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Civil War Unit7th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary 1 Battle of Antietam 11 Battle of Gettysburg 2 54th Massachusetts Regiment 12 Ulysses S Grant.
3 Jefferson Davis 13 Appomattox Court House 4 Copperhead 14 border state 5 Abraham Lincoln 15 William Tecumseh Sherman 6 conscription 16 Anaconda Plan 7 Confederate States of America CSA 17 John Wilkes Booth.
8 Fort Sumter 18 First Battle of Bull Run 9 Clara Barton 19 Battle of Antietam 10 Robert E Lee 20 Emancipation Proclamation Bell Work Take the Civil War Pre Test out of your.
folder and work silently on it Same time Different place October12 1860 British and French troopscapture Peking Choosing Sides.
For most states choosing sides in theCivil War was easy but the border stateshad a tough choice Delaware Maryland Kentucky andMissouri all had slavery but all had ties.
to the North and South All four states had key aspects thatmade them vital to both sides andLincoln worked tirelessly to bring themto the North .
In the end Lincoln was successful butthe border states would have towatched closely the entire war Strengths and Weaknesses The North had several advantages.
Larger population 5 to 2 fighting men More factories to produce war goods Larger navy with more experienced More railroad tracks and engines More money.
More farmland for food crops Leadership of Abraham Lincoln The South had several advantages Outstanding military officers and a longmilitary tradition.
Strong motivation to keep way of life Fighting on familiar ground Fighting defensively Two Sides Different Goals The goals for the South were to set up an.
independent nation To complete this they did not have to invadethe North or destroy their armies Theysimply had to fight long enough to convincethe North it wasn t worth the cost .
What other war was this strategy used The North wanted to restore the country andreunify the South To complete this they had to conquer theSouth and force them to give up one by one .
In 1862 Lincoln wrote If I could save theUnion without freeing any slave I would doit and if I could save it by freeing all theslaves I would do it and if I could save it byfreeing some and leaving others alone I.
would also do that Check for Understanding With your table discuss the following Name one advantage for each side What were the goals for each side .
Be prepared to share with the class Bell Work Which side do you think had theadvantage in the beginning of the CivilWar Explain your answer .
Same time Different place February 5 1861 First moving pictureshow machine is patented by SamuelGoodale of Cincinnati Time to Flip the Switch.
What did we learn in our previous Why were the border states soimportant What were the advantages of each What were their goals .
Strategies of Each Side The Confederacy s basic strategy was toconduct a defensive war They were uninterested in gaining newterritory from the Union .
The South hoped to gain support fromGreat Britain France and other foreign The Union s war plan came fromWinfield Scott he knew they wouldhave to utterly defeat the Confederacy .
Scott proposed the Anaconda Planwhich sought to encircle the South andslowly crush them First they would attempt to blockade theSouthern ports and then gain control of.
Americans against Americans More than just a war between statesthis war turned brother against brotherand tore families apart Even President Lincoln s wife Mary.
Todd had family in the Confederate The average age of soldiers was mid 20s but they were thousands of childrenwho lied about their age to enlist At first the Union refused to let free.
African Americans fight in the army forfear of other soldiers not accepting Later they would change their policy butWait not that Civil Warthe South refused to arm slaves until.
their last days The Soldiers Most soldiers from both sides came fromfarms and rural life They were oftenunderfed and over marched .
The Southerner s were sometimes calledRebels and by the end of the war about900 000 had fought for the Confederacy The Northerner s were sometimes calledYankees and by the end of the war about.
2 1 million had fought for the Union Both sides lived in camps and wrote lettershome describing their daily lives Duringperiods of peace men from both sides A part of company K and some of the enemywould come together and swap stories came together and stacked arms and talked for a.
Faced with the horrors of war many men long time Our men cooked coffee and treateddeserted the army and faced execution them afterward each one took up his positionrather than continue to fight again and they began to fire at each other again but not as hard as before Life of Billy Yank Check for Understanding.
Discuss the following with your table What was the name of the Union s plan Name one feature about the soldierswho fought the war Be prepared to share with the class .
Bell Work What is your prediction about the firstbattle of the Civil War Which side doyou think will win based on ourobservations so far .
Same time Different place February 19 1861 Russian TsarAlexander II abolishes serfdom Time to Flip the Switch What did we learn in our previous.
What were the strategies of each side Which side was going to have a moredifficult time to gain victory What were the nicknames for soldiers ofeach side .
Early War While both sides mobilized armiesAbraham Lincoln sent the Union Navysouth to blockade Confederate ports Tensions mounted all summer and then.
on July 21 1861 General McDowell ofthe Union attacked a smallerConfederate force in Northern Virginia Hundreds of spectators fromWashington D C watched the battle.
from a few miles away many of themsetting up picnics First Battle of Bull Run is considered thefirst major battle of the Civil War Battle of Bull Run.
Both sides lacked battle experience and theUnion attempted clumsy flankingmaneuvers Neither General was able to bring theirentire force to bear and at first the Union.
drove the Confederates back Rebel reinforcements arrived by train andmen ran from the railroad to join the General Thomas Jackson was wounded butheld the left flank Union under heavy fire .
