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Adam and Eve Lived theGospel of Jesus ChristPrimary manual 6Lesson 6 Angels taught Adam and Eve.
Moses 5 57 59The gospel neverchanges Angels taughtthe children of Adam andEve that Jesus Christ.
would come and that Heis the Savior of the world Adam and Eve need the gospelof Jesus Christ Moses 6 48 52.
After the Fall HeavenlyFather promised Adamand Eve they could dwellwith him again if they believed in Him.
repented for their sins were baptized in thename of Jesus Christ If they did this they wouldreceive the gift of the.
Holy Ghost Adam and Eve werecommanded to teach their Moses 6 57The gospel of.
Jesus Christis eternal which meansit is the sametoday as it.
was in thetime of Adam Why did Adam and Eve need thegospel Why do we need theBecause no unclean thing can.
dwell in the kingdom of God Weneed the gospel to teach us how toreturn to Heavenly Father Moses 6 57 We are taught how to return toHeavenly Father .
4th Article of FaithWe believe that the firstprinciples and ordinancesof the Gospel are first Faithin the Lord Jesus Christ .
second Repentance third Baptism by immersion forthe remission of sins fourth Laying on of hands for thegift of the Holy Ghost .
The Children of Adam weretaught how to return toHeavenly FatherAnd he also said unto him If thou wilt turn untome and hearken unto my voice and believe.
Faith and repent of all thy transgressions and be baptized even in water in the nameof mine Only Begotten Son ye shallreceive the gift of the Holy Ghost askingall things in his name and whatsoever ye.
shall ask it shall be given you Moses 6 52Are the first principles andordinances of the gospel thesame in Adam s day as they are Let s define a few words .
Principle A basic doctrine or law Ordinance A scared ceremonywith spiritual meaning that isperformed by someone withpriesthood authority Rec.
Hol ive thRepentanc mWhich of these are principles and which areordinances Adam and Eve have faith in.
Heavenly Father Moses 5 4 6This scripture tells us that Adam obeyedHeavenly Father s commandments scripture out.
loud to see ifyou can tellwhy we know How do we show the Savior wehave faith .
Samoan children have faith When President Thomas S Monson visited a small villageon the island of Samoa he hada strong feeling that he should.
shake the hands of all the 247children who where there Heknew there wouldn t beenough time so he ignored thefeeling But before the closing.
prayer the feeling came again and he knew it was somethinghe must do Samoan children have faith When President Monson told the children s.
teacher that he wanted to shake handswith each child they all beamed inexcitement Then President Monsonfound out the real reason for theirhappiness .
Samoan children have faithThe children s teacher said I told them that if each onewould earnestly and sincerelypray and exert faith like in the.
Bible accounts of old theApostle would visit them andthrough their faith he would beimpressed to greet each childwith a personal handclasp .
President Monson said Tears flowed as each of thoseprecious boys and girls walked by and whispered softlyto us a sweet talofa lava hello The gift of faith hadbeen evidenced Adam and Eve Repented.
Moses 6 53 56Heavenly Father forgaveAdam and Eve for eatingthe forbidden fruit He toldAdam that each person.
comes to earth with freeagency and we areresponsible for our ownJust like Adam and Eve welearn good from evil .
Why did Adam and Eve need torepent Why do we need toBecause no unclean thing can dwell inthe kingdom of God We need to repent ofour sins so we can return to Heavenly.
Father Moses 6 57 Baptism for Us Baptism forJust like Adam was baptized by immersion laid under thewater we are also baptized the same way Moses 6 64 Adam was taught about the.
Holy Ghost Just like Adam received the gift ofthe Holy Ghost we too receive thecomfort and peace that comesfrom the gift of the Holy Ghost Moses.
6 61 65 66 D C 20 41 We can enjoy the blessing of theGift of the Holy Ghost I would like to sharean experience I had.
when I knew theHoly Ghost helpedBe thinking of a storyyou might want to Let s define more words .
The Holy Ghost a member of theGodhead and a personage of spirit who canhelp anyone who is worthy The gift of the Holy Ghost the right wereceive after baptism when we are.
confirmed to have the Holy Ghost as aconstant companion if we keep ourbaptismal covenants The gospel of Jesus Christ doesnot change .
For the next few slides we will play a True False game I will make a statement If what I say istrue then please stand up If what I say isfalse please stay seated .
Jesus Christ was baptized by immersion so we are to be baptized by immersion True False My parents were taught todress modestly and.
appropriately but I should beable to dress any way I want True False Adam and Eve prayed to Heavenly Father and I pray to Heavenly Father too .
True False The Holy Ghost helped only thosepeople who lived long ago True False The people we read about in the scriptures were.
taught to have faith in Jesus Christ and I am taughtto have faith in Jesus Christ too True False Adam and Eve were taught the same principlesand ordinances of the gospel as we have in the.
fourth article of faith True Repentance False Adam and Eve repented of their transgressions so I don t have to repent when I do wrong True False .
We read about paying tithing in the scriptures but the law was only for people who lived longTrue False Jesus taught the people to love and serveothers and I have been taught to love and.
serve others too True False I testify of Jesus ChristAdam and Eve Lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ Primary manual 6 Lesson # 6 Angels taught Adam and Eve Moses 5:57-59 The gospel never changes. Angels taught the children of Adam and Eve that Jesus Christ would come and that He is the Savior of the world.

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