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Any approach that involves the gaining of knowledge to explain the natural Scientists test ideas by gathering evidence It is a very creative endeavor Hypothesis testing Hypothesis are educated guesses which are potential explanations of a.
particular natural phenomenon Flower bed example Two flower beds Seeds from same packet One in front yard one in back yard.
You notice the plants in front yard are much taller than those in the back You come up with several possible explanations hypotheses as to why Hypothesis more light in front yard What evidence do you gather to test this idea You could place light meters in the front and back.
If light is shown to be greater in front your hypothesis is supported OR you can test assumption by testing directly by setting up an experiment growing seeds under different light conditions You would predict that before plants grew that the seeds exposed to morelight would grow taller .
In both experiments Gatheringevidence to test your hypothesis that light exposure differencesmay lead to difference in plant growth results of tests of ideas may either support or fail to support a particularhypothesis .
If the results fail to support originalhypothesis A new revised hypothesis can be formed and tested If the hypothesis supported by results IT DOESN T MEAN A STOPPING POINT HAS BEEN REACHED.
Just because there is a correlation between the amount of light the twosections of your yard receives and plant height And light contributes to plant growth does not necessarily mean thatdifferent light levels has caused the differences in plant heights youobserved between your front and back yards Some other factor might be.
the prominent contributing factor soil watering Scientific theory A well substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world thatcan incorporate facts laws inferences and test hypotheses When finished report to class.
Approach taken to the problem Hypothesis constructed Steps used to test hypotheses Revisions to hypotheses inspired by testing process Two object you feel are in the Black Box and why.
Warm Up September 2 2014 You will need a new piece of paper Make sure to have your name period and date on your warm up Lastweek your participated in the Black Box lab At the end of class youpredicted what two objects were in the box How sure are you that it is.
these two items Please give a percentage for each object for instance object A 90 sure and object B 25 sure What would you need in order to feel 100 about your prediction for both Presentations Eachgroup will present how they came to consensus on what is in the Black.
Box What steps procedure did you take specifically weight sound acombination of the two etc Eachgroup will present what two items they believe is in their Black Box andwhy they think this You will also present a percentage to show how sureyou are of your results 10 sure 95 sure .
AFTER PRESENTATIONS Did you all approach this problem the samePrediction inferenceabout the future basedon your observations.
Science is a creative process The Black Box is a metaphor for Science Black Box White Box Think about these questions .
How does the body heal a broken bone Why does water expand when it freezes How does a tree convert sunlight to energy for growth How do we turn the black box to white Come up with possible explanations for how things might work.
Test revised and retested ideas This is how science inquiry works Science cannot absolutely verify somethingas true Can we get consensus on what is in the black box .
Backto testing You may use techniques others reported for yourselves inthe second go at determining what is in the Black Boxes New Poll What Do We Think Is In TheBlack Box Now Well Did we change our ideas Let s see.
Hasthe community discussion and or additional examination using newapproaches changed the proportion of teams that feel a particular pair ofitem is in the black box or that a particular item is present Dissenting views drive further assessment And are welcomed.
Science cannot completely verifysomething as true Theinteraction of the various element of science often leads to newtechniques tools and approaches allowing scientist to have greaterconfidence in their assessment of questions .
New Techniques and or Technology New approaches may be developed based on inspiration from otherscientific work or even result from arguments made by scientists withdissenting opinions concerning the consensus view of prior testing of an Whilewe are moving towards the truth we cannot truly verify what is in the.
Black Box If we could it would no longer be a black box but a white box What if you just guessed what was in the Would your percent of accuracy be higher or lower Why What did we use that increased the accuracy of our prediction Can you match what you did to this chart .
Vocabulary ISNs page 21 Prediction an inference about the future based on your observationsWarm Up – September 2, 2014. You will need a new piece of paper. Make sure to have your name, period and date on your warm up ... allowing scientist to have greater confidence in their assessment of questions. New Techniques and/or Technology. ... 08/27/2014 20:20:33 Title:

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