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Solving the Information TechnologyEnergy Challenge Beyond Moore s LawSearch for a New Moore s Law Old Moore s Law 2x Transistor Density every 12 24 Months.
at same power cost The problem IT projected to challenge future electricity supplyEven worse ifMoore s Law ends .
Projection based on4000 consumer electronics MORE data centers2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030www alliancetrustinvestments c... .
www iea org publications freep... Atomic scale limit case for 2D Lithography Scalingore s Lawute for anst another 10 years Healso said.
to an end haveto move 2027 Healso said 5nmMoore sLawfor at least another 10 years they ay fromhaveto move.
Technology Scaling Trends more flattening ahead TransistorsThread PerformancePerformance.
Clock FrequencyPower watts 2020 2025 2030Figure courtesy of Kunle Olukotun Lance Hammond Herb Sutter and Burton Smith Post Lithographic Scaling Options.
There are other ways to continue Moore s Scaling years scalingNew Scaling Law foryear lead Spintronics.
NewDevicesandmaterialsGraphene w 20years scalingAfter 20253DStacking Reconfigurable.
General System ComputingPurpose onChip NTVNewArchitectures andPackaging Fundamental Materials Science DriversManipulate information at the Design of hierarchical ground states.
limits of Energy 1 AttoJoule for multistate memories and logicEnergy efficient synthesis ofnew forms of matter with Control of correlationstailored properties and emergent behavior mVControl of electron.
wavefunctions The OpportunityFundamental Computing ManufacturingScience Science Science BES ASCR AMO .
Leverage unique Advanced computing Move revolutionarycapabilities in material low energy devicesscience Multiscale computing and architecturesbenchmarking and from Lab to Fab Scientific user facilities modeling.
Accelerate Computational Next generation development andapproaches to heterogeneous manufacturing basematerials design architectures for electronic devices Grand challenges New programming Create public private.
driven research models and partnerships withapplication software electronics industry Beyond Moore Codesign FrameworkApplication Performance Modeling 10 000x improvement 20 fJ per instruction equivalent.
Computer System Architecture Modeling Next generation of Structural Simulation Toolkit Heterogeneous systems HPC modelsComponent Level Models On Chip Universal Memory Stacked ReRAM.
Petabit cm 2 DensitiesComponent Fabrication Gem5 McPAT HiHAT CACTI Processors ASICs Replaces DRAM flashOn Chip Memristor Accelerator 1 pJ per write read.
Vector or matrix operationsOn Chip Photonics fJs per operation Chip to chip communication 1 pJ per bit transfer Photonics.
MemoryHigh Performance Logic TFET NcgFETCircuit IP Block Design and Modelingw1 1 w1 2 w2 x.
Test Circuit Fab and Measurement Subcircuit measurement SPICE Xyce modelw2 1 w2 2 w2 xw3 1 w3 2 w3 x .
w4 1 w4 2 w4 x Compact Device Models Device Measurements Single device electrical models Single device electrical behavior Variability and corner models es Parametric variabilityDevice Physics Modeling Device Structure Integration and Demonstration.
Device physics modeling TCAD Novel device structure demonstration Electron transport ion transport Magnetic propertiesTa TaOx Pt.
Process Module Modeling Process Module Demonstrations Diffusion etch implant simulation EUV and novel lithography EUV and novel lithography models Diffusion etch implant simulationAtomistic and Ab Initio ModelingFundamental Materials Science.
DFT VASP X ray XRD XPS HAXPESExperimental MD LAAMPS Microscopy TEM SEM EELS Scanning probe technique Advanced Materials.
e r y co dco tion g D is la tinteria ip co Lig Chara.
pho ourc izatiton es oneut lectro Advanced Materialse r y co d.
co tion g D is la tinteria ip coGoal Accelerate discovery of materials withimproved properties for energy efficient.
electronics by factor of 1000x Lig Charapho ourc izatiton es oneut lectro.
