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The Creation and Adam Eve Genesis Chapter 1 Creation version 1 Chapter 2 Creation version 2 Chapter 3 Original Sin .
These are the generations of the heavens andthe earth when they were created Gen 2 4 Like the Greeks Polytheism Other Spirits Gen 1 2 .
Night and Day akin to Greek Chaos and Dawn Gen 1 5 Plural pronouns Gen 1 26 27 3 22 Angel hierarchy Gen 3 24 Use of formulae Amoral or immoral god Gen 2 9 3 1 .
Humans made after animals get other gifts Prometheus Consistent light dark motif Formless void ala Plato Gen 1 2 Engendering CreationTwo creation stories the first Gen 1 2 3 is from the P.
author and the second Gen 2 5 3 24 is from J P story Humans Man are a culmination of creation in the first storyplaced within a strict hierarchy Dominion and vertical hierarchies established .
J story Humans are created first to help create a cultivated garden Gen 2 5 and charged to till it and keep it Gen 2 15 Humans given the power to name Gen 2 18 20 Eve is derivative of Adam Gen 2 21 23 .
Theodicy the problem of evil The god in Genesis seems omnipotent Power to create Gen 1 2 Power to punish Gen 3 14 19 The god in Genesis seems either to allow evil or.
is powerless too disinterested to stop thecharacters of Adam and Eve from beingovertaken by evil The presence of the Serpent Gen 3 1 The argument of the Serpent Gen 3 4 .
Additional questions1 Why does Adam hide from his god Why doesan omnipotent god go walking through theGarden of Eden calling for Adam 2 Is Eve to blame for introducing evil If so what.
in the text supports such a reading If not whyhas this passage been used effectively tojustify sexist beliefs 3 Why do Adam and Eve get embarrassed andhide their nakedness .
Cain Abel Genesis Chapter 4 Cain Abel Cain s name is derived from qyn to forge or qana to acquire Abel s name is derived from hevel to breathe .
Other names for Cain s descendents in Gen 4 If we substituteEnglish equivalents for proper names Gen 4 19 22 reads God s servant took two wives the name of the one was Dawnand the name of the other Shade And Dawn brought forthShepherd the father of dwellers in tents and herdsmen and his.
brother s name was Musician the father of harp and pipe players But Shade brought forth Blacksmith the forger of brassand iron and Blacksmith s sister s name was Beautiful Thisleads some to believe the narrative records under a figure ofspeech the spread of civilization .
Social Values Agriculture and domestication of animals Self control Gen 4 7 you mustmaster it further defines sin as somethingthat can be controlled unlike the.
unalterable will of the gods in Greekmythology Individual choice Thou mayest argumentof Steinbeck Moral Behavior.
Gen 4 9 Cain says am I my brother s keeper Gen 4 10 11 the LORD says The voice of yourbrother s blood is crying to me from the ground Andnow your are cursed from the ground which hasopened its mouth to receive your brother s blood from.
your hand Gen 4 15 is sentenced to live and not die If any oneslays Cain vengeance shall be taken on himsevenfold Additional questions.
1 The meaning of Cain s name is under debate Which meaning makesmore sense to you in the context of the story 2 Reread Gen 4 3 5 Why does Cain get angry What does Steinbecksay in East of Eden Do you agree 3 How will Cain remove his mark How will his descendents Do you.
agree with Steinbeck that the mark and the theme is guilt Do youagree with Quinn that the mark is a Caucasian s maggot colored face 4 If you agree with the theory that Cain symbolizes the root of civilization cities domestication of animals culture then does that mean the storyshows civilization as flawed .
5 Is Cain s action really just a repercussion of Original Sin as Quinnsuggests in Ishmael I have eaten at the gods own tree of knowledgeand therefore know as well as they how to rule the world I may do as Iwill 162 Isn t this hubris 6 Is Cain a tragic hero .
7 Quinn suggests the story s original message has been transformed fromits initial message more specifically this is a story about the inevitableconflict between agriculturalists and herders Do you agree 8 Who s Cain afraid will kill him Noah s Ark.
Genesis 6 9 Etiology Greek aitologia aitia cause logia study of description of floods anddestructive natural events Cycle of creation reiterated chaos judgment .
re creation blessing The vulnerability of God Gen 6 6 7 And the LORD was sorry that hehad made humankind on the earth and itgrieved him to his heart So the LORD said I.
will blot out from the earth the human beings Ihave created people together with animals andcreeping things and birds of the air for I amsorry that I have made them Does this section suggest a vulnerability in their God .
Either way how does this conception of God differfrom the Greeks conception of Zeus The Covenant Gen 8 9 Gen 8 21 22 The LORD said I will never again curse the groundbecause of humankind for the imagination of the human heart is.
evil from youth What would Shlain say about this quote Is this quote reminiscent of the Oresteia Does this suggest humans are not born evil but become evil at somepoint in their lives Is the word youth to be interpreted literally or.
figuratively Gen 9 13 I set my bow keshet bow as in a weapon or rainbow in the cloud and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me andthe earth How does the interpretation of keshet change the meaning of this.
What is God promising to do Not to do Additional questions Who are the Nephilim Gen 6 1 4 What wicked things were humans doing in Gen 6 Is this story meant to instruct against doing.
wicked things If so what things If not thenwhat is the story s purpose Most biblical scholars see similarities with theHebrew story of universal deluge and otherprebiblical societies stories of floods Can you.
identify any What can account for the differences in thenumbers of animals Noah takes on the ark seven pairs or pairs Abraham Isaac.
Abraham s two sons Ishmael Egyptianmother Egyptian wife great nation forhim is Isaac Hebrew mother I willmake a nation of him also Israel What does Abraham s God require of him.
that Agamemnon s Zeus also requires Critical differences Etiological interpretations Jephthah and his daughter If Jephthah is considered a tragic hero like.
Agamemnon then what is his tragic flaw If this is a tragedy with a tragic hero then what isthe catharsis cleansing the author intends inthe audience Consider in the Iron Age it would have been.
common for people to cohabit with theirlivestock So does Jephthah always intend tokill a person or might he just be promising tomake a sacrifice Additional questions.
What do Abraham Jephthah and Agamemnonhave in common How do they differ Lookingat their differences how do these similar storiesillustrate differences between these two What important details does the story provide.
about Jephthah s daughter What is thesignificance of these details compare toIphegenia Why does Jephthah become an outlaw Sodom Gomorrah Gen 18 16 .
Condemnation of HomosexualityConfirmation of Hospitality What happens to Sodom and Gomorrah Judges Ch What happens in Judges 20 How does this influenceyour reading of the previous chapter Judges 19 .
What are the similarities in these stories Genesis and Do they reflect consistent rules of hospitality Are theyboth condemnations of immoral sexual behavior Arethe lessons and values similar to those of the Greeks Critical differences .
Additional questions Gen 18 25 reads Shall not the Judge of all the earth dowhat is just What value does this rhetorical question What is the discussion between Abraham and his Godall about in Gen 18 20 33 .
What etiological interpretation can be made of Gen 19and Judges 19 with regard to cities Does Gen 11 Babel confirm such a reading Doesthis make sense given the cultural context What do thepeople in Babel fear most What do they do to allay.
their fears What etiological reading can be made of Gen 11 The cyclical nature of creation, destruction and recreation is shown here, as Noah is Lamech’s son, and Lamech is descended from Cain, Cain is Adam’s son. So, there is always someone, a seed or root after Adam who continues on the race, and in whom the imperfection of humans is found can be traced back through to Adam.

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