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Back to Success Online WorkshopA Setback Opportunity for a ComebackCounseling DepartmentSanta Monica College.
In this Workshop you will Review the information on each of the slides Watch the videos that are located on a few of the slides Look at the SMC Resources or Support Services linksavailable on some of the slides.
Complete the Quiz at the end of the workshop Send a copy of your completed Quiz to the email addressstated on the Quiz Video Slow Starts Fast Finishes Please watch this 8 minute video that describes 3.
different college students and their uniqueacademic journeys Watch Video Slow Starts Fast Finishes After watching the video answer the followingquestion Which student did you relate to the most .
This question will be on the Quiz at the end of the workshop Where Does the Time Go Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Make a daily to do list prioritize your Tackle difficult assignments orhomework class assignments and test subjects first they often require.
preparation before anything else you do more time and energy after class and work Work ahead do an assignment a Pay very close attention to the few days in advance rather than theinstructor s syllabus and write down all night before If something comes upassignments tests and quizzes in your AND IT USUALLY DOES you will.
calendar have your work done Study in 1 hour blocks For example Learn to say NO Ask yourself study for 50 minutes then take a 10minute break will this cause me stress or divertmy time and thinking away from.
Use your best time of the day to study what I want to accomplish thiswhen are you more alert Morning semester Don t let others afternoon or evening priorities become yours Use a regular study area your mind.
and body become trained to focus on Remember the goal is a healthystudying when you use a consistent balance of work and play a balancestudy area that is free from distractions of short and long term goals and a Ten Simple Strategies for Student Success1 Attend Class .
2 Use ALL Student Services these are free to you a Get tutoring in subjects that are more difficult b Visit the Career Services Center get help with deciding on an area of interest majorc Make an appointment with a counselor in the Counseling Departmentd Go to the library study areas workshops reference help.
3 Enroll in Counseling 20 Student Success Seminar or Counseling 1 Developing Learning Skills 4 Enroll in fewer units and devote more study time to those courses5 Be alert and ready to participate in class6 STUDY Find a non distracting area where you can study 2 3 hours for every hour youspend in class.
7 Maintain a calendar to keep track of assignments and exams8 Be aware of withdrawal deadlines9 Go to office hours ask questions and talk with instructors10 Meet with a counselor at least once a semester to discuss your progress There are Two Types of Probation .
Academic Probation A student will be placed on academic probation ifhe she falls below a 2 0 C cumulative grade point average GPA in 12 or moreunits attempted at SMC Progress Probation A student enrolled in at least 12 semester units willbe placed on progress probation if the percentage of units in which s he receives a.
notation of W I or NP reaches or exceeds 50 of units enrolled Units Completed divided by the Units Enrolled Progress ProbationCalculation What are the Consequences of Probation at SMC Enrollment After 2 consecutive semesters of academic and or progress.
probationary status students will enroll AFTER all other continuing students Limited to a maximum of 9 units in a fall or spring semester and 5 units ina winter or summer session Problems in transferring most universities will not accept transfer studentswho are on Academic Probation Yet once this status is removed you can.
be considered for transfer Delay in achieving your educational goals having to repeat a class slowsdown your academic progress Difficulty in receiving scholarships and or financial aid Disqualification from SMC after being on Probation for 2 semesters .
How Do I Get Removedfrom Probation If you are on Academic Probation you must achieve a cumulative GPA of2 0 or higher during the following semester If you are on Progress Probation you must successfully complete the.
required percentage of units during the following semester by avoiding anyW I and or NP marks SMC will automatically update your status on your transcripts You do notneed to alert Admissions or the Counseling Department How to Calculate a GPA.
Transcript Terminology Units Enrolled UE Includes ALL units except In Progress IP Units Units Attempted UA Includes A B C D F grades Units Completed UC Includes A B C D P grades Grade Points GP UA multiplied by the grade s numerical value.
A 4 B 3 C 2 D 1 F 0 UC divided by the UE Progress Probation Calculation 4 steps to Calculate your GPA Step 1 List all of the courses taken for a letter grade A B C D F and list the number of units next to the corresponding grades .
Step 2 Multiply the grade points GP by the number of units Thiswill give you the grade points for each course If you earned an A in Psychology 1 3 units x 4 GP 12 grade points If you earned a B in English 1 3 units x 3 GP 9 grade points Step 3 Add all of the grade points together .
12 9 21 grade points Step 4 Divide your total grade points GP by the total unitsattempted UA 21 GP divided by 6 units 3 5 GPA GPA Calculator and GPA.
Forecaster Use this site to estimate the grades you would needto achieve your desired GPA Simply enter your current GPA and your estimatedgrades for the next semester and the site will.
calculate it for you back2college com raisegpa htm SMC Course Repeat Policy1st enrollment in a class If you withdrawal W or receive a D or F grade thisis considered your first attempt at the class The system will allow you to enroll again on.
2nd enrollment in the same class This is considered your secondattempt You cannot enroll in the same class for a third time without first meeting with acounselor to get approval Fall 2018 English 1 F Spring 2019 English 1 W .
Ask a counselor for approvalWhat happens if you don t pass the course on your thirdFall 2018 English 1 F Spring 2019 English 1 W Fall 2019 2019 English 1 D .