Advanced Devices and Manufacturingl a l ute ode tion omp Ne lationSAF A e B.
Spe grap t Advanced Devices and Manufacturingl a l ute ode tion omp Ne lation.
Goal Discover new el Sd devices with manufacturing path toenable next 30 years of Moore s scaling Spe grap tsco y Ion .
Architecture Algorithmst ura ls coArc isel m Op thesisapp rk a g.
Architecture Algorithmst ura ls coArc isel mGoal Accelerate SS discovery and validation.
architecture improvements using new device Op thesistechnologies scale bridging app rk a g National Lab Partnerships Opportunities.
Today s CMOSVoltage limitInteresting materials Building a Public Private Partnership4000 100 s fewer.
power plants2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 Looming end of Moore s Law creating rapidly growing energy gap Coordinated public private partnership will drive breakthroughs byleveraging multiple DOE Office leadership and Lab capabilities.
Success IS continued growth and affordability of our informationeconomy with US Economic impact in Trillions Atomistic holistic device simulation Atomistic DFT simulations beyond TCAD Useful for new materials and designs.
Whole device with 100 000 atoms Petascale to exascale HPCLS3DF FSM for 10 000 atoms DFT Codes exist need to be integrated a Top Metal Gate.
p source 2 8nm HfO2 n drainSRC Contact DRN Contact2 8nm HfO2Back Metal Gate b c d .
2 5 2 5 2 5Lg 7nm MoS2 TFET2 0 2 0 2 01 5 1 5 1 5OFF Vg 0 0V.
1 0 I V curve LCBB for million atoms 0 5 0 5 0 50 0 0 0 0 0ON Vg 0 7V 0 5 0 5 0 5.
1 0 1 0 p source n drain 1 0 1 5 1 5 1 5 HP4mfg0 0 0 5 1 00 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 0 0 0 5 1 0 2 0 with Global.
x nm FoundryMoS2 for TFET PEtot trans for transport calc Integrate the existing codes to form a package for holistic ab initio device simulation Longer Term Impacts HPC data mining and Inverse Design are starting to become.
standard business practice Exascale success will enable bigger applications to drive demandfor large scale compute cycles and energy The countries that can circumvent the energy challenges toenable the HPC applications that will discover future disruptions.
in Manufacturing Climate Medicine and Energy will dominatethe future world economy Beyond Moore s Law technologies will also address the energychallenges of the 21M IoT units to be deployed by 2020 vampire Traditionally disruptions are caused by emergence of a different kind of material .
different kind of process or a different way of doing something Those cited here areexpected to completely upstage the worldwide economy by 2025 Dr Sadasivan Shankar prominent Intel materials scientist In Silico Inverse Design http www hpcwire com 2015 06 1... The semiconductor industry is crucial to the U S economy Semiconductor sales constitute a.
336B yr economic engine driving the 2 3T yr global electronics industry Semiconductorproducts are currently the second largest class of U S exports U S companies account for IT already accounts for 5 of globalelectricity usage and growing fast In 2012 ICT usage consumed 4 7 percent of.
electricity worldwide amounting toapproximately 920 TWh 1 TWh is a terawatt hour or 1012 watt hours Source The EINS Consortium Overview of ICT energyconsumption D8 1 Report FP7 2888021 European Network.
of Excellence in Internet Science February 2013 Van Heddeghem W Lambert S Lanoo B Colle D Pickavet M and Demeester P Trends in worldwideICT electricity consumption from 2007 to 2012 Computer Communications 50 2014 64 76 .
Gadgets and Gigawatts reporthttps www iea org publications... Datacenter electricityuse also explodingEnergy efficient data centers Harriet Parker SRI Analyst 19 February 2013.
www alliancetrustinvestments c... Result of Big Idea Fundamentals Devices BES AMO Materials and devices for 20fJ per effective instruction vs 200pJ instruction today .
Computing ASC ASCR Accelerate the development and introduction of next generationcomputing via device to arch framework Manufacturing EERE AMO NNSA enhance US position in semiconductor manufacturing.
