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https www cisco com c en us tr... Prerequisite CCNA Where to Start Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing Switching Administered as two tests .
ICND1 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 100 105 aka CCENT 45 55 Questions 90 minutes 150 00Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician ICND2 200 105 results in full CCNA Prereq ICND1 45 55 Questions 90 Minutes 150 00Cisco Certified Network Associate Administered as one test .
CCNA 200 125 60 70 Questions 90 Minutes 295 00Certification exams are administered worldwide through Cisco s testing delivery partner Pearson VUE Ready to take your exam Visit theBook Your Exam page for instructions on how to register Official Cert homepages CCNA https www cisco com c en us tr... .
ICND1 https www cisco com c en us tr... ICND2 https www cisco com c en us tr... Format of Test ICND1 2 Full CCNA Multiple Choice Single Answer Multiple Answer Matching .
ALWAYS READ AND LOOK FOR MULTIPLE ANSWER Fill in the blank Testlet Multiple questions based on scenario Simulation Simulates environment but all commands may not be available Ex They may lock out a show run Usually requires you to fix something that is broken.
These are typical for the Implement Configure and TSHOOT Simlet Like simulation but geared more to showing information to answer one or more specific questionsWatch the demo videos https learningnetwork cisco co... Planning Depth and Breadth.
Review the Exam Topics ICND1 Specifics https learningnetwork cisco co... ICND2 Specifics Map question formats to required levels of knowledge Configure verify and troubleshoot perfect candidate for Sim and or Simlet .
Describe candidates for multiple choice fill in the blank etc Compare candidate for matching Troubleshoot these could include topics that you are not required to configure but must knowbasics to determine issue Ex DNS query from client KNOW your SHOW commands Practice makes perfect.
Familiarize yourself with type of information provided by SHOW commands thatare similar but with different output Ex Show int int shows mostly layer1 2whereas Show IP int int details more specific L3 infoMake your own practice environments work Don t rely on simply following wrote directions .
Tips for Success WHY Identify Why you want to get certified Keep those reasons in sight to remind you of your goal Don t focus on just external motivators More money.
Promotion Land a job Realize the intrinsic value More confidence Foundational knowledge in support of ultimate goal.
A house is only as strong as its foundation Tips for Success WHEN Carve Date in Stone Establish your timeline How long will you need to study Depends on experience and route you choose Be Realistic Adequately inform yourself of what it takes BEFORE deciding when you want to attempt.
Ex ICND2 Official Cert Guide is 950 pages covering 29 chapters Devoting an hour a day to each chapter only scratches the surface 5 hours a day minimum 30days 5 per vs 5 Months 1 per Spread over months be prepared to spend a fair amount of EXTRA time in review ICND1 is just as large SO the above X2.
Estimate it pick the date and pay for it Reserve your spot early to ensure you dictate where when preferred time slot Daily calendar reminder Keeps you honest to your goal establishes routine Side note One of the best values for the money comparatively speaking Tips for Success WHAT Gauge Yourself.
Where are you and what knowledge do you already have Experienced with practical application skills CCNA 200 125 Entry level ICND1 100 105 First Full CCNA intimidating to first time cert takers Focus on one test at a time.
Double time allotted per question Adequate ICND1 knowledge essential for ICND2 The higher your score on ICND1 the better off you will be on ICND2 ICND2 builds to a deeper level of ICND1 along with introducing additional topics Above ALL GET DEDICATED How bad do you want it .
Each time we face our fear we gain strength courage and confidence in theTeddy Roosevelt Tips for Success HOW Three essential elements Authoritative study certification exam text.
Cisco Press Official Cert Guide Practice test environment CP provides CD Configuration Environment Cisco Packet Tracer no longer requires Academy membership to download .
GNS3 Requires IOS software which can be a licensing issue Virtual subscription based Tips for Success HOW CORE to nearly EVERYTHING else OSI alignment to TCP IP Data Model.
Anatomy of an IPv4 6 Address Classful VLSM ID of Subnet and Broadcast S M range implications Major IPv4 6 address groupings Uni cast Mutli cast Broadcast.
Private vs Public Path of a frame Path of a packet Major well known ports Resources Other Text.
Consider other authors aside from Cisco Press Often easier to comprehend and presented in layman s terms Seek out example implementations the why helps logically remember the how Check for access to additional test bank of practice questions A few recommendations .
