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ConcentrationsDeborah HenkenPortfolio Manager Learning CiscoJune 18 2008 IMPORTANT All certification information presentedtoday is considered Cisco confidential Please do.
not share this information with the outside public or Networking Academy Ciscoinstructors or students ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved .
until June 24 2008 Cisco Confidential 1 Situation Global IT Talent Gap ChallengeRole of the Network GrowsWeb 2 0 Apps.
Converged Solutions 50 of Security is IP Video TelePresencesecure routers 35 of Voice is Unified CommunicationsEvolution of the Network.
router embedded Knowledge Wireless is 15 Storageand growing Enhanced SecurityVoice TransportTelecommuting VPN.
3 12 M Gap by 2012Time Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 2 Forrester Consulting Findings In all markets especially emerging markets training and.
certification for specialized skills are in demand 80 of surveyed companies worldwide expect dedicatedsecurity role with 5 years currently 46 69 expect dedicated voice role 40 66 expect dedicated wireless job role 36 .
Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 3 CCNA Concentrations One Pre RequisiteThree Pathways to Success Requirements Hold active CCNA Certification 640 802 CCNA comp exam or 640 .
822 ICND1 and 640 816 ICND2 exams and pass the corresponding CCNAConcentration examsCCNA Security CCNA Wireless CCNA VoiceCisco Learning Partner COURSE Cisco Learning Partner COURSE Cisco Learning Partner COURSE Implementing Cisco IOS Network Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Implementing Cisco IOS Unified.
Security IINS Networking Essentials IUWNE Communications IIUC EXAM IINS 640 453 EXAM IUWNE 640 721 EXAM IIUC 640 460Presentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential Cisco Confidential 4 CCNA Security Verifies an individual s skills in the following.
Network Security SpecialistsSecurity AdministratorsNetwork Security Support Engineers Enables installation troubleshooting andmonitoring of Cisco Security.
devices technologies Ability to administer security policies andidentify risks in networks Serves as prerequisite for CCSP Certification Employers hiring individuals can feel.
confident their staff has the skills needed toinstall troubleshoot and monitor Ciscosecurity technologies Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 5.
CCNA Voice Verifies individual skills for SMB and Enterprise Branch job roles Voice AdministratorsVoice EngineersVoice Managers.
Validates skills in voice applications and infrastructure concepts Capable of performing baseline installation configuration and maintenancetasks on Cisco VoIP Prerequisite to Enhanced CCVP Certification Employers hiring individuals can feel confident their staff has the ability to.
perform baseline installation operating and maintenance tasks on Cisco VoIPsolutions Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 6 CCNA Wireless.
Verifies an individual s skills in thefollowing roles Network AdministratorsWireless Technicians SupportTechnicians.
Security engineers focused on wirelessWLAN project managersWireless Support Specialists Configuration implementation and supportof wireless LANs specifically Cisco.
Installing configuring monitoring andtroubleshooting Cisco WLAN in SMB andEnterprise Employers hiring individuals can feelconfident their staff has the skills needed for.
basic wireless networking on a Cisco WLANin SMB and enterprise networks Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 7 CCNA Concentrations Exam Requirements.
Prerequisite For All CCNA Exam 2 exam options Multiple choice exams ICND1 Exam 640 822 and ICND2 Exam 640 816 90 minute duration Available globally via Pearson VUE Test.
CCNA Composite Exam 640 802 Introduction to Network Security Principles Perimeter SecurityCCNA Security Exam Network Security Using Cisco IOS Firewalls IINS Exam 640 553 Site to Site VPNs.
Network Security Using Cisco IOS IPS LAN SAN Voice and Endpoint Security Overview Cisco Unified Communications Systems Introduction Traditional Telephony OperationsCCNA Voice Exam VoIP Fundamentals.
IIUC Exam 640 460 Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Implementation Cisco Unity Express Implementation Cisco Smart Business Communications System Implementation Wireless Fundamentals Basic Cisco WLAN Installation.
CCNA Wireless Exam Wireless Clients IUWNE Exam 640 721 WLAN Security WCS Administration.
Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 8 Expanding Cisco Career Certificationson June 24 2008Career Specialty.
CCIE R S SANS SP SecuritySecurity Voice CCDE Unified Communications WirelessProfessional Storage Networking.
CCNP CCIP CCSP CCVP CCDP Optical Advanced RoutingAssociate CCNA CCENT and Switching.
CCNA Security CCNA Voice FoundationCCNA Wireless CCDA Cisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 9 Global Price Increase for Composite Exams.
CCNA Composite 640 801 640 802 From 150 to 250 Two exam option for CCNA certification ICND 1 640 822 ICND2 640 816 remain 125 USD each Voucher discounts adjusted for CCNA Composite exam to off set.
price increase CCNP Composite 642 892 From 225 to 300 USD Four exam option for CCNP certification BSCI 642 901 BCMSN 642 812 ISCW 642 825 ONT 642 845 remain at 150 USD.
CCNP Composite vouchers are not currently offeredCisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 10 CCNA ConcentrationPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 11.
Cisco Learning NetworkPurpose and BenefitsCommunity Purpose Create a social networking Web 2 0 experience that empowersCisco customers seeking knowledge community training .
information and support as they start or enhance their careersthrough Cisco certifications Who Can Participate The site is open to anyone all customers partners and employees regardless of certification level .
Business Benefits Help reach 3 million technically qualified individuals by 2012 Qualified professionals help our partners and customers achievesuccess in their own endeavors Ability of Cisco to co create learning products with.
customers and partners Visit www cisco com go LearningNetwo... Presentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 12 Cisco Concentrations Master the languagethat connects the world.
Meets the current and future needs of both employersand employees Availability of CCNA Concentration Exams CCNA Voice June 24 2008CCNA Security June 24 2008.
CCNA Wireless July 25 2008 Program information live on 6 24 www cisco com go ccna www cisco com go ccnavoice www cisco com go ccnasecurity.
www cisco com go ccnawirelessCisco ConfidentialPresentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 13 Presentation ID 2006 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Confidential 14.
Requirements: Hold active CCNA Certification (640-802 CCNA comp exam or 640-822 ICND1 and 640-816 ICND2 exams) and pass the corresponding CCNA Concentration exams Cisco Confidential CCNA Security Verifies an individual’s skills in the following roles: Network Security Specialists Security Administrators Network Security Support Engineers ...

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