He earned his nickname Stonewall What did you notice about theJackson battle from the video The Rebels counter attacked behindJackson and when the Yankees fell backthey panicked and routed into their own.
artillery and supplies Shock over Battle of Bull Run The loss shocked Northerners whothought the war would be over quickly The Southerners proved that this would.
be a long and difficult fight as they dugin awaiting a second try from the Union President Lincoln named a newcommander General George B McClellan and put out a call for a.
million volunteers to sign up for three Soon the Union would secure somevictories in the West and morale wouldraise but for now the South had theupper hand .
The morale in the South soared andmen rushed to enlist in their army Check for Understanding Discuss the following with your table Which battle is considered the first.
major battle of the Civil War Who won the battle What were the reactions to the battle Be prepared to share with the class Bell Work.
If you were commanding an army thatwas smaller and not equipped as well asthe enemy forces what would be yourstrategy to win Same time different place May.
13 1861 Queen Victoria announcesEngland s position of neutrality in theWar Between the States Time to Flip the Switch What did we discuss in our previous.
What was the first battle of the Civil War Who won the battle What were the reactions to the battle Battle of Port Royal In November 1861 the Union launched.
the first major naval operation of thewar at Port Royal Sound South Carolina The sound was guarded by two forts onopposite sides which were supported byRebel gunboats .
The Yankee navy sat back and fired onthe forts guns one at a time knockingthem out over several hours Northern forces landed and capturedthe first fort The Rebels abandoned the.
second fort and retreated A Battle Between Ironclads The South was in real danger from theUnion s blockade so they came up withan alternate solution to naval warfare .
The Rebels attached iron sheets to anold ship to build the first Ironcladgunboat of the war The Virginia The Virginia attacked Yankee ships inChesapeake Bay and routed them .
Shells bounced harmlessly off it s armorand people thought this would be theend of the Union navy The Union launched their first Ironclad The Monitor and the two ships engaged Just two months after the battle the crew of The.
in a prolonged battle that ended in a Virginia destroyed their own ship rather than let it bedraw but raised spirits for both sides captured The Monitor sank in storm the next year Control of the West In the West the major Union goal was tocontrol the Mississippi River to prevent.
Louisiana Arkansas and Texas fromsupplying the eastern states Union troops and gunboats could thendrive deep into the heart of the Southusing the side rivers .
In early 1862 General Ulysses S Grantled assaults on Confederate forts alongthe river At Fort Donelson the Rebels asked forterms for surrender and Grant replied.
no terms except an unconditional andimmediate surrender can be accepted Unconditional Surrender Grantbecame the new hero for the North Check for Understanding.
Discuss the following with your table How did the South solve their problemof having a smaller navy Why did the Union want to control theMississippi River .
Be prepared to share with the class General Unconditional Surrender Grant Bell Work One death is a tragedy a milliondeaths is a statistic What does this.
quote mean to you How could it beapplied to the Civil War Same time Different place February 10 1862 Dutch secondgovernment of Thorbecke forms .
Time to Flip the Switch What did we discuss in our previous What River was the North trying to Why did they want to control that River What kind of ship was The Virginia .
The Battle of Shiloh General Grant took 40 000 troops southtowards the important hub of Corinth Mississippi Grant camped his army on Pittsburg Landing.
waiting for reinforcements before he beganlaying siege His flank was protected by ariver with gunboats on it Confederate General Johnston decided tolaunch a preemptive attack on the Union.
position before more Yankees arrived On the morning of April 6th 1862 the battlebegan with the Rebels pressing the Yankees As the battle lines became confused in thesmoke and forest several Yankee units were.
cut off and surrounded Known as the Hornets Nest The Battle of Shiloh General Johnstone was shot in the legand killed during the fighting at the.
Hornets Nest General P G T Beauregard tookcommand and decided not to press theattack as evening fell Overnight Grant was reinforced by four.
divisions and in the morning helaunched an attack on April 7th thatsurprises the Confederates All along the line the Union forcespushed forward and regained their lost.
territory The Confederates retreated and wereunable to stop the Union advance intoNorthern Mississippi Capturing New Orleans.
On April 25th 1862 Union naval forcesunder Admiral David Farragut attackedNew Orleans Farragut was of Spanish descent andgrew up in the South but remained loyal.
to the Union They were largely unopposed as theysailed into the harbor of the largest cityin the South The loss of New Orleans was a major.
blow to the Confederacy and aninternational incident The Mississippi River was completelycontrolled by the Union and onlyVicksburg remained as a stronghold in.
Check for Understanding Discuss the following with your table Why was the Battle of Shilohsignificant Why was New Orleans an important.
city to the South Be prepared to share with the class Field Hospitals and Medicine . ... First edition of the book ... To get to Richmond Grant had to take his army through The Wilderness, a densely wooded area that negated his numerical and artillery advantage. On May 5th, 1864 fighting broke out between Grant and Lee in the woods. For two days each side slugged it out with no clear winner emerging.

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