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Be RenewedEphesians 4 17 24GRACE EVANGELICAL SOCIETYNational Conference 2019 My new corporate identity.
I was born a Canadian citizen I became a US citizen in Nov 2013 I believe in limited government personal freedom BBQ My new corporate identity.
But I still don t own a gun apickup cowboy boots listen tocountry music eat Tex Mex orwatch football My new corporate identity is still.
working on changing my mentalityand my behavior By contrast My 4 year oldson was born.
He wearscowboy boots By contrast my son s corporate identity He wants to with a gun rack.
so he can drive in themud and shootanimals By contrast my son s corporate identity.
My son is a Are rednecksfour year oldspaychecks Corporate identities shape the way you live.
How does yourcorporate identityaffect your living In Ephesians 4 17 24 Paul appeals to the believers new corporate identity in Christ as the basis to.
change their way of living Paul begins with a moral imperative This I say therefore and testifyin the Lord that you should nolonger walk as the rest of the.
Gentiles walk v 17a no longer meaning they had What s so bad about Gentile living in the futility of their mind havingtheir understanding darkened .
being alienated from the life ofGod because of the ignorance thatis in them because of the blindnessof their heart who being pastfeeling vv 17b 19a .
The Gentiles are Spiritually degenerate alienated fromthe life of God Mentally degenerate ignorance blindness .
Emotionally degenerate past feeling Overtly degenerate given themselves What is the root problem in the futility of their mind having their understanding.
darkened being alienated from thelife of God because of theignorance that is in them becauseof the blindness of their heart who being past feeling vv 17b 19a .
What was the practical result of their sinfulmentality have given themselves over tolewdness to work all uncleanness withgreediness vv 19b .
Mental sins lead to overt sins Without an eternal perspective the Gentiles turned to If you think the body is all there is that s what you ll live for Paul You were taughtbetter than that .
What is the Christian s advantage But you have not so learned Christ if indeed you have heard Him andhave been taught by Him as the truthis in Jesus vv 20 21 .
If and they hadProcess 1 Truth is taught 2 Truth is heard 3 Truth is What did they learn namely your having put off accordingto the former conversation the old man.
which corrupts itself according to thedeceitful lusts and being renewed in thespirit of your mind and your havingput on the new man which according toGod is created in truthful righteousness.
and holiness Darby vv 22 24 Having put off and on aorist middle infinite has the idea of an inceptiveact that may have reference to conversion Also thelexical verbs of putting off and putting on of.
clothing emphasizes accomplished events ratherthan the process of activities The middle voiceemphasizes that the subject receives the benefits ofhis or her action It is not a reflexive idea for theperson could not do it by his or her own strength .
Hence believers were taught that they have put offor have laid aside the old person at conversion Hoehner Ephesians 603 Having put off and on is positional truth The old man is put off and the new man is put on .
We are not told to put off the old man by all kindsof endeavors and resolutions it is already done The old man was put away by the cross of Christ Rom 6 6 This is the blessed truth which deliversfrom doubt and bondage And then we receive.
something in Christ the new man the newnature Grace unclothed us and clothed us Gracemade an end of the old man and put upon us thenew man And this new man after God is createdin righteousness and true holiness which calls for.
a corresponding walk Gaebelein s ConciseCommentary p 999 What is the old man Not the flesh but a corporate identity It should be observed however that the old.
man now put off is not identical with the fleshwhich without question is to abide with eachbeliever to the end of his earthly pilgrimage Gal 5 16 17 but it is rather the firstAdamic relationship which for the believer .
passed out of existence with the death ofChrist being replaced by the New Creationrelationship in Christ the Last Adam Chafer The Ephesian Letter What is the new man .
Not the new born again nature but a newcorporate identity For He Himself is our peace who has made bothone and has broken down the middle wall ofseparation having abolished in His flesh the.
enmity that is the law ofcommandments contained in ordinances so as tocreate in Himself one new man from thetwo thus making peace and that He might reconcilethem both to God in one body through the cross .
thereby putting to death the enmity Ephesians2 14 16 NKJV When did this happen to you Objectively at the cross knowing this that our old man.
was crucified with Him that thebody of sin might be done awaywith that we should no longer beslaves of sin Rom 6 6 NKJV Subjectively at the point of.
Putting on and off aorist tense Corruption and renewal present tense namely your having put off accordingto the former conversation the old manwhich corrupts itself according to the.
deceitful lusts and being renewed in thespirit of your mind and your havingput on the new man which according toGod is created in truthful righteousnessand holiness Darby vv 22 24 .
Two ongoing processes The corruption of the old man is in the present tense This is evident from the depravity described in vv 17 The renewal of the spirit of the mind is in the presenttense infinitive middle or passive .
The human spirit and the human mind are distinct see 1 Cor 14 14 my spirit prays but my mind isunfruitful 1 The Holy Spirit uses 2 Bible teaching to 3 workon the born again human spirit to 4 renew the mind .
If there s time Application an REBT way to renew your mind A Activating Event B Beliefs about the Event C Consequence Emotional and Behavioral .
D Dispute with Doctrine E Effect Change When you re inChrist think Christ so you will live Christ .
In Ephesians 4:17-24, Paul appeals to the believers’ new corporate identity in Christ, as the basis to change their way of living. Paul begins with a moral imperative: “This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk” (v 17a).

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