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Chapter 5 PowerPoint ReviewUse this to help youstudy for your test andthe midterm .
Where did the Frenchand Indian War begin The Ohio River Valley What was the cause of theFrench and Indian War .
The cause of the French andIndian War was the fur tradewith the Native Americans It was also part of a series ofwars that had been going on.
for the last 100 yearsbetween France and Britain What territory did Franceclaim before the war France controlled much of.
modern day Canada as wellas the Mississippi River What tribes were allies ofthe French in the Frenchand Indian War .
The Algonquins and What tribe was an ally ofthe British in the Frenchand Indian War What advantages did the.
French have in the Frenchand Indian War They fought like the NativeAmericans using the treesfor cover They also had.
only 1 government in NorthAmerica which madedecisions a lot easier to be What disadvantage didFrance have in the French.
and Indian War The French had a lot lesspeople in the colonies What advantages did theEnglish have in the French.
and Indian War The British had the bestarmy in the world Theyalso had many more peoplein the colonies to fight the.
What disadvantages did theEnglish have in the Frenchand Indian War The English tried to fightthe war as they would in.
the open fields of Europe They did not takeadvantage of the coveroffered and were easytargets for the French .
What was the last battle ofthe French and Indian War The Battle of Quebec What was the name of thetreaty at the end of the.
French and Indian War The Treaty of Paris What did the Treaty of Paris Most of the French land inthe colonies was given to.
Who proposed the AlbanyPlan of Union Ben Franklin What was the purpose ofthe Albany Plan of Union .
To unite the colonies toplan for defense It didn twork because coloniesdidn t want to give up any Why didn t colonies pass.
the Albany Plan of Union Colonies did not want togive up their own rightsand power This will still betrue in the American.
Revolution and will causeproblems then What was the war calledwhen Pontiac united manyNative Americans to fight.
against the settlers movingonto the frontier in theearly 1760 s It was called Pontiac s War It ended in 1763 right after.
the Treaty of Paris whenPontiac realized his groupwould no longer receivehelp from the French What act forbid settlers to.
move west of theAppalachian Mountains The Proclamation of 1763forbid settlers to move westof the Appalachian.
Mountains Many settlersignored this proclamation Britain was trying to stopsettler Native Americanconflicts over land .
What act passed in 1765 placed taxes on legaldocuments such as wills diplomas marriage papers newspapers playing cards.
and even dice The Stamp Act What was the colonistsreaction to the Stamp Act Riots broke out in cities like.
New York Mobs harassedBritish tax officials bythrowing rocks and tarringand feathering them Theyhanged or burned effigies.
of the British officials A huge complaint thecolonists had was that of No taxation withoutrepresentation What did.
this mean No taxation withoutrepresentation arose becausethe colonists did not electanybody to the British.
Parliament The colonistsclaimed that Parliament couldnot tax them because they wererepresented in Parliament What was the Stamp Act.
The Stamp Act Congresswas when 9 colonies sentdelegates to discuss whatto do about the Stamp Act They decided to boycott.
British goods What does boycott mean Boycott means to refuse tobuy certain goods It was avery common and.
successful means ofcolonial protest Theboycott caused the StampAct to be repealed What does repeal mean .
Repeal means to cancel The Stamp Act wasrepealed after the colonial In 1767 the TownshendActs were passed What did.
the Townshend Acts tax The Townshend Acts taxedglass paint lead paperand tea These were veryimportant colonial goods .
What was the colonistsreaction to the Townshend The colonists responded to theTownshend Acts by gettingmerchants to sign.
nonimportation agreements Nonimportation agreements saidthat these people would stopimporting British goods thatwere taxed by the Townshend.
The Sons of Liberty and theDaughters of Liberty werealso formed These weregroups of men andwomen who protested.
British actions Writs of assistance wereanother thing establishedunder the Townshend Acts What were writs of.
assistance Writs of assistance allowed acustoms officer to search a shipwithout giving a reason Writsof assistance were often used.
by the British to harass Sons ofLiberty and other peoplethought to be against theBritish actions This person was a failure on.
business He lived inBoston where he was aleader of the Sons ofLiberty He organized thecommittees of.
correspondence Who was Sam Adams What were the committeesof correspondence The committees of.
correspondence were a groupof people who wrote letterstelling people in other colonieswhat was going on in thewriters colony They were.
started by Sam Adams in This lawyer fromMassachusetts was SamAdams cousin Hisknowledge of British law.
was very helpful to thecolonists Who was he John Adams The Quartering Act waspassed in 1767 What did.
the Quartering Act say The Quartering Act saidthat colonists had to houseand feed British soldiers The Boston Massacre.
happened on March 5 1770 What was theBoston Massacre In the Boston Massacre Britishsoldiers shot and killed 5.
colonists They were mostlySons of Liberty The colonistsprovoked the British into firing The Sons of Liberty used thisevent to get people mad at the.
Britain repealed much of theTownshend Acts in 1770 It didkeep the tax on tea This smalltax was designed to show thecolonists that Parliament did.
have the right to tax the Parliament gave the British EastIndia a monopoly of the tea tradewith the Tea Act in 1773 This putmany colonial merchants out of.
work It was a very small tax butthe colonists believed in notaxation without representation What did this lead to The Tea Act led to the Boston.
Tea Party 342 crates of teawere dumped into Bostonharbor There were similarresponses in several otherlocations Colonists throughout.
the colonies agreed to boycotttea often making their ownsubstitutes Britain was not happy withthe Boston Tea Party It.
responded with theIntolerable Acts which weredesigned to punish thecolonists of Massachusetts What were the Intolerable.
The Intolerable Acts shutdown the port of Boston Ships could not come into orleave the port which made itvery difficult for the citizens.
of Boston to get supplies Other colonies sent supplies A new Quartering Act was alsopassed This made colonists whoweren t too happy with the British.
house British soldiers This raisedtensions in Boston Townmeetings were also limited to 1 ayear This was designed to keepthe people of Massachusetts from.
organizing against the British The Intolerable Acts also saidthat British officials would besent back to British to stand trialif they committed a crime It.
was widely believed that thesepeople would face nopunishment in England sincewitnesses could not afford to goto Britain to testify .
How did the colonists reactto the Intolerable Acts The committees ofcorrespondence sentsupplies to help Boston .
The First ContinentalCongress also met inPhiladelphia in 1774 Whatwas the first Continental The First Continental.
Congress was a meeting of12 of the colonies Itagreed to boycott Britishgoods Each colony wasurged to set up its own.
militia or volunteer army What was the Shot Heard Round the World This referred to the Battle ofLexington and Concord .
Colonial minutemen soldierswho could be ready at amoments notice stood up tothe British Why did thisbattle take place .
The British were trying todestroy guns and ammunitionat Concord and capture leadersof the Sons of Liberty TheBritish were unsuccessful and.
were attacked on the way backto Boston being defeated bythe Minutemen It was called the ShotHeard Round the World .
because news of this battlespread to all corners of the Who was the great speakerfor Virginia He had a fierytemper and was a member.
of the House of Burgesses Patrick Henry He wasknown for saying Give meliberty or give me death Who was the women who.
wrote plays mocking the Mercy Otis WarrenWho was the great speaker for Virginia? He had a fiery temper and was a member of the House of Burgesses. Patrick Henry. He was known for saying “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Who was the women who wrote plays mocking the British? Mercy Otis Warren Chapter 5 Power Point Review Use this to help you study for your test and the midterm.

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