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2.Changing Poison Into MedicineSGI-USA February 2021 Discussion Meeting

3.Changing Poison Into Medicine:The principle that earthly desires and suffering can betransformed into benefit and enlightenment by virtue of the powerof the Law.- Soka Gakkai Buddhist Dictionary,

4.Key Points1. When facing adversity, it is important to determine that yourvictory starts from this moment.2. Maintaining a fighting spirit and challenging ourselves toovercome our obstacles keeps us youthful and leads to a happylife.3. By mustering our faith and chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, wecan confidently change all poison into medicine.

5.Striving Together Through All AdversityThe spirit that characterized [Founding Soka GakkaiPresident Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s] momentous struggletruly resonates with Nichiren Daishonin’s words “Thegreater the hardships befalling him, the greater the delighthe feels, because of his strong faith” (“A Ship to Cross the Seaof Suffering,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p.33).[Mr. Makiguchi] laid down his life, leaving an example ofthe “vast heart” of Soka for his disciples and successors. This“vast heart” is the great, invincible spirit to keep strivingtogether with the Mystic Law through even the bitterestadversity to transform all poison into medicine and freelycreate value with confidence, strength, wisdom andoptimism.- Ikeda Sensei, Nov. 20 World Tribune, p. 2

6.What kinds of “poisons” or challengesare you currently experiencing?

7.Your Victory Starts From This MomentThe important thing is what you do fromnow. Are you going to be discouragedand allow yourselves to fall into despair?Or will you regard this as anopportunity to show actual proof of ourfaith and rise up again courageously,determined not to be beaten? Your innerresolve is what decides your happinessor unhappiness.- Sensei, The New Human Revolution, vol. 16, p. 201

8.Building a Happy Life Through Challenging Our ObstaclesA spirit of challenge enables us to tapthe wellspring of vibrant life forcewithin, causing us to feel youthful andrevitalized. … By struggling vigorouslyagainst and overcoming all kinds ofdifficulties, we can build a happy life.- Sensei, NHR-18, 186

9.Muster Your FaithMisfortune will change into fortune. Musteryour faith, and pray to this Gohonzon. Thenwhat is there that cannot be achieved?- Nichiren Daishonin, “Reply to Kyo’o,” WND-1, 412

10.Brief Experience in Faith

11.Using Obstacles as an Impetus for VictoryThings don’t always proceed smoothly—in fact, unexpectedobstacles are almost certain to arise in any undertaking. That isprecisely the time, however, to summon forth wisdom and strivetenaciously to find a solution. In doing so, a new, even better wayforward is likely to open. This also accords with the Buddhistprinciple of changing poison into medicine. By challenging trials anddifficulties, using them as an impetus instead of being defeated bythem, we can achieve fresh growth and victory.- Sensei, June 2015 Living Buddhism, p. 46

12.Discussion Questions1. Have you been able to change poison intomedicine using your Buddhist practice?2. How can changing poison into medicine providehope for ourselves and those around us?3. What actions can we take to face our obstaclescourageously?


Let’s get started! Changing Poison Into Medicine: The principle that earthly desires and suffering can be transformed into benefit and enlightenment by virtue of the power of the Law. - Soka Gakkai Buddhist Dictionary,

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