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Henry Purcell September 10 1659 November 21 1695 England Began his musical a career as a choristeras a member of the Chapel Royal.
1679 appointed organist of Westminster Contributed to English Opera but beganhis music career by writing numeroussacred works Dido and Aeneas English Opera.
Borrowed ideas from other countries France the french overture and the chaconne Italy the concertato style and an expressive useof chromatics Johann Pachabel.
1653 March 3 1706 Germany Cannon in D composer for the organ organist at the Predigerkirche.
Erfurt where he becamefriendly with the Bach family also composed fugues chaconnes preludes fantasiasand toccatas all musical forms.
deeply embedded in the formaltraditions of Baroque music George Frideric Handel February 23 1685 April 14 1759 Born Germany Italian Accent Change.
name to English Wrote Operas that the aristocracy upperclass loved Wrote 42 operas Then all but invented that essentially.
British musical form the oratorio he wenton to write 29 of them including Messiah Also composed anthems notablyCoronation Anthems such as Zadok thePriest 16 organ concertos and large set.
pieces including Water Music and Musicfor Royal Fireworks distinguished by his love of unusualinstruments Antonio Vivaldi.
Set of violin concertos The Four Seasons Often used in elevators and other social music fillers Marketed his printed music Talented Violinist An ordained priest.
Deep influence on Bach who transcribed sixof the composer s concertos for solo Composed more than 500 concertos for soloand multiple instruments many of which werewritten for young women from the Pio.
Ospedale della Pieta in Venice theorphanage where Vivaldi was employed Also wrote sacred choral works and morethan 40 operas Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi.
Died November 29 1643 Itlaian Birth of opera with L Orfeo firstperformed in 1607 masterly exponent of that favourite.
Baroque technique the basso Director of music at the basilica of San Last two operas Il ritorno d Ulisse inpatria 1640 and L incoronazione diPoppea 1642 are both masterpieces.
Johann Sebastian Bach March 31 1685 June 28 1750 German Musician whose influence reaches beyondthe Baroque to the present day.
Master of Keyboard Counterpoint andharmonic organization Family of church musicians Adapting musical forms and rhythmic patternsfrom the music that was being composed in.
France and Italy Essential works are the St Matthew Passion the Mass in B minor the cantatas theBrandenburg Concertos the French Suites the Suites for Solo Cello and the Musical.
Birth of opera with L’Orfeo, first performed in 1607. masterly exponent of that favourite Baroque technique, the basso continuo . Director of music at the basilica of San Marco. Last two operas, Il . ritorno. d’Ulisse in patria (1640) and L’incoronazione. di. Poppea (1642), are both masterpieces

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