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Caring for Clothing Discussion How can organizing your clothinghelp make a little space seemlike a lot more .
What household items can beused for storage Routine Care Open all fasteners buttons zippers snaps when dressing to help prevent rips and tears.
Take your shoes off before getting in and out Check for stains right after taking clothes off Remove stains as soon as possible Check for needed repairs Put dirty clothes in a laundry basket away.
from clean clothes Hang up or fold clothes that don t need Storing Clothes Drawers Keeps smaller items in place.
Clothes will be less likely to wrinkle whenyou have ample storage space If you don t have a lot of drawer space use plastic containers Closets.
Organize clothes Seasonal Long sleeve short sleeve sweaters Family Activity What is your family technique for.
sorting and pretreating clothes If you don t know watch tonight Washing Clothes Care Labels Label will tell you steps to follow to wash and dry clothing.
Also tells you what not to do with clothing Sorting Clothes Helps to prevent colors from running together Keeps garments in good condition Separate clothes into the following piles .
Delicate fabrics that require warm water and a gentle Sturdy white and light colored clothing Permanent press and knit fabrics Dark colored clothing Heavily soiled garments that should be washed.
separately Washing Clothes Pretreat clothes Any special attention you give agarment before laundering.
Helps to remove stains and heavy soil Necklines and cuffs need special Follow label directions Sometimes extra scrubbing withundiluted liquid can help the stained.
Read laundry product labels What does each term mean Washing Clothes Choose Laundry Products Detergents primary job is to remove.
Bleaches used to remove stains brighten clothes and whiten Fabric softeners reduce staticcling make fabric softer and reduce Select Cleaning Action.
Avoidoverloading washer Hand washing Use a sink or container large enough forclothes to move freely Choose a soap or detergent to suit clothes.
Put water in the sink add detergent mix and add clothes Soak clothes 5 to 30 minutes dependingon the amount of dirty clothes Drain the sink and add fresh water gently.
squeeze sudsy water through garments Use at least two rinses to remove bothsuds and soil Math Activity Read the Energy Guide label on a.
Find the cost of drying one loadof clothes How much energy does it use What would be the annual cost Annual amount of energy used .
Drying Clothes Clothes can be air dried or dried in a dryer Generally if it can be washed together it canbe dried together Check information on care labels.
Shake out clothes before putting in a dryer Helps to dry faster Avoid overloading dryer increases dry timeand wrinkles Avoid over drying clothes can cause.
Clean lint filter improve circulation and avoid Air drying is an energy saver Pressing and Ironing Pressing process of lifting and loweringthe iron onto areas of fabric.
Ironing involves moving the iron back andforth over the fabric Knits and wools should be pressed toavoid stretching Woven fabrics can be ironed.
Temperature depends on the content Check care labels If it is a blend set it on the lowest setting Press dark and wool fabrics inside out tokeep them from becoming shiny.
Ironing Discussion Convenient times to iron Think of two times where youcould be ironing while doingsomething else .
Dry Cleaning Dry clean to clean with chemicals ratherthan with water and detergent Garment is then cleaned and steamed toremove wrinkles.
Not all fabrics can be dry cleaned Check care labels Professional dry cleaning More expensive but can remove more Coin operated machines.
Cost less but don t always provide specialtreatment for spot or stain removal Youmust do your own pressing Rips and Tears Easy to repair Use thread that matches the color of the fabric.
Make a new line of stitching by hand or with a sewing machine Begin and end just beyond the ripped section Iron on mending tape can help repair clothes Can be repaired with patches Buttons.
Two types of buttons Sew through Comes up and through the button Should make a shank when you sew this button on Underneath to hold the thread.
Snaps Hooks and Eyes Use black snaps for dark fabrics And silver for light ones Hooks and eyes found on necklines waistbands or neck edges Colors for hooks and eyes same as above.
Dry Cleaning Dry clean- to clean with chemicals rather than with water and detergent Garment is then cleaned and steamed to remove wrinkles Not all fabrics can be dry cleaned Check care labels Professional dry cleaning More expensive, but can remove more spots Coin operated machines Cost less, but don’t always provide special treatment for ...

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