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Chief Josephand the Nez Perce of the Great PlainsPower point created by Robert L MartinezPrimary Content Source A History of US Reconstructing America by Joy Hakim The Nez Perce Sioux Indians were.
special They were honest honorable courageous intelligent and independent The Sioux lived in a region that was a kindof paradise Their land where today Idaho Washington and Oregon come together .
holds rich valleys grassy prairies steepmountains and canyons The Nez Perce Sioux shared that land withnumerous wildlife and fish The Nez Perce were mighty hunters and.
known for their strong bows Other tribestraded their most precious valuables forthose bows When horses arrived in this northernregion the Sioux quickly became skilled.
The Sioux lived in a kind of democracywhere individuals were respected The Nez Perce had enemies and althoughthey loved peace they fought frequentlyand captured slaves .
The Sioux must have been surprised whenMeriwether Lewis and William Clarkstumbled into one of their camps It waslate September in 1805 The Lewis and Clark expedition was sent.
to explore the West by PresidentJefferson They had been caught in amountain snowstorm The group was The Sioux fed Clark and his men buffalosteak and camas roots and probably saved.
their lives Lewis and Clark convinced the NativeAmericans to stop the warring betweentribes that would make it safe for whitemen to open trading posts to sell goods.
and firearms The Indians wanted those goods and theyheld a council and promised to cultivatepeace between the tribes It was the beginning of peaceful times The.
Sioux helped the white trappers andbefriended those white settlers who werebeginning to pass through their land Everything changed when gold wasdiscovered on their land in 1860 The.
miners trespassed on their lands Manysettlers began to homestead on their Some Nez Perce signed treaties to give upsome of their land but others wouldn t doit They wouldn t sign the white man s.
President Grant tried to solve the problemby setting aside a section of land as areservation for the roaming Nez PerceIndians Settlers were not allowed on that.
reservation land but that didn t stop theminers and homesteaders One of the no treaty tribes was led by aman most Americans called Chief Joseph Chief Joseph asked his people to be.
patient he didn t want to fight thewhite settlers In 1876 the U S government sentcommissioners to meet with Chief Joseph They wanted him to move from his land to.
another reservation Chief Joseph would not agree to move We love the land he said It is our But the Sioux had no choice thenewcomers had great weapons and.
numbers The Indians were forced onto areservation The commissioners had no patience Theywanted the Indians removed quickly bymilitary force .
During the move one young Indian whosefather had been murdered by whitesettlers killed some of the white men Nowthe whites had a reason to attack When they were attacked the Nez Perce.
fought The first battle began whenIndians carrying a white flag of truce approached the soldiers a shot rang out and the Indians returnedfire The fight was brief 34 U S soldiers.
died and no Sioux The Indians knew that other soldierswould soon be after them The Siouxraced for safety in Canada a thousandmile journey .
First one army then another and another followed and fought the Sioux Finally just 30 miles from Canada facingnew soldiers the Nez Perce weresurrounded .
Chief Joseph I am tired of fighting Our chiefs arekilled The old men are dead The littlechildren are freezing to death My people have run away to the hills and have no.
blankets no food My heart is sick and sad From where thesun now stands I will fight no moreforever Chief Joseph That day promises were made to Chief.
Joseph but they were never kept The NezPerce were sent to barren lands mostSioux sickened and died All men were made by the same GreatSpirit Chief They are all brothers The.
earth is the mother of all people and allpeople should have equal rights upon it Chief Joseph You might as well expect the rivers to runbackward as that any man who was born a.
free man should be contented whenpenned up and denied liberty to go wherehe pleases Chief Joseph Chief Joseph We only ask an even chance to live as.
other men live We ask to be recognized asmen We ask that the same law shall workalike on all men Chief Joseph I choose free to follow the religion of my.
fathers free to think and talk and act formyself and I will obey every law or submitto the penalty Whenever the white man treats the Indiansas they treat each other then we will have.
no more wars We shall all be alike withone sky above us and one country aroundus Chief JosephPrimary Content Source: A History of US; Reconstructing America by Joy Hakim The Indians knew that other soldiers would soon be after them. The Sioux raced for safety in Canada (a thousand mile journey.) First one army, then another, and another, followed and fought the Sioux. Finally, just 30 miles from Canada, facing new soldiers, the Nez ...

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