 1 10Remove gloves 3 1 3Pump interlock 6 1 6Open top interlock 3 1 3Disconnect lines 3 1 3.
Remove test block 7 1 7Remove nozzle 9 1 9490 seconds8 2 minutes Risk Assessment.
Remaining RisksRisk Importance Plan for Mitigation CompletionAir Fluid Leaks 27 9 Test plan available on Edge under MSD II Week 3 5 Subsystem Test plans Test for Air Leaksin Chamber .
Nozzle Detaches 27 Run test with different fittings to see which Week 14forms the best connection and is theeasiest to installInability to interact with 9 Determine I O capabilities of test Week15control system pressure control system.
Subsystem integration 27 Continue weekly updates Ongoing Bill of MaterialsSubsystem Chamber 1 201 22Measurement 370 02.
Fluid Control 5 059 81Controls Integration 134 76Total 6 765 81 MSD II Project Plan Action Items.
Design Signed off by Jim Complete drawing package Make appointment with operators to performglove simulation Compile purchase orders.
MSD II Risk Assessment AppendixBOM Chamber AppendixBOM Fluid Control.
AppendixBOM Measurement ControlsThis unit is able to pull 300 cfm from the test chamber to quickly purge the system, while being throttled back during testing in order to not effect test results. Custom built unit will feature aluminum rotating drum to eliminate spark risk. ... AAT Injector Nozzle Test Chamber

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