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Northern Michigan UniversityArmy ROTC OverviewThe Wildcat BattalionPMS LTC Kyle RamboSMI MSG Dan Perdue.
Program Overview Results Mentor Linkup INTRODUCTIONSLTC Kyle Rambo.
Professor of Military Science Mrs HendersonMS IV Instructor Executive SecretaryWO1 Teichman SFC Wright CPT Hormann MSG PerdueRecruiting Enrollment MS II Instructor MS1 Instructor SMI MS III InstrOfficer Training NCO APMS XO Master Fitness Trainer.
Mrs Stallbaumer 1LT Ziffer Mr EvansDA Civilian Gold Bar DA CivilianHuman Resource Asst Recruiter Supply Tech Battalion Mission The Wildcat Battalion atNorthern Michigan University develops and.
commissions Officers who are agile adaptive andaggressive and ready to lead American Soldiers Commander s Intent Execute a rigorous programof instruction emphasizing progressive leadershipdevelopment personal character and values .
interpersonal communications decision makingand lifelong citizenship THE PROGRAM Weekly Training Physical Training.
Training Exercise Basic RifleMarksmanship Squad Tactical Exercise Land Navigation.
FT McCoy A TYPICAL WEEK FOR ROTCTime Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday0630 0730 0630 0730 0630 07300700 Physical training Physical training Physical training.
1100 1100 12501200 Class1300 1300 1450 1300 1450MS139 04 MS139 031400 Class Class.
1500 1500 1650 1500 MS139 02 17001600 Class THE PROGRAM Volunteering Opportunities.
Color Guard Veteran s events Game Ball rappel Ranger Challenge Enhanced leadership.
Team Building More Physical Training SUMMER TRAINING 7 Cadets completed Leader Development andAssessment Course at Ft Lewis WA.
2 Cadets graduated Air Assault School 1 Cadet graduated Airborne School 1 Cadet attended Cadet Troop LeadershipTraining CTLT at Korea 1 Cadet attended the Cultural and Language.
Program in China 1 Cadet attended Leader Development Programat West Point NY LEADER S DEVELOPMENTASSESSMENT COURSE LDAC .
To assess Leadership ability Basic Soldiering proficiency Required In order to commission.
To compete for Future position as an LDAC RESULTS All Cadets received excellent ratings onWhile in leadership positions All Cadets exceeded National Average for.
Physical Fitness and Land Navigation 7 of 7 Cadets Graduated One Cadet achieved RECONDO Exceededcourse standard in all events SUMMER SCHOOLS.
Airborne 2 Weeks long 5 Jumps to get qualified Air Assault 2 weeks long.
12 Mile foot March to graduate Cadet Troop Leadership training Shadow a LT in the real Army 3 4 weeks long LEADERS TRAINING COURSE.
NMU sent one Cadet to LeadersTraining Course LTC This is anintense 1 month course to replaceMS I and MS II classes APFT averages 216 300.
Land Navigation Avg 100 Day and Cadet qualified with an M 16 A2 Cadet Passed Combat Water Survival Achieved an Excellent Leadership HOW WE SUCCEED .
Academics Study Groups Mentors Strike a Balance Physical Training.
Physically and mentally tough Life Style Change fit for life starts now ROTC Summer Training BENEFITS OF ROTC Personal.
Discipline Task oriented and driven todo the hard right Fitness Mentally and physically tough Leadership Expect to lead largeorganizations.
Economic Scholarship Tuiti0n and fees paid for 1200 a semester for books 350 per month stipend Employment Guaranteed j0b.
TRAIN TO LEAD SOLDIERS COMMUNITIES AND COMPANIES Dignity and Respect Most respectedoccupation in the.
The US Army Officer A Moral and Ethical Is Loyal and Respectful Never wavers in tough Always puts the mission.
first and people always QUESTIONS Northern Michigan University Army ROTC Overview . Welcome and Thank you. I’m LTC Rambo and I’d like to take a few moments to introduce myself and my staff along with the Cadet Leadership. We will serve as your cadet’s trainers, teachers, coaches and counselors.

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