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Ruminant Nutrition Record KeepingProper Care and HandlingDan FaulknerArizona Cooperative Extension.
October 18 2014 Changes in Challenges 1991 2011 Identified by the NBQA Ruminants are DifferentThe difference lies in the upper GI tract.
specifically the three pre gastricfermentation chambers the reticulum therumen and the omasumThese precede the abomasum which isconsidered the true stomach.
The Ruminant GI Tract The Ruminant GI Tract Nutrient Requirements Clean WaterCheapest and most abundant of nutrients.
60 75 of birth weight45 60 of mature weightDrinking Water Cattle Require 8 16 gallons day 22 in hot weather Sheep require 1 4 gallons day.
Water in feedstuffsMetabolic waterRequirements for growing finishing cattleNEm 0 077 Mcal BW0 75RE 0 0635 BW0 75 EBG1 097 Steers .
RE 0 0783 BW0 75 EBG1 119 Heifers Energy SourcesCorn Sorghum Oats Barley Distillers GrainsYellow GreaseCrude Protein.
Requirements12 5 14 depending on age and genderProtein Feedstuffs 20 CP Soybean MealDistillers Grains.
Cottonseed MealUrea NPN Can be included up to 1 5 of diet RoughageRequirements.
10 15 Finishing Cattle 25 30 Receiving Cattle Alfalfa Sorghum SudanCorn AlfalfaOat Wheat.
By ProductStraw Cottonseed HullsMacro Minerals Trace MineralsMaintain proper Ca P ratio Usually met with good traceExcess can interfere with other mineral package.
minerals Do not feed TM package forCa P Mg K Na and S cattle to sheepCo Cu I Fe Mn Se and Zn Vitamins Fat Soluble A D E and K.
B vitamins are water solubleIonophoresRumensin 30 g ton AntibioticsTylosin 10 g ton .
OptaflexxRactopamine hydrochlorideNeed to ensure that YOU youth leaders use the productaccording to label directionsMix and handle products properly and according to label directions.
Administer at proper ratesAdminister during the proper phase of growthUse only for the species being approvedMaintain proper nutrition and animal management practicesConsult professional experts regarding proper use of products.
OptaflexxIncrease weight gain and improved feed efficiency at 8 2 to 24 6g ton 90 DM basis Approved only during the final 28 to 42 days prior to harvestImproved live weight gain by 10 to 21 lbs.
Increases hot carcass weight by 6 to 18 lbsImproves feed efficiency by 14 to 21 Show RationsThere are many good pre manufactured show rations availableProximate analysis are provided on feed tags that are attached.
to the feed sack Sample Feed Tag Feeding Cattle Bunk Management ReceivingIncreased energy and protein requirement.
25 30 roughage14 16 CP1 of BW increase at 1 0 lb hd d increments to reach full feed Transition PeriodWorking cattle to 90 concentrate ration.
Working cattle up on feed should take about 14 21 days to reacha 90 concentrate ration from a 70 concentrate rationApproximately 5 7 day intervals for each 5 concentrate added Growing PeriodNecessary to add frame growth to small framed calves or to delay.
Cattle grazed or maintained on forage to 750lbsCalves fed high concentrate ration and programmed to gain 1 75 2 0 lb dMay be caused byOvereatingPhysical Obstruction.
Treatment PreventionGood Bunk ManagementPolaxalene AcidosisCommon on highly fermentable high concentrate rations.
Caused by overeatingMay be caused by variation in time of feeding which can cause grainengorgementTreatment PreventionGood bunk management.
Maintenance of extensive feed records Take Home MessageSubject animals to growing periodMaintain intensive bunk management and feed recordsMany good show feeds are pre manufactured and it is likely a.
good idea to use these feeds if ration formulation knowledge isIf feed additives and growth promoters are used use onlyaccording to label directions Keeping Accurate Records Keeping Records.
Keeping records is an important part of anylivestock operation project Accurate records let you identify specific animalsfor medication analyze your efficiency and findchanges you could make to improve your.
operation project Any records kept are better than no records at all Common Types of RecordsAnimal Treatment RecordsAnimal Health Product Records.
