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Cisco NetworkingCCNA CurriculaUS Canada WebinarCCNA Discovery and CCNA ExplorationSusan Weatherly Area Academy Manager.
Karen Alderson Technical ManagerCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 1 Session Objective Provide the new CCNAoverview supporting.
materials to our localacademies for a high levelunderstanding of the excitingnew curricula Assure all current CCNA.
academies have a plan in placeto convert before the 2008 09school year if not sooner inorder to best serve our Review end of life.
dates for CCNA 3 x Share available resources Answer your questionsCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 2 Where are we today .
New CCNA Curricula and Certification TimelineGeneral Availability General AvailabilityCCNA Discovery 2 courses CCNA Discovery final 2 coursesNew CCNA Curricula CCNA Exploration 2 courses CCNA Exploration final 2 coursesAnnouncements English Versions English Versions .
Nov 2006 Apr 2007 May 2007 June 2007 July 2007 Aug 2007 Sept 2007 Dec 2007CertificationNew CCNA Exams AugCertification Announcedat National Education.
Curriculum ConferenceCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 3 CCNA v3 1 End of Life Milestones and DatesEnglish VersionMilestone Definition Date.
End of offering Last date to create new instructor classes courses 1 4 Jan 31 08End of offering Last date to create new student classes Mar 31 08End of support Last date to receive help desk support for course maintenance July 31 08End of Last date to access content on Academy Connection July 31 08availability.
Courses 2 4End of offering Last date to create new student classes Jan 31 09End of support Last date to receive Help Desk support for curriculum July 31 09maintenanceEnd of Last date to access content and receive curriculum operational July 31 09.
availability support on Academy ConnectionCertification ExamsCertification Last date for students to take INTRO 640 821 ICND 640 811 July 31 09exams retired and CCNA 640 801 examsCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 4.
Why Plan to Convert to CCNA 4 0 Advantages of the New CCNA Curricula Improved accuracy and flow of information with less redundancy Optimal balance of theory practice and application Aligns to the new CCNA Certification Exam.
E Doing embedded simulation tools providing exploration and experimentation Alignment of learning objectives with job skillsIncreased use of rich media for ongoing interactivity through the learning process.
Benefit students by teaching the latest technology and skillsCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 5 Current CCNA CurriculumInstructor and Student FeedbackImprove Student.
Improve Quality Increase FlexibilityExperience Promote engagement Improve accuracy and Make curricula morealign with student flow of course content efficient to localizeinterests and.
capabilities Ensure content is Facilitate curriculumrelevant and up to date delivery and class Optimize balance of administrationtheory practice and Address advancedapplication technologies Provide high and low.
bandwidth delivery Accommodate different capabilitiesskill levelsCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 6 Two New CCNA Curricula.
Both Prepare Students for CCNA Certification and Professional CareersCCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration Independent curriculum or Integrated technologyintegrate into broader course curriculum or continuingof study education program.
Students with basic PC Students with advancedusage skills problem solving andanalytical skillsCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 7 Feature Comparison.
CCNA v3 1 CCNA Discovery CCNA ExplorationExpected Basic PC usage Basic PC usage skills Advanced problem solving andStudent skills analytical skills typically associatedwith students in engineering math Capabilities or science degree programs.
Content Four courses Four courses structured by Four courses structured bystructured by practical network environments protocols and technologies withinprotocols and various topologiestechnology PLUS E doing PLUS .
Introduction to advanced E doingtechnologies Introduction to advanced Helps prepare students for technologiesentry level IT careers by Extra theory and moreteaching applied skills early in challenging labs.
the curriculumBusiness Rules Required minimum RequiredRequired minimumminimum of of fourweeks Required.
Required minimumminimumof offourof six months to toto completecomplete each.
each coursecourse andand to complete each coursecomplete each course and andcomplete all four minimum.
minimum offourmonthsmonthstoto minimumminimum of of threethreemonths.
monthstotocourses completecomplete allfour coursescourses complete.
complete all all fourfourcourses CoursesCourses structuredstructuredto toincrease.
flexibilityflexibility and efficiencyinincourseand efficiency courseTime to Learn 70 70hours percourse.
hours per courseCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 8 CCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration Networking based Networking basedon application Basics of Routing on technology.
Introduction to and Switching Deep into protocolscareer exploration and theory LAN an soft skills WAN Skills for entry level Core Skills Skills for wide range ofprofessions networking professions .
Network installer Network technicianCertificationNetwork technician Network administratorHelp desk technician Network engineerBasic network design.
Key Factors in Obtaining Jobs Education Experience and CertificationCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 9 CCNA Exploration Flexibility in Course SequenceNetwork Fundamentals Network Fundamentals.
Routing Protocols and LAN Switching andConcepts WirelessLAN Switching and Routing Protocols andWireless ConceptsAccessing the WAN Accessing the WAN.
Network FundamentalsRouting Protocols and LAN Switching andConcepts WirelessAccessing the WANCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 10.
