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MRS PAYANPOWER POINT 1 Which of the following isnot present on the Title Bar a Quick Access Toolbar.
b File tabc Ability to maximize the programd Ability to close the program 2 To save the presentation as a different file type which tabshould be used .
d Animations 3 Which group on the Insert tabcontains the command to add a slideb Illustrations 4 Which of the following views should be used to preview.
how a presentation will be viewed when presenting a Slide sorterb Slide showc Slide master 5 A is a region of a.
slide reserved for inserting text ora Text boxb Placeholderc Graphic holder 6 Which of the following graphics should you use to illustrate.
a process or a point b Clip Artc SmartArt 7 Where is the Help buttona Title bar.
c Status bar 8 The commands for completing aSpell Check on the presentation arelocated on the tab b Slide Show.
9 A is a PowerPoint file which contains the colors background format font styles and accent colors for apresentation a Slide Master 10 A slide .
arranges the content of a slide 11 Themes are located on the tab c Animations 12 Notes can be added to a presentation by adding text in.
the pane a Commentsc Navigation 13 When adding a chart to a presentation a opens.
for you to create the chart a Word documentb Access tablec Chart diagram 14 In the group of the Design tab the slide.
orientation can be changed b Variantsc Customize 15 Which of the following is not a presentation view b Slide Sorter.
c Notes Page 16 Which of the following are NOTlocated on the status bar a Theme namec Zoom slider.
d Slide number 17 control how the objects located on aslide appear when being viewed in a presentation a Transitionsb Layouts.
c Animations 18 The command to format the texton a slide to a numbered list is locatedin the group of the Home tab a Drawing.
c Paragraph 19 Able to properly use the keyboard isa skill that can help you get a job 20 When typing TECHNIQUE is themost important factor .
21 The HOME ROW keys on a keyboardconsist of a Q Y O Pb A F H Lc Z C B M.
22 Posture includes keeping elbows byyour side and feet flat on floor 23 Using 4 fingers to quickly type is aproper keyboarding technique 24 Keyboarding is a skill that should be.
b Job applicationc Transcriptd Both a b 25 Planning your presentation beforeyou create it improves the quality of.
your presentation BIM I MRS. PAYAN POWER POINT REVIEW 1. Which of the following is not present on the Title Bar? Quick Access Toolbar File tab Ability to maximize the program Ability to close the program 2. To save the presentation as a different file type which tab should be used? File Home Insert Animations 3.

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