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Online Mission OfficeDatabase Software When performance is measured performance improves When performanceis measured and reported the rate of improvement accelerates Elder Thomas S Monson.
Brief Description and HistoryThe Online Mission Office Database is a softwareapplication that operates as an internet website It wasprimarily written and is maintained by the Alaska AnchorageMission in order to improve communication and reporting.
between mission leadership and local stake and wardleadership by allowing real time access to that leadership toretrieve and print mission related reports and to report ontheir stewardship by updating those reports As the softwarewas developed it also became a viable platform for.
supporting a broad range of other features including theability to automate many mission office related tasks The software currently provides over 50 different reports onvarious mission related subjects and is easily extensible tosupport additional reports and features It is also easily.
customizable and scalable to be able to operate in andsupport additional missions Share and coordinate timely information between mission stake and ward leadership Reduce the workload on the mission office staff by sharing.
information and by simplifying and automating tasks To improve upon Mission Office Software and providefeatures that MOS currently does not support Allow remote access to review or update information toappropriate leaders especially where geographical.
limitations otherwise prevent or limit timely reporting Share and Coordinate Supports reporting from zone leaders to themission office via the internet www Zone leaders enter their weekly reports for key.
indicators baptismal stewardship and vehicle fleet viasecure internet website They can immediately print offpertinent reports Supports reporting from the mission to stake andward leaders via the internet email www .
Weekly stewardship reports are composed anddelivered automatically as Adobe PDF emailattachments to mission stake and ward leaders Reduce Workload Automate Tasks Automatically composes reports from database using.
simple easily customizable templates Automatically integrates current mission roster and otherdata into each report Automates common mission office tasks including transferplanning automatic boardcard generation mission.
resource scheduling and mission fleet management Automates report distribution via scheduled reportsdelivered via email or accessible online Truly multi user environment allows concurrent access tothe entire program and database .
Main Menu Administrator View Sample Reports Key Indicator Stewardship Report Baptismal Stewardship Report Convert Retention Report.
Boardcards and MissionaryAssignment History Mission Rosters Vehicle Fleet Reports Monthly and Weekly Calendaring.
Gift of Family History Tracking and Over 60 Additional Reports Sample Key Indicator Report Sample Baptismal Stewardship Report Sample Baptismal Stewardship Report.
Sample Convert Baptisms Historical Report Sample Convert Retention Report Sample BoardcardsAutomatically generated in Adobe PDF format for easy printing Sample Transfer Summary Report.
Sample Month Calendar Sample Key Indicator Trend Report Sample Fleet Odometer Report Sample Key Indicator Input Form Used weekly by zone leaders to input the indicator numbers collected.
by their district leaders in their zones Sample Baptismal Stewardship Input Form Updated weekly by zone leaders and mission recorder to track potential projected actual and lost baptisms See accompanying Zone Baptismal Stewardship Report User Experiences.
Mission PresidentThe new Preach My Gospel missionary guide has propelled us into a newera of effectiveness and spiritual power for our missionaries That guide was thedriving force behind the development of this web based reporting system Previously accurate timely reporting to us in mission leadership and accounting.
for our stewardship to the stakes and wards was limited and required much timeand effort This new system has changed many things in the mission Here are afew points Baptisms and confirmations are reported each week by actual projected andpotential We can see the progression of the mission and compare for instance .
new investigators per week to baptisms lessons taught with a member present toprogressing investigators progressing to investigators attending church etc We especially like the ability to track lost baptisms investigators whoonce were committed but never were baptized We now have the means to quicklyget back every lost investigator and take this information back to the individual.
stake and ward leadership We new have the ability to interview each companionship with a trend report ofkey indicators for their area As we review the area books planners and trends the missionaries are excited to see their progress They are planning better as weshow them how to use their standards of excellence and other goals to improve .
Mission President continued We have the ability to broadcast the stake and ward reports back to thestake presidents and bishoprics in real time They know on Tuesday morning howthe missionary work is going for last week and what is projected for the comingweek Coupled with Progress Records the local leadership have timely and.
accurate tools to manage the work in their ward and to better implement the recentchurch handbook modifications Missionary Work in the Ward Stake presidents can review the summary reports and use them in theircorrelations and interviews with bishops and branch presidents Some of our stakepresidents communicate via email to their leadership forwarding and commenting.
on the reports that are automatically emailed to them from the mission This hasgreatly improved the effectiveness of correlation between the mission and the local Input time by zone leaders in down to 20 minutes or less each Monday Preparation Day They report at the same time that they email home each week Our internal transfer data exchange time is much improved Changes to.
companionships are input once and all the reports are immediately updated toreflect those changes boardcards certification summary reports mileage etc Mission President continued There is virtually no data input time needed by our office staff A quick printpreview and a keystroke gets our reports by zone companionship and mission .