How about a 4th enrollment Sorry you will not be allowed to enroll in any class at SMCmore than three times I took a class and didn t pass it or got a W After checkingwith a counselor I know it is a course that is not required formy major or general education I don t want to repeat it Is.
there anything else I can do about that F D or W Academic Renewal and Progress RenewalEligibility Requirements 1 There must be a lapse of at least ONE YEAR since the completion of themost recent coursework to be disregarded .
2 The student must have completed a minimum of a 36 semester units with at least a 2 0 GPA ORb 24 semester units with at least a 2 5 GPA ORc 15 semester units with at least a 3 0 GPAThese units must be consecutive and must have begun any time.
after the coursework to be disregarded FINANCIAL AIDsmc edu financialaidWhat Types of Financial Aid are Available There are 3 types of Federal financial aid grants loans and work study .
How do I Apply for Federal Financial Aid Step 1 Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA You can complete itelectronically at www fafsa ed gov Make sure to add SMC s Federal ID 001286 Step 2 You will receive a Student Aid Report SAR via email Make sure that all your information on theSAR is correct If you need to make any corrections inform the SMC Financial Aid Office immediately .
Step 3 SMC will notify you if any additional documentation is needed If you attended any other colleges you will be required to send official transcripts to the SMC Financial Aid Office Finally you will be issued anaward letter outlining your financial aid for the academic year How do I Apply for the CA College Promise Grant The grant will pay for enrollment fees for the entire year .
Option 1 If you submit a FAFSA application you will also be applying for the Promise Grant Option 2 You may also apply electronically You can click on the link through Corsair Connect Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress PolicI receive Financial Aid What if my GPA is below2 0 or my pace completion rate is below 67 .
Please note that Financial Aid requires a 67 completion rate which is different than thecollege s completion rate of 50 You will be placed on Financial Aid Warning Probation for the semester You can still receive aid during a probationary semester However yourprogress will be assessed after the term is over Students who have.
failed to reach a 2 0 GPA by the end of a semester after receiving aFinancial Aid Warning will be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification What happens if I am placed on Financial AidDisqualification Students on Financial Aid Disqualification for either exceeding the.
maximum timeframe or for GPA and or pace issues are not eligible forfinancial aid However they may go through an appeal process andrequest financial aid reinstatement Student Life and ServicesUnder the Student Services tab explore all the resources available to you.
Tutoring Serschedule aappointment and find thelocation of.
This could be the Most Important Classyou will take in college Do you want to Be more successful in your courses Learn valuable study strategies .
Find out what your professors expect from you Learn how to manage your time Develop self confidence for college and life Enroll in Counseling 20 Student Success Seminar.
3 Units UC and CSU Transferable Goal Setting Turn a General Goal into a S M A R T GoalGeneral Goal not very specific I want to get my degree S M A R T Goal VERY specific I am going to get my Bachelor s degree in Psychology from CSU Northridge .
Specific What exactly will you accomplish Ask yourself Who What Where When Why Example I am going to get my Bachelor s degree in Psychology from CSU Northridge Measurable How will you know when you have reached this goal Include dates or number of units Example I am going to earn my Bachelor s degree in Psychology from CSUN by June 2022 Action Driven What steps are you going to take to achieve your goal .
Example Today I will make an appointment to speak with a counselor about the requirements needed to transfer to CSUN as a Psychology major I willmeet with the counselor once a semester to make any updates to my plan Realistic Am I able to achieve this goal given my current and future responsibilities Example I will take 12 units per semester and pass all of my classes with A or B grades If my work hours increase I will take 9 units per semester andtake 3 units in the summer and winter sessions .
Timely When will you achieve this goal Example I am going to make a counseling appointment today in order to choose 3 courses for the next semester and pass all of my classes in order toget closer to graduating from CSUN by June 2022 GIVE IT A TRY CREATE A SMART GOAL OF YOUR OWN Student Discusses his Grade with his Professor.
What is your reaction to this video Funny Outrageous True What role does your professor play in your education Which courses are you takingnext semester .
Review your SMC transcripts Do you need to repeat any courses next semester that youpreviously did not do well Are you taking math and or English next semester Are you enrolled in the amount of units that you can.
successfully complete in a semester Take the time to go to your Corsair Connect portal and enter yourcourses into MyEdPlan You have the option to request that acounselor review your courses and provide feedback online Workshop Quiz Instructions.
1 Open a separate Word document to respond to the quiz questions 2 Include your name and ID at the top of the document 3 Email your completed quiz to Edson Melissa smc edu4 Your attendance will be recorded once the quiz is emailed and reviewed by a counselor Quiz Questions .
1 Please define Academic Probation and Progress Probation 2 What is the unit limit for all probation students in the fall or spring semester 3 How many semesters is a student on probation before he she is disqualified from SMC 4 Do you need to get approval from a counselor if you want to take a class at SMC for the third time 5 TRUE OR FALSE You calculate your GPA by dividing your total grade points by the total units attempted .
Workshop Quiz Instructions1. Open a separate Word document to respond to the quiz questions. 2. Include your name and ID # at the top of the document.3. Email your completed quiz to: [email protected] 4. Your attendance will be recorded once the quiz is emailed and reviewed by a counselor. Quiz Questions: 1.

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