Overall Energy Savings USA Cut 2030 ICT energy usage by 50 Enable continued growth of mobile connectivity and application ofHPC to our info economy keep up with the rest of the world Fig 5 Evolution of worldwide electricity use of networks PCs and data.
centers solid lines left axis and total worldwide electricity use dotted line right axis Over the last five years the electricity consumption in all threeICT categories increased at a rate higher than the total worldwide electricityconsumption In 2012 each category accounts for roughly 1 5 of theworldwide electricity consumption Note that since some of the data points.
between 2007 and 2012 are based on interpolations small variations mightnot show up in the intermediate years Coming explosion ofalways on IoT devicesTable 1 Internet of Things Units Installed Base by Category Millions of Units .
Source Gartner November 2015 Category 2014 2015 2016 2020Consumer 2 277 3 023 4 024 13 509Business Cross 632 815 1 092 4 408Business 898 1 065 1 276 2 880.
Vertical SpecificGrand Total 3 807 4 902 6 392 20 797 Beyond Moore s Law Photonics 1 Gb s 10 20 years Need Beyond Moore Photonics 25 pJ bit.
Scale Energy and Cost by 104Both Too High 1 fJ bit optics complete 25 000X equivalent 0 01 Gb s 10 Tb s 10 000X equivalent Today s Petascale computing utilize optical transceivers New Materials Devices Componentsfor the network interconnect.
5 10 years Commodity Integrated Photonics Interface to LV CMOS and beyond Moore s transistor Hetero Integrated CMOS photonics manufacturing TFETs Quantum Neuromorphic etc Drastically lower the cost of packaging Optical switching routing computing Higher data rate per optical IO further reduction Optical modeling infrastructure.
25 pJ bit 1 pJ bit optics total 25X Optical materials devices sub systems application 1 Gb s 10 Gb s 100 Tb s 10X impact The path near and long termNeed more efficient Revolutionarymaterials devices for Heterogeneous HPC.
next 10 20 years architectures More efficientarchitecture in first The path near and long termMaterials withhierarchical.
Atomic scale ground statesControl ofcorrelationswith Electronwavefunctions.
Atomic scaleControl ofAttojoule Correlations HierarchicalSwitch GroundCompute with States.
y ElectronicNeuromorphicSpintronics Wave functionsNew Devices and materialsCarbon of Analog.
w u AdabiaticPET Ne mp ReversibleDark Co DataflowTFETs ApproximatSuperconducting.
3D StackingAdv Packages ReconfigurablCMOS SysteGeneral ComputingPurpose NTV.
Chip SiliconNew Architectures and Packaging AttojouleSpintronicsNew Devices and materials.
3D Stacking ReconfigurableGeneral System ComputingPurpose on Chip NTVNew Architectures and Packaging Complex Landscape.
DOE National Labs Support Collaborate Partnerships Early Adoption.
Industry DARPA Multi Lab EngagementRamamoorthy RameshPatrick Naulleau Supratik GuhaJohn Shalf Jeff Nichols.
Rick StevensHorst SimonGary Grider F B Rick McCormickJohn Sarrao Bruce HendricksonToni Taylor Lou Terminello Dave Sandison.
Nathan Baker Rob LelandMalin YoungTrish Damkroger Area Activity LBNL Sandia ORNL ANL LLNL PNNL LANLMaterials Discovery.
BES materials genome material simulation codes leadershipcomputing Nanoscale Centers Nanofab etc Characterization.
Electron photon neutron Devices Model AMO HPC4Mfg HPC MESAFab CXRO EUREKA Light sources APS ALS LCLS .
Semiconductor products are currently the second largest class of U.S. exports; U.S. companies account for more t IT already accounts for 5% of global electricity usage and growing fast In 2012, ICT usage consumed 4.7 percent of electricity worldwide, amounting to approximately 920 TWh (1 TWh is a terawatt-hour or 1012 watt-hours)

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