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Objective Biology EOC, Catalyst What are the 4 big organic. molecules of life , Hw All week keep up with EOC Review. Packet Corresponding Parts , Courtesy of Mr S Russillo. Organic Compounds, All living things are made of organic. compounds , Contain the element Carbon, Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids .
Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, Monomer , monosaccharide. Function energy source, and structure, Tests glucose Benedicts. starch Iodine fructose, Ex Cellulose glycogen , Made of fatty acids and glycerol. Function energy storage and insulation, Tests brown paper test. Examples fats and steroids, Nucleic Acids, Monomer nucleotide.
Function carry, genetic information, Ex DNA and RNA. Proteins, Monomer amino acids, Function building and repairing cells . communication transport and regulation, Tests Biurets. Examples enzymes , hemoglobin, Catalysts in living things. Specific to a particular substrate, Reusable, Affected by temperature and pH.
Prokaryotes, Simple no membrane, bound organelles. Bacteria only, One circular, chromosome, Includes chromosome . ribosomes and plasma, membrane Eukaryotes, Membrane bound. organelles, Plants and Animals, True nucleus, containing. chromosomes, Control Center , Contains chromosomes.
Mitochondria, Singular Mitochondrion, Powerhouse of. Produces energy, in the form of ATP, Site of Aerobic. respiration, Chloroplast, Site of, photosynthesis. Plant cells ONLY, Contains the, chlorophyll, Storage of excess. Plant cells usually, contain one large, Ribosomes.
Proteins are synthesized, Found in both prokaryotes and. eukaryotes, Plasma Membrane, aka Cell Membrane, Surrounds the cell. Regulates what, enters leaves the, Helps maintain. homeostasis, Made of, phospholipids with, embedded proteins. Cell Wall, Plant cells ONLY, Surrounds cell and provides support.
and protection , Made of cellulose, Eukaryotes, Plant Animal. Cell wall, Chloroplast, Large central vacuole, Cell Organization. Organ System, Individual organism, Cell Specialization. cells develop to perform different functions, Regulated by genes. Cell to Cell Communication, Chemical Signals, hormones can be.
sent from one cell, to another, Receptor proteins. on the plasma, membrane receive, the signal, DNA RNA. Carry genetic information, Made of a chain of nucleotides. Nucleotides contain a sugar , phosphate and a nitrogen base. DNA RNA, Double stranded, Double Helix , Four base pairs ATGC.
Sugar is Deoxyribose, Found in nucleus, Single stranded. Four base pairs , Sugar is Ribose, Base Pair Rule. In DNA , Adenine always pairs with Thymine and, Guanine always pairs with Cytosine. Replication, Making of an, identical strand of, semi . conservative, Central Dogma, DNA RNA protein trait.
Transcription, DNA mRNA, Occurs in, Complementary. mRNA strand is, produced from a, segment of DNA, Translation. Connects amino acids in the correct, order to make a protein. Occurs in the cytoplasm within the, A amino acid, C anticodon. F Ribosome, polypeptide, Sequence of three mRNA nucleotides.
that code for an amino acid, Mutations, Change in DNA code. May cause a change in protein, NOT always harmful. Sickle Cell, Cell division, Produces two, identical diploid. daughter cells, Occurs in body, cells to grow and. Error in cell growth with causes, uncontrolled cell growth.
Has environment and genetic variables, Cell division. Produces four, different haploid, daughter cells, Occurs in sex cells. to form gametes, Crossing Over, Homologous, chromosomes. exchange parts of, Creates variation in, Nondisjunction. Homologous, chromosomes fail, to separate during, Can lead to Down.
Syndrome Turners, Syndrome and, Klinefelters, Asexual vs Sexual. Reproduction, Asexual Sexual, One parent Two parents. Identical offspring Offspring different, Variation only thru from parents. mutations More variation, Examples Fertilization fusion. budding of gametes , fragmentation , Human Genome Project.
Sequencing of, Being used to, develop gene, Gel Electrophoresis. Technique used to, separate molecules, DNA or proteins . based on their size, Sometimes called a, DNA fingerprint. Used to analyze, and compare DNA, Recombinant DNA. Cell with DNA from, another source, Bacteria used to.
produce human, Human gene, inserted into, bacterial plasmid. Transgenic Organism, An organism with a, gene from another. used to improve, food supply , research and, healthcare. An organism made from one cell of, another organism. Title: Biology Top 101 Author: Leslie Last modified by: Windows User Created Date: 8/4/2008 2:57:27 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show (4:3)

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