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Catholicism in, One Hundred, Patricia Clevenger and Christina Echternach. History of the church, 1493 1800s Colonial era and period of introduction of Catholicism. Church and state same thing, Catholic ideals legitimized colonialism and indigenous repression. Bartolom de Las Casas, Cultural Collisions and trans cultural Catholicism. Early to late 1800s 1819 , Independence and breakdown of Catholic rule.
A time of hostility and tension between secular state and the Catholic. Late 1880s to 1950s Neo Christendom The Catholic church attempts to regain. privileges , Expected Gender Roles in Catholicism. Buend a Men Semidivinity moral, superiority and spiritual. strength Stevens 94 , Lack spiritual , stamina 95 Rigid adherence to. Catholic morals, Sinful in this life , Submissive Beneath the. Simple submissiveness however , lies the strength of her.
conviction 95 , Stubborn, Sadness, Aggressive, sexually and Premarital chastity . physically post nuptial frigidity 96 , Aspects of Catholicism in. Women perpetuate Catholicism, rsula enduring pillar of the. Buend a family, Chastity belt, Enforcement of Sunday Mass under Arcadio s rule. Papal education of Jos Arcadio, Fernanda static conservative.
Her severity made the house a redoubt of old. customs in a town convulsed by the vulgarity with, which the outsiders squandered their easy. fortunes 237 , Marital nightgown, Strict adherence to Catholic rigidity. of Catholicism in Macondo, Mourning , rsula ordered a mourning period of closed doors and windows with. no one entering or leaving except on matters of utmost necessity She. prohibited any talking allowed for a year and she put Remedios . daguerreotype in the place where her body had been laid out with a. black ribbon around it and an oil lamp that was always kept lighted . Confession , Amaranta answered simply that she did not need spiritual help of any. kind because her conscience was clean 281 , Courting Pietro and Rebecca General Marquez and Amaranta.
Virginity Amaranta, Thereupon Amaranta lay down and made rsula give public give. public testimony as to her virginity 282 , Aspects of Catholicism in Macondo. Baptism, Baptism of Colonel Aureliano Buend a s seventeen sons. Suicide Father Nicanor was against a religious ceremony and burial. in consecrated ground rsula stood up to him In a way that. neither you nor I can understand that man was a saint she said So. I am going to bury him against you wishes beside Melqu ades . grave 110 , Adultry Aureliano Segundo s relationship with Petra Cotes during his. marriage to Fernanda , Catholicism in, Liberals, secular theory as society modernizes religion becomes less important and.
organized religion declines Stephens 17 , He sequestered Father Nicanor in the parish house under pain of execution and. prohibited him from saying mass or ringing the bells unless it was for a liberal. victory 104 , But we re fighting this war against the priests so that a person can marry his. own mother 148 , Conservatives, Oppose secular theory. Closer ties with moral uprightness associated with the church. The conservatives on the other hand who had received their power directly. from God proposed the establishment of public order and family morality They. were the defenders of the faith of Christ of the principle of authority 95 . Cardinal Sins in One Hundred Years of Solitude, intense unrestrained sexual craving. Meme and Mauricio Babilonia, Seventeen sons of Colonel Aureliano Buend a.
Prostitution Pilar Tenera Petra Cotes and, Catarino s Store French Women. Catholicism s Blind eye At the urging of Father Nicanor Don. Apolinar Moscote arranged for the transfer of Catarino s store to a back street. and he closed down several scandalous establishments that prospered in the. center of town 90 , Bestiality Jos Arcadio Segundo and the. Gluttony, over indulgence to the point of waste, Aureliano Segundo and The Elephant. He lost consciousness He fell face down in the plate filled with bones frothing. at the mouth like a dog and drowning in moans of agony 241 . Aurelaino grey fat purple colored turtle shaped because of an appetite. comparable only to that of Jos Arcadio when he came back from traveling the. world 255 , The bodies of the Aurelianos were no sooner cold in their graves than Aureliano. Segundo had the house lighted up again filled with drunkards playing the. accordion and dousing themselves in champagne as if dogs and not Christians. had died and as if that madhouse which had cost her so many headaches and so. many candy animals was destined to become a trash heap of perdition 235 . Hoarding money when it, could be given to the poor.
the church , rsula and her gold stashes, Jos Arcardio and land rights. Mr Brown and The United Fruit Company, Colonel Aureliano Buend a. No one knew why a man who had always been so generous has begun. to covet money with such anxiety and not the modest amounts that. would have been enough to resolve an emergency but a fortune of such. mad size that the mere mention of it left Aureliano Segundo awash in. amazement 241 , Sloth the sin of sadness or laziness indolence. Jos Arcadio Buend a, Remedios the Beauty, Wrath Forceful vindictive anger. Arcadio Buend a People who protested were put on bread and water. with their ankles in a set of stocks that he had set up in a school room At the. head of a patrol he assaulted the house destroyed the furniture flogged the. daughters and dragged out Don Apolinar Moscote 105 . Colonel Aureliano Buend a, Amaranta, Banana Massacre.
Amaranta She knew her sister s character the haughtiness of her spirit . and she was frightened by the virulence of her anger 74 Rebecca regarding. Amaranta s jealously over engagement with Pietro Crespi . Don t get your hopes up even if they send me to the ends of the earth I ll find. some way of stopping you from getting married even if I have to kill you 73 . Colonel Aureliano Buend a The omen of the dead father. stirred up the last remnant of pride that was left in his heart but he confused it. with a sudden gust of strength 227 , Works Cited, Garc a M rquez Gabriel One Hundred Years of Solitude Trans Gregory. Rabassa Harper Perennial New York 2003 , Gill Anthony James Rendering unto Caesar The Catholic Church and the. State in Latin University of Chicago Press Chicago 1998. Stevens Evelyn P Marianismo The Other Face of Machismo in Latin America. University of Pittsburgh Press 1973 , Williams Edward J The Emergence of the Secular Nation State and Latin. American Catholicism Compartive Politics vol 5 January 1973 261 277 . Catholicism in One Hundred Years of Solitude Patricia Clevenger and Christina Echternach History of the church 1493-1800s Colonial era and period of introduction of Catholicism Church and state = same thing Catholic ideals legitimized colonialism and indigenous repression Bartolomé de Las Casas Cultural Collisions and trans-cultural Catholicism Early to late 1800s (1819) Independence and ...

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