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America s Boating Course3 Edition 3rdrd EditionState RegulationsBoating is fun we ll show you how State Local Regulations.
Operator qualificationsBoaters Education CardWearing PFDsAdditional equipmentSpeed restrictions.
Time of day restrictionsmainly for PWCs skiersBoating is fun we ll show you how Experience OregonBoating is fun we ll show you how.
Beyond FederalState Local Regulations Education pg 4 SpeedAge requirements restrictionspg 4 pg 19 34.
Registration pg 6 BUI pg 39 40Equipment pg 11 enforcement16 accidentSpecial Boating is fun we ll show you how 4 Oregon Education.
RequirementsBoating is fun we ll show you how Oregon Age RequirementBoating is fun we ll show you how Exceptions.
LEVEL 1 A boater who has an expired USCG Boat Operators License orattained status of CG Crewman or Coxswain equivalent does not need to take a boating safety course orequivalency exam but must carry a boaters education card.
when operating a boat recreationally LEVEL 2 Education Card not required if person is an out of state visitor boating for less than 60 days orhas current USCG Boat Operators License A new boat buyer temporary certificate of number 60 days.
A boat renter livery complete dockside safety checklist See Experience Oregon Boating handbook pg 4 Boating is fun we ll show you how Aquatic Invasive SpeciesBoating is fun we ll show you how.
AIS ProtectionNever launch a dirty boatIt is illegal to launch a boat with aquatic specieson the hull motor or trailer Even if launching in the same water you came.
from do your best to remove visible aquaticspecies and mud from your equipment priorto launching Engine flushing and boat rinsing after being insalt water is highly discouraged because of the.
potential for transporting invasive species Boating is fun we ll show you how AIS Motorized Boats Sailboats over 12 feetRegistered boaters including registered sailboats 12 feet.
and longer pay an additional 5 surcharge when theyrenew their boat registration Current boat decals areproof that you have paid the permit fee Registrations are valid for two calendar years If you have non motorized boat in addition to your.
motorized boat you will need individual permits when thenon motorized boats are in use Out of state motorboat permits 22 Boating is fun we ll show you how AIS Non Motorized Boats.
Manually powered boats SUP boards rafts drift boats kayaks canoes etc 10 feet and longer will need to carry one permitper boat when in use Permits are transferrable to other manually powered craft Permits can be loaned to friends and family members .
Permits are valid for one or two years only valid for calendarPermit fees are 5 however stores charge 5 permit 2 agentBoating is fun we ll show you how AIS Inspection StationsBoating is fun we ll show you how.
Boat RegistrationSailboats 12 feet and longer and all motorboats with anytype of motor must be titled and registered in Oregon Documented recreational boats must register pay fee ifOregon is the state of principal use .
Oregon has a two year registration cycle Fee can be paidon line at OSMB site Title transfer must be submitted within 30 days of purchaseor will be charged a 25 penalty fee Boats made after 1 Nov 1972 must have HIN .
Boating is fun we ll show you how Certificate of NumberBoating is fun we ll show you how Boat NumbersBoating is fun we ll show you how.
EquipmentRecommended equipmentAlong with the required equipment the Oregon Marine Boardrecommends carrying the following 1 Compass 9 Paddle.
2 Anchor fenders 10 Tool kit3 Flashlight extra batteries 11 Two way radio4 Extra line 12 Cell phone5 Bucket 13 Visual distress signals6 Port a potty 14 Marine VHF radio if.
7 Bilge pump and pads operating in coastal waters8 First aid kitBoating is fun we ll show you how 16 Life JacketsPersonal Floatation Devices.
One for each person aboard including towed impact rated USCG Approved with legible label proper size serviceableand worn or readily available Children 12 and under MUST wearBoating is fun we ll show you how.
White water BoatingOregon law requires all boaters to wear a life jacket inClass III rapids or higher and in areas of known hazards Boating is fun we ll show you how Operation Speed.
Operating at speeds greater than thatwhich allows operator to bring boat tostop within assured clear distanceahead Take into account visibility traffic and weather .
It is illegal to exceed any posted speedlimits Regulatory marks white withorange borders and geometricsymbols Boating is fun we ll show you how 19 Operation Lookout.
An operator shall keep a proper lookoutat all times while underway Atminimum one person shall watch andlisten for dangers that may comefrom any direction .
