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Chapter 16 MarriageAn EternalPartnership Life s greatest partnership is in marriage thatrelationship which has lasting and eternal.
significance From the life of Howard W When Howard W Hunter was 20 years old he met Claire Jeffs at a Church dance in LosAngeles California while she was on a date.
with one of his friends After the dance afew of the young adults went wading in theocean surf Howard lost his tie and Clairevolunteered to walk along the beach withhim to help find it Howard later said The.
next time we went out I took Claire and my friend went with someone else The following year they begandating seriously and on a springevening nearly three years after.
they met Howard took Claire to abeautiful overlook above theocean We watched the wavesroll in from the Pacific and breakover the rocks in the light of a full.
moon he wrote That nightHoward proposed marriage andClaire accepted We talked aboutour plans he said and mademany decisions that night and.
some strong resolutions regardingour lives Howard and Claire were married in the SaltLake Temple on June 10 1931 During thenext 52 years their love deepened as they.
raised their sons served in the Church andfaced their challenges with faith Marriage between a man and a woman isordained of God and is intended to be eternal Life s greatest partnership is in marriage that.
relationship which has lasting and eternalsignificance Marriage is often referred to as a partnership with This is not just a figure of speech If thispartnership remains strong and active the man.
and woman will love each other as they love God and there will come into their home a sweetnessand affection that will bring eternal success In the temple we receive the highestordinance available to men and women .
the sealing of husbands and wivestogether for eternity Adam Eve The first marriage was performed by theLord It was an eternal marriage because.
there was no such thing as time when thatceremony took place The ceremony wasperformed for a couple not then subject todeath thus under the circumstances therelationship would never be terminated .
When deciding whom to marry bepatient have faith and stayworthy of receiving divineassistance I think the greatest decision you must make.
is the decision that s going to shape yourlife for eternity and that is your marriage I m sure that you would agree with me thatthis is going to be far more important thananything else you do in life because your.
work and your profession or whateveryou re going to do is not nearly asimportant as eternal values Do not rush into a relationship without proper forethoughtand inspiration Prayerfully seek the Lord s guidance on this.
matter Stay worthy of receiving that divine assistance Many of you worry about courtship marriage andstarting a family You probably will not find the name of yourfuture spouse in Nephi s vision or the book of Revelation you probably will not be told it by an angel or even by your.
bishop Some things you must work out for yourself Havefaith and be obedient and blessings will come While waiting for promised blessings be anxiouslyengaged in good causes including your own development No blessing will be denied to worthy.
individuals who are not married This is the church of Jesus Christ not thechurch of marrieds or singles or any othergroup or individual The gospel we preachis the gospel of Jesus Christ which.
encompasses all the saving ordinancesand covenants necessary to save andexalt every individual who is willing toaccept Christ and keep the To you who are unmarried men .
women and divorces Men Don t put off marriage because you are not in aperfect career and financial position Remember thatas a priesthood bearer you have the obligation to takethe lead in seeking eternal companionship .
Women To you unmarried women The promises of theprophets of God have always been that the Lord ismindful of you if you are faithful all blessings will be To you who have experienced divorce Don t letdisappointment or a sense of failure color your.
perception of marriage or of life Do not lose faith inmarriage or allow bitterness to canker your soul anddestroy you or those you love or have loved Successful marriage requires our bestefforts to live the principles of the gospel .
Prior to marriage we looked at life from ourown point of view but after stepping overthat threshold we began to consider it fromanother s viewpoint also There is anecessity to make sacrifices and.
adjustments as manifestations ofreassurance and love Husbands and wives should work togetherto strengthen the bonds of marriage Charity The Bible tells us Charity.
suffereth long and is kind see 1Corinthians 13 4 That kind of love thekind that is not taken lightly not terminatedat pleasure and thrown away like disposableplastic but which faces all of life s little.
difficulties hand in hand entwining thesouls is the ultimate expression of humanhappiness Oneness of heart Surely the happiest marriages are those.
where your hurt is my hurt my pain is yourpain my victory your victory my concerns your concerns The oneness of heart ofsoul of flesh seems to be more of achallenge than ever before in the world in.
which the question seems to be What isthere in this for me Fidelity in thought word and The words none else eliminateeveryone and everything The spouse.
then becomes pre eminent in the lifeof the husband or wife and neithersocial life nor occupational life norpolitical life nor any other interest norperson nor thing shall ever take.
precedence over the companionChapter 16: MarriageAn Eternal Partnership “Life’s greatest partnership is in marriage—that relationship which has lasting and eternal significance.” When Howard W. Hunter was 20 years old, he met Claire Jeffs at a Church dance in Los Angeles, California, while she was on a date with one of his friends.

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