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Arabic DramaArabic 2702Dr Zuheir Alidib Traditional Dramatic Entertainment Classical Arabic Lit Did not exist .
Medeaval Arabic Lit Al Hamadhani Maqama 10th C western influence 1 Khayal al Zill shadow play 2 Zajal Colloquial Verse Songsdealing with historical themes Musical.
Marun al Naqqash Lebanon 1847imported the European model oftheater The Miser Salim al Naqqash Lebanon Egypt 1876 Aida Verdi s Opera Abu.
Hassan al Mughaffal fool Abu Khalil al Qabbani Syria Egypt plays w love theme moralsignificance Racine Hugo and otherplays from traditional Arabic source .
Tawfiq al Hakim 1898 1987 Father of modern Arab drama 1 Sajin al umr Autobiography Interests in.
theater father 2 Unwelcomed guest allegory In France He was interested in Avant Gard.
theater Pirandello He was inspired by the stagedirection of Ibsen Maeterlinck Shaw and Pitoeff Theater of Theater of the Mind .
Bullet in the Heart Sleepers ofthe Cave 1933 Arabic Dramabecame a respectable form of lit Theater of society 1945 1950Political social themes The.
Sultan Dilemma Theater of the Absurd 1962 TheTree Climber The Wisdom of Solomon Derived from the Old Testament .
The Quran and the Arabian Nights Significance 1 The importance of power incapturing the heart 2 The corrupting influence of.
absolute power 1 The importance of power incapturing the heart Illustrated by the failure of Solomon to win the love of the.
The queen to gain the love ofher captive prince Mundhir who lost his heart to thequeen s maid 2 The corrupting influence of.
absolute power Infliction of Suffering on the Attempt to force the queen togive up her love Feeling ashamed .
The play is based on themythological elements Quran Old Testament Arabian Nights It suffers from a loose.
structure Shahrazad Short play of 7 scenes Poetic Somber.
Humors minimum Surreal Reality Fantasy Sanity Insanity Wisdom Folly.
Striking Features Short speeches Poetic utterances Mystical associationsThese futures compensate for.
the relative rarity of external The playwright resorts to acunning use of Sound effectsLight and darkness.
The natural setting add mysterious nature to the playand to main character The play is a dramatic prosepoem in dialogue .
It is a part of the theater of the Message Can a man live onlywith and for his mind King Oedipus Return to the classical world of.
ancient Greece The aim is to forward a thesis topresent a Greek tragedy viewedthrough a Muslim eyes Hakim said My religious faith as.
a Muslim rejects the idea of a Godwho schemes before hand to harmutterly innocent man He claims that the idea ofpredestination was not accepted.
by the major Islamic philosophers He takes a middle position on theidea of Fate He introduced many changes in thestory of Oedipus.
1 Final analysis of the King unsatisfactory play 2 No prophecy Kill Marry 3 Oedipus does not run away toavert his doom.
4 He goes on a journey to find thetruth about his parentage 5 No Sphinx Teieresias 1 Suggests to Laius to get red of his son.
2 Invents the episode of the sphinx Oedipus king3 Hates Creon No King Oedipus allows himself to be used Tragic outcome of the play not the envy of.
gods but the nature of Oedipus character passion for investigation obsession for the Drastic Changes No Fate The Tree Climber Experimental Drama.
FlashbacksFirst p 6Second P 22End of the play Empty stage Interpretation .
1 Conflict between art anddemands of life Pygmalion Husband Artist Perfect workWife Preoccupied with the childthat was not born .
Ironic Statement Happy life No conventionalcommunication Intellectual communication inintimate human relations is.
impossible to achieve Message Each man is an island any attemptto break into his world spells Techniques of the theatre of the absurd .
1 Communication breakdown2 Traditional Theatrical conventions not3 No sets or fixed props4 No division between time and place pastand present.
5 Characters scenery not realistic 6 Lots of questions are left unanswered connection between the wife and Lady wife s body.
He was interested in Avant Gard theater/ Pirandello. ... Arabic Drama became a respectable form of lit. Theater of society: 1945 – 1950 Political & social themes – The Sultan Dilemma. Theater of the Absurd: 1962 – The Tree Climber. The Wisdom of Solomon. Derived from the Old Testament, The Quran and the Arabian Nights.

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