In restricted visibility additionallookouts should be designated whilesounding and listening for restrictedvisibility sound signals 20Boating is fun we ll show you how.
Operation OverloadingCapacity Plates are placed on mostboats They specify maximum weights engine horsepower and number ofOverloading is exceeding the maximums.
the capacity plate Use the persons number on the labeljudiciously The total of passengerweight must not exceed the posted21Boating is fun we ll show you how.
Operation No WakeSLOW NO WAKE means operating aboat at the slowest speed necessary tomaintain steerage and that reduces oreliminates waves that appear as white.
water behind the boat Must observewithin 200 feet of Boat Ramp Marina or moorage with over 5 A floating home moorage 22.
Boating is fun we ll show you how Operation Unsafe RidingSitting standing or otherwise moving outsideof designed seating and operating areas canlead to falling overboard and severe if not.
fatal injury from propeller strike Riding on bow transom or gunwale railingswhile underway is prohibited at speedgreater than 5 mph It is illegal to tow a person s holding onto a.
portion of the boat aft of the transom including a step ladder or platform deck while underway Boating is fun we ll show you how Operation.
Watersports TowingNo towing of persons between sunsetand sunrise Must have an observer on the tow boatable to communicate with those.
being towed A skier down orange square flagmust be displayed when launching orrecovering to alert other boaters ofpersons in the water .
Proper distance must be maintained forboat and skier for all objects atBoating is fun we ll show you how 24 OperationEspecially Hazardous.
Peace officers observing EspeciallyHazardous operations in Oregon watersmay order the operator to safemoorage until corrected These conditions include .
Improper or insufficient life jackets fireextinguishers backfire arrestingdevices or navigation lights betweensunset and sunrise Overloading.
Boating isOverpoweringfun we ll show you how Leaking Crossing the BarBoating is fun we ll show you how 26 Crossing the Bar.
Boating is fun we ll show you how 27Boating under the influence ofintoxicants BUI 0 08 alcohol ordrugs is a class A misdemeanor Conviction can receive fine up to.
6250 and jail for 1 year suspensionof all boat registrations for 3 years and may require completion ofboating safety course By operating a boat in Oregon you.
consent to submit to field sobriety 28Boating is fun we ll show you how EnforcementBoating laws of Oregon are enforced bycounty sheriffs and Oregon State.
USCG also has enforcement authorityon all federally controlled waters They are authorized to signal a boatoperator to bring the boat to a stop toconduct a safety inspection .
Boating is fun we ll show you how EnforcementWith owner or operator s consent orIf a sheriff or other police officerconfirms that a safety violation has.
occurred probable cause thesheriff or officer shall conduct acomplete safety inspection todetermine compliance with all otherapplicable safety laws .
Boating is fun we ll show you how EnforcementAny boat approaching a stationary lawenforcement boat displaying their bluelights should immediately slow to a.
speed sufficient to maintain steerageonly alter your course as not tointerfere or inhibit with the operationof the law enforcement boat You may proceed unless otherwise.
directed by the law enforcementofficer beyond the area of operation ofthe law enforcementBoating is fun we llboat When out31show you how.
Boating AccidentsOperators involved in a boatingaccident are required by law to stoptheir boat immediately at the scene ofthe accident and .
1 Give assistance to any personsinjured in the accident 2 Give their name addresses of anyoccupants to the other boat s operatorand or occupants .
Boating is fun we ll show you how Boating AccidentsIn Oregon operators or occupant when operator is physicallyincapable must submit a written.
report of a boating accident to theOregon State Marine Board when 1 a person dies disappears or isinjured and receives medical 2 damage to the property is in excess.
of 2000 33Boating is fun we ll show you how BOATING ACCIDENTSAccident reports must be made 1 within 48 hours in the case or.
death disappearance or injury 2 within 10 days of an accidentinvolving property damageFailure to fulfill operators witness duty Class A misdemeanor fine to.
6 250 and or jail for 1 year Failure when death or injury Class Cfelony fine to 100 000 jail for 5Boating is fun we ll show you how End Chapter 2.
Boating is fun we ll show you howIf you operate a paddle craft, such as a canoe, kayak or drift boat 10 feet and over, you are required to purchase and carry an aquatic invasive species prevention permit. Human powered boat fee is $5 plus $2 agent fee for 1-year paper or Tyvek permit. Permit is transferable to paddle craft in use.

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