New CCNA CurriculaHow Do I Choose What are your students academic capabilities What are your students goals .
How will your institution integratethe new CCNA curriculum Which curriculum best alignswith your teaching methodology andyour students interests .
Is the existing CCNA v3 1 curriculumvery difficult for your students interms of theoretical topics CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 11 Paths to CCNA Certification.
CCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration CCNA DiscoveryNetworking for Home and Small Businesses Networking for Home and Small BusinessesNetworking FundamentalsWorking at a Small to Working at a Small to Medium Business Medium Business.
or ISP Routing Protocols and or ISPCCENT Certification optional Concepts CCENT Certification optional CCNA ExplorationIntroducing Routing andSwitching in the Enterprise LAN Switching and.
Wireless Routing Protocols andDesigning and Supporting LAN Switching andComputer Networks Accessing the WANAccessing the WANCCNA Certification.
CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 12 Let s take a closer look CCNA Discovery DemoCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 13 CCNA Latest Versions.
CCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration CCNA Discovery Networking for Homeand Small Businesses v4 01 CCNA Discovery Working at a Small to CCNA Exploration NetworkMedium Business or ISP v4 1 Fundamentals v4 01.
New topics include Determining an IP address range Cisco device boot sequence CCNA Exploration Routing Protocols and Configuring port security and other security Concepts v4 02measures on Cisco Switches.
Managing multiple telnet sessions Routing protocol metrics and the purpose of the CCNA Exploration LAN Switching andadministrative distance Methods of IOS Backup and RecoveryWireless v4 0.
Troubleshooting CCNA Exploration Accessing the CCNA Discovery Introducing Routing WAN v4 0Switching in the Enterprise v4 0 CCNA Discovery Designing and.
Supporting Computer Networks v4 0See Academy ConnectionHeadlines for more details CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 14 What Version Are You Using .
CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 15 ResourcesCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 16 CLI and Academy ConnectionInstructor Page.
CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 17 Instructor Materials fromCisco Learning Institute Interactive Course Guides ICG Provide instructional support consistent with learning by doing approach.
Contain ideas for activities discussions and reflectionAlso key ideas critical concepts teaching goals case studies and tools Instructor Reference Guides IRG formerly Delta Documents Provide comparison of new and existing curriculaPrimarily for existing instructors to determine overlap.
PowerPoint PresentationsBuilding blocks for instructors who can alter the presentations to fit their needs Include chapter objectives and section level objectives with graphics andCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 18 Instructor Tools.
On Academy ConnectionCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 19 Tools Available to You onAcademy ConnectionCurrently Available.
Datasheets Job framework information Curriculum Selection Scope and SequenceGuidelines Presentations.
Detailed equipment list New CCNA Video Product demos New CCNA servers page New Packet Tracer page.
At A Glance Migration guidelines foundunder Tools for CCNAversion 3 1 CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 20.
Instructor TrainingCCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration Not required but strongly recommendedCurrent Encouraged to read the new CCNA curricula Interactive Course Guide ICG Instructor Reference Guide IRG and slide presentations.
Instructor min 8 10 hours per course min 4 8 hours per course In person training required Approximately 40 classroom hours per course similar toInstructor.
current CCNA v3 1CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 21 Cisco Press Text Books Check www ciscopress com or sign up for thenewsletter for the latest info.
Target TargetDiscovery Book Exploration BookAvailability AvailabilityCompanion Guide AvailableNetworking for Home Learning Available Now.
or Small Business Guide Now NetworkFundamentals Lab Study Guide AvailableWorking at a Small to Learning Available Companion Guide AvailableMedium Business or Routing.
Guide Now NowISP Protocols andConcepts Lab Study Guide AvailableIntroduction to RoutingLearning Available Companion Guide.
and Switching in the LAN Switching AvailableEnterprise and Wireless NowLab Study GuideDesigning and Available Companion GuideLearning Now Accessing the Available.
Supporting ComputerGuide WAN NowNetworks Lab Study GuideCCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 22 Supporting.
CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 23 Operational Requirements Equipment Overall there has been a reduction in equipment requirements CCNA curricula requirements now include a Linksys wireless router details onthe course catalog.
Guides Available 1 Computer requirements2 Legacy Equipment Software Guides Image Hardware SupportAssistance with Legacy Equipment and Software see Classroom Set up tabunder Tools .
CCNA rev 6 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved Cisco Public 24 CCNA Discovery and Eagle Server SupportCCNA Discovery Eagle Server provides network services in your classroomlab without going on to your schools intranet e g FTP email streaming video Web hosting instant messaging more Can be implemented either through a.
bootable CD or installed as a permanent server New CCNA Servers pageLinked from the Tools also offthe Course Catalog area.
Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Curricula US & Canada Webinar CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration ... chapter exams, and the final exam Maintenance fixes Please review the CCNA Discovery Scope and Sequence document, which has been updated with the new chapter outline for Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP v4.1. ... Document Discovery ...

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