Our key indicators are also compared with the missionary set standard ofexcellence for each companionship Reporting is automatic and zone leaders printtheir new reports immediately No more fax or snail mail The office staff now has much more time available to follow referrals track downbaptismal records sell off used vehicles and the myriad of other duties that are.
part of a mission office My enthusiasm has come from using the old system and now implementing andusing this new system My work is easier and I can focus on raising the mission towhole new levels It has been a welcome addition I endorse this change withoutreservation .
President Kent B PetersenAlaska Anchorage Mission Stake PresidentMay 4 2005To Whom It May Concern .
The Missionary Web Database in Alaska Anchorage Mission has beenvery helpful to me as a Stake President I check the information weeklybefore my Stake Presidency and Stake PEC meetings I use theinformation to help me see which wards are doing missionary work theway we have been encouraging since the Preach My Gospel booklet.
was received I especially take note of the number of lessons taught withmembers present actual projected potential baptisms new referrals number of investigators who attend sacrament meeting exchanges held and number of progressing investigators in each unit Having immediateinformation helps me as I communicate via email with each bishop I.
hope that we can continue to enjoy this feedback in such a timelyRalph L VanOrdenAnchorage Alaska Chugach Stake President Stake PresidentThe AAM database is very helpful to our stake As you know we all.
act on the information that is in front of us and if it is not in front of us wetend to lose sight Having current information is front of us is invaluable We use the Monthly Baptisms by Ward report to track our progress and asa stake and as a snapshot on how we are doing Our individual bishopricsuse the Zone Stake Baptismal Summary Report in conjunction with the.
Progress Report identified in Preach My Gospel in order to better managethe missionary program in their wards Also our stake has been supporting the Gift of Family History program fornearly a year now Although each baptism in our stake cannot be traced backto that program it has provided a groundswell of activity that has greatly.
increased the general involvement in missionary work by the members of ourstake The Gift of Family History is a program that takes a constant degree ofcare and feeding The Gift of Family History reports from the AAM databasehelp stake and ward leaders track and organize the program and keep focuson appropriate activities .
I feel the AAM database helps us spend less time trying to figure out whathappened and more time making things happen Wes NewmanAnchorage Alaska Stake Presidency Mission Office Executive Secretary.
This program has been a lifesaver I can track all of missionaries information including arrival and departure dates visa information Deseret Mutual ID numbers phone PINs gospel scholarship andcertification levels and more all in one place The boardcard generator is especially helpful Boardcards are.
automatically updated by updating the corresponding reports such asgospel scholarship and area assignment reports and are printed at thetouch of a button They can be printed individually or in groups Prior tousing this program updating the boardcards took two weeks now theboard can be updated in a day before transfer calls are even made .
Sister DawsonExecutive Secretary Alaska Anchorage Mission Mission Office RecorderThe database has been a wonderful addition to our mission office Iam charged with preparing all the reports for the mission and stake leaders It.
used to take a great deal of time to prepare weekly reports in Excel and evenmore time to address and mail them to the stake presidencies Now the reportsare generated simply by clicking the correct report name Now most of thereports are automatically transmitted electronically to the appropriate leaders Ican also easily print off historical reports and file them It makes past records.
easily accessible whenever they are requested I especially like the clean professional look of the reports This system also requires zone leaders to be more accountable for theirnumbers and those of the missionaries in their zones Each zone leader does hispart of the reporting instead of one person trying to compile and report the data .
which often lead to mistakes and wasn t as precise The new system keeps moreaccurate reports on all potential projected and actual baptisms as well as all ofthe key indicator reports The reports generated really help the mission get theinformation promptly to the appropriate leaders where adjustments can be readilymade This software certainly helps me to do a much better job .
Sister JohnsonRecorder Alaska Anchorage Mission Narrated Screenshots Feature Tour Login Screen.
Main Menu Administrator View Main Menu Administrator View Simple intuitive menu system anduser interface mimics existing MLS 2 Main Menu Stake Leadership View .
Access to menus Customizableand reports is based security policyon permissions automaticallywhich can be prompts user toassigned by group change password at.
and or set preset intervals 60individually per user days by default Main Menu Zone Leader View Users only have accessto view and update.
reports pertaining totheir individualstewardships Report View Mission Roster Report templates.
are parsed intoclear easy to read Print Preview View Mission Roster Report loads intoAdobe PDF Reader.
for easy andconsistent printing Report Options View Mission Roster Each report hasseveral individually.
configurableoptions accessiblefrom the menu bar Report View Update Stewardship Report Directly editable.
reports makeaccurate reporting Report View Update Stewardship Report Inline contextsensitive help opens.
by clicking on theHelp button Report View Key Indicators Trend Graph Tabs allow quickaccess to previously.
viewed reports Report View Missionary Transfer Tool Transfers are made by using drop down boxes to select thecompanions and the positions .
Coupled with Progress Records, the local leadership have timely and accurate tools to manage the work in their ward and to better implement the recent church handbook modifications, “Missionary Work in the Ward.” Stake presidents can review the summary reports and use them in their correlations and interviews with bishops and branch presidents.

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