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1.Object 1Skip to main contentUW Medicine Compliance UW Medicine Compliance• For Patients• For Research• For Education• Overview• Contact Us• Policies• UW Medicine Compliance Code of Conduct• Compliance Program Policies• Patient Information Privacy Policies• Billing Policies• EMTALA Policy• Identity Theft Prevention Policy• Social Media Networking Policy• Compliance Policy Resources• UW Physicians Compliance Policies [requires AMC login]• Programs• Clinical Billing• EMTALA• Ethics• HIPAA• Research Compliance• Safety & Security• Training

2.• Training Program• Required Compliance Training• How and Where to Take Compliance Training• Compliance Training Completion Information• Compliance Learning Portal (CLP)• Learning Library• Resources• Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs• HIPAA Privacy and Security Resources• Resources• UpdatesUW Medicine Compliance• UW Medicine Compliance• Compliance Program Policy ResourcesCompliance Program PolicyResourcesMenu• Home• Compliance Program Policy Resources005.G1Compliance Investigations: Standard Operating ProceduresCategory#Title001 Patient Information Privacy and Security Compliance

3.Program and Administrative RequirementsPOLICYCOMP.001Compliance Policy Development002 Compliance Education and OutreachPOLICYCOMP.002FORM002.F1FORM002.F2Compliance Education and OutreachPrivacy, Confidentiality, and Information SecurityAgreement (PCISA)Protecting Patient Information Training Self-Study003 Compliance Auditing and MonitoringPOLICYCOMP.003Compliance Auditing and Monitoring004 Reporting and Non-RetaliationPOLICYCOMP.004Reporting and Non-Retaliation005 Compliance InvestigationPOLICYCOMP.005GUIDANCE005.G1GUIDANCE005.G2Compliance InvestigationsCompliance Investigations: Standard OperatingProceduresUWP Addressing Reported Concerns Procedure006 Corrective ActionsPOLICYCOMP.006Corrective Actions007 Exclusion ScreeningPOLICYCOMP.00 Exclusion Screening

4.7008 Governmental InvestigationsPOLICYCOMP.008Government Investigations009 Compliance Risk AssessmentPOLICYCOMP.009Compliance Risk AssessmentSearchSearchUW Medicine Compliance Policies• Compliance Policies Main Page• Compliance Program Policies• Patient Information Privacy Policies• Billing Policies• EMTALA Policy• Identity Theft Prevention Policies• Social Media Networking PolicyGlossary of Terms• Glossary of Terms

5.Contact Us• Phone: 206.543.3098• Email: [email protected] a Compliance ConcernAnonymous Compliance Hotline:206.616.5248 (local)866.964.7744 (toll free)UW MedicineConnect with us:•• Harborview Medical Center• Northwest Hospital & Medical Center• Valley Medical Center• UW Medical Center• UW Neighborhood Clinics• UW Physicians• UW School of Medicine• Airlift Northwest• Contact Us• Support UW Medicine• Employment• Volunteer Services• Website Feedback

6.• University of Washington• Alumni• UW Directories 2021 University of Washington.All rights reserved.Online Privacy Statement Privacy Policy Copyright andDisclaimer Website Terms and Conditions of Use


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