Feed RecordsChemical Records keep all records for 3 years after cattle are sold examples in appendix Record Keeping.
Keep individual treatment records with the following information 1 Individual animal identification 2 Date treated 3 Product used and manufacturer s lot serial number 4 Dosage used .
5 Route and location of administration 6 Earliest date animal will have cleared the withdrawal period7 Name of individual administering the treatment Animal Identification Proper identification is key to good.
management If each animal is clearlyidentified keeping records ontreatments becomes a lot easier Ear tag at county weight in Ear notch and or tag Swine.
Tattoo Breeding Beef Animal Identification Keeping Accurate RecordsThree main areas of record keeping Individual Animal Records.
Process Verification Production Records Individual Animal Records Lets you know which animal belongs Allows you compare performance of.
these animals Selecting replacement females Selecting animals for your project Determining rate of gain Process Verification.
Any time you use medications or growth promotants inyour livestock project it is important identify the individualanimal and their treatments Animal ID Product.
Method of treatment I M S Q I V Location of injection neck Who administered it Withdrawal times label Select the Best Route of.
Administration Always use SQ if the product label allows Otherwise follow.
label instructions Intramuscular and SubcutaneousInjections SubcutaneousInjections Only.
Procedures for SQ InjectionsFor the tenting technique grasp the skin and lift a fold upbefore inserting the needle to 1 inch needleFor the non tenting technique the needle is insertedunder the skin and then lift the skin up with the.
needle to inch needle Types of Vaccines Killed Vaccine Modified Live VaccineModified live vaccines should be protected.
from sunlight and used within 1 hour of mixing Practice Good SanitationUse boiling water to cleansyringes used for MLV Don t usedisinfectants .
Make sure the vaccine site isAvoid injecting into damp or wetcattle or manure covered areas Feed Records It is very important to read your feed labels and keep.
copies of your feed labels Keep records on how much you feed an individualanimal production records Production Records Production records let you measure.
animal and business performance Average daily gain Weaning weights Litter weights Pounds of milk in dairy cattle.
Production Records Business records can show howprofitable the operation is Records from different years can becompared to see how your livestock.
project has progressed Good ProductionPractice 4Proper Care and Handling Best Management Practices.
CastrationEuthanasiaBiosecurity Handling Handling animals carefully is another.
way to prevent injury or physicalcontamination of meat bruising etc Animals two main instincts are fight or Slow quiet movements Reduce the use of buzzers and prods .
Interaction at feeding time The Flight Zone Reducing Stress Have animal well broke to reduceexcitement of the show .
Keep animals on regular feeding andexercise schedule Get animals accustomed to strange orflavored water Try not to mix animals at shows to.
avoid fighting Heat cold or excitement can all cause Changes in feed illness or movementcan also cause stress Stress can ultimately reduce appetite .
production and also effect the qualityof meat they produce Environment Animal Environment Includes Temperature.
Cleanliness Environment Is there enough space for theanimal to eat sleep and exercise Use space requirement tables to.
determine how much space ananimal needs references upon request EnvironmentTemperature Different animals prefer different.
temperatures this is called theircomfort zone Production variables can decline ifan animal is outside it s comfort zonefor too long .
Ways To Control Temperature Misting systems Sprinkle area evaporative cooling Fans air movement Shade prevents radiation .
Deeper bedding insulation Shelter prevent drafts House animals together to increase body heat EnvironmentCleanliness.
Clean environment reduces the amount andspread of disease organisms Regular removal of waste doesn t allow forthe growth of microorganisms which maylead to digestive or respiratory problems .
Manure build up also provides anenvironment for fly populations to multiply Conclusion1 Accurate records are essential for trackingmedications given and performance.
characteristics in livestock projects 2 Proper care and handling of livestock animalsensures the safety and well being of both youand your animal .
Ruminants are Different. The difference lies in the upper GI tract specifically the three pre-gastric fermentation chambers; the reticulum, the rumen, and the omasum. These precede the abomasum which is considered the true stomach

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