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Truth Trivia According to the National Center for EducationStatistics what is the percentage of U S schools withno teachers of color on staff According to the U S Census Bureau .
how many U S citizens are millionaires A Roughly 2 600 000B Roughly 1 000 000C Roughly 500 000D Roughly 150 000.
E Roughly 50 000 Compared with White women how likely are AfricanAmerican women in the U S to die duringchildbirth due to a lack of access to prenatal care according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and.
A Four times as likelyB Equally likelyC Six times as likelyD Twice as likelyE Half as likely.
According to a study by the American Association ofPhysicians for Human Rights what percentage ofphysicians report witnessing a colleague giving reducedcare or refusing care to lesbian gay or bisexual patients In a 2007 study UNICEF rated the treatment of.
children in the 23 wealthiest countries in thebased on 40 indicators of child well being Whichtwo countries received the lowest ratings A Saudi Arabia and TurkeyB Mexico and South Africa.
C India and ChinaD The United States and U K E Chile and Egypt According to a 2006 report from the American Civil LibertiesUnion African Americans comprise more than 37 of people.
arrested for drug use 59 of those convicted for drug use and74 of those sentenced to prison for drug use AfricanAmericans comprise what percentage of U S drug users The U S military budget is by far the highest of anycountry in the world How much higher is the U S .
military budget than that of China the world ssecond biggest military spender A 1 5 times higherB 4 times higherC 7 times higher.
D 8 2 times higherE 9 6 times higher Compared with their U S born peers how likely areimmigrant men in the U S ages 18 39 to be injail or prison according to a 2008 report from the.
Immigration Policy Center A 15 times more likelyB 5 times more likelyC Equally likelyD 10 times less likely.
E 5 times less likely According to the U S Census Bureau the median annualincome for U S white men 25 years or older who haveearned graduate degrees is 80 000 What are the medianannual incomes for Latina and Native American women 25.
years or older who have earned graduate degrees A 80 000 and 80 000B 70 000 and 68 000 respectivelyC 60 000 and 62 000 respectivelyD 25 000 and 50 000 respectively.
E 50 000 and 40 000 respectively According to UNICEF the wealth of the threerichest people in the world is roughly equal tothe combined Gross Domestic Product of A The 8 poorest countries.
B The 28 poorest countriesC The 48 poorest countriesD The 57 poorest countriesE The 68 poorest countries What percentage of gay lesbian bisexual and transgender.
high school students report that their teachers never or rarely respond to homophobic remarks made by otherstudents according to a national study by GLSEN Based on a 2007 report from the EconomicPolicy Institute the annual earnings of the.
average fulltime U S worker is roughly equalA The hourly earnings of the average CEO in AmericaB The daily earnings of the average CEO in AmericaC The weekly earnings of the average CEO in AmericaD The monthly earnings of the average CEO in America.
The six month earnings of the average CEO in What portion of the U S Governmentbudget goes to welfare and SocialA Less than 1 to welfare and 20 to Social SecurityB 25 to welfare and 25 to Social Security.
C 20 to welfare and 1 to Social SecurityLess than 1 to welfare and less than 1 to SocialE 32 to welfare and 44 to Social Security TRUE or FALSE 1130 is the number of federal rights and protections.
that are denied to same sex couples as the result ofmarriage inequality in the U S The number is the amount that heterosexual marriedcouples have and that are denied to same sex A Princeton study of elite universities in the U S found that legacy.
applicants people usually white and wealthy with a parent orgrandparent who attended the institution are far more privilegedby legacy status than applicants of color are by affirmative actionpolicies The study determined that legacy status was roughlyequivalent to how much of a boost to an applicant s SAT score .
A 20 pointsB 90 pointsC 100 pointsD 160 pointsE 220 points.
The University of Arizona Fall 2010 first yearclass had 7 025 students How many ofthose identified as American Indian A 3 3 a total of 225B 4 7 a total of 323.
C 59 2 a total of 4 069D 22 2 a total of 1 522E 7 6 a total of 521 The Southern Poverty Law Center counted926 active hate groups in the United States in.
2008 How many are in the state of Arizona The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality American Association of Physicians for Human Rights American Civil Liberties Union Economic Policy Institute.
Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network The Immigration Policy Center National Center for Education Statistics UNICEF U S Census Bureau.
Paul C Gorski and EdChange http www EdChange org The Southern Poverty Law Centerhttp www splcenter org intel m... tolerance maps hate Discussion.
A Princeton study of elite universities in the U.S. found that legacy applicants—people, usually white and wealthy, with a parent or grandparent who attended the institution—are far more privileged by legacy status than applicants of color are by affirmative action policies.

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