Todd Lammle Complete Study Guides Anthony Sequeira Exam Cram Consider Portable Command Guides for succinct review of configurationsand narrowed focus Some include more practice questions.
Resources Change it up Implement a variety of methods Video mentors YOUTube CBT Nuggets.
YouTube has TONS of free CCNA material Don t be afraid of the creation date Many underlying technologies have been around for a decade An old video may still help you learn Make your day work for you.
Plan ahead use commute time to listen to videos or the first time Resources Brain Train Mnemonics Use them create them practice them Flashcards.
Online and make your own Take Notes Just read it Shallow Short term Structural appearance Phonemic sound .
Write it down Deep Long Term Semantic Deep processing involves elaboration rehearsal which involves a more meaningful analysis e g images thinking associations etc of information and leads to better recall Mnemonics.
Every Alley Cat Eats Wet Noodles Indoors Daily SYSLOG levels Emerg Alert Critical Events Warnings Notifications Informational Debug Please Do Not Touch Steve s Pet Alligator OSI Physical Data link Network Transport Session Presentation Applications Betty Likes Deep Relaxing Massages EIGRP K Values .
Bandwidth Load Delay Reliability MTU Bears Feel Pretty Soft PDUs Bits Frames Packets Segments DORA DHCP Discover Offer Request Ack.
Hey DD R U Alright OSPF Hello DBD LsR LsU LsAck Make up one s that make sense to you and practice them Resources Find what works for you Different methods work better for some than others.
Subnetting VLSM Use a chart or use the math Use processes rather than charts when you can Ex Last bit of S M is range on network easy to use this across both IPv4 6 Know key ways to get to the answer.
Ex Given Address and S M Broadcast All other hosts in L3 broadcast range Resources Don t go it Alone Find energy inspiration and encouragement from others.
Online resources and In Person Seek peers with prior experience They can t legally divulge what was on the test but can help educate youon the amount of preparation required How long did they prepare in advance .
How often and for how long was each study session What other resources or advice might they recommend Seek multiple resources on the same topics One important key to success is self confidence An important key to self confidence is preparation Arthur Ashe.
Final thoughts Day of Test Arrive early don t get yourself stressed before you ever get there Take a fine tip dry erase marker with you Mind your time while on the test MANAGE WISELY Read question one more time after selecting your answer .
Look for things you may have overlooked Ex Select multiple answers or Select complete solutions WILL NOT PROMPT Get plenty of sleep the night before KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE .
Just before arriving at test center get yourself In the Zone Take a few deep breaths and tell yourself I got Final Thoughts Day of the Test Simlets You may have access to At command line USE IT IF YOU DO Remember there are multiple ways to do things Ex OSPF adding via network statement vs adding on the interface itself.
Think about the structure of the command to determine where it should be issued Look for KEY words in the cert questions that have significant meaning Ex Packet means the same as Network Layer means the same as L3 IP routing Eliminate obvious wrong answers first Make your choice and select but review question again before moving on to next.
WATCH and MANAGE YOUR TIME Don t waste too much time on any one question Make sure you finish the exam Read carefully so you don t trip Notice this one says view ALL access lists.
Show IP will only show IPv4 not IPv6 IPX AppleTalk etc Know your rules and how they may differ across topicsUnlike ACLs Routes are matched to the most SPECIFICrather than the first one it finds Find specific words in the question that make.
all the difference in the answerNotice keyword here is overloading Careful this one is looking for COMPLETEsolutions for BOTH answersC D are only partially correct but NOT.
COMPLETE solutions by themselvesAND NOTICE is says Select 2 Know your commands especially show commandsShow ip ospf neighborShow ip ospf topology.
Show ip routeShow ip protocolsShow ip ospf interface int id Know where to find the types of information you seek Use your completed packet tracers to issue and look at.
various output Know the specifics of how things work Don t forget RIP ALWAYS read the question again after you have answered itBEFORE you click NEXT There s NO GOING BACK Clarify you have selected 2 choices.
Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician. ICND2 (200-105 results in full CCNA) – Prereq. ICND1 - 45/55 Questions – 90 Minutes - ~$150.00. Cisco Certified Network Associate. Administered as one test: CCNA (200-125) – 60/70 Questions – 90 Minutes - ~$295.00. Certification exams are administered worldwide through Cisco’s testing ...

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