Computers and Sports Fan Perspective

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  • Date:15 Oct 2020
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Computers and SportsFan PerspectiveBy Robert Driver Robert Shoemake Television Coverage.
ScoreboardLets the fans see the score timeremaining quarter or innings TickerDisplays scores from all sports Also gives.
stats and up to the minute scores Football Instant ReplayGives referees a viewof all angles to give.
the right call oncontroversial plays Digital vs AnalogDigital allows video tobe transferred faster .
Football First Down MakerStarted in 1998 Computerized line ofwhere the next first.
down will beUses 8 computers inconjunction with thetelevision to produce Baseball.
Instant Replaywhether a ball isa home run orfoul ball Baseball.
Pitching RadarCalculates pitchdisplays it on thetelevision Strike zone.
Gives viewers adigitally createdgraphic of astrike zone andwhere the ball.
Foul line Serve Speed Animated Replay Minor League Sports Sometimes these minor league sports.
such as baseball hockey women s andmen s soccer and others are not covered however the Internet as well as thecomputer enables fans to follow sports notusually televised Although these.
computers do not entice new fans of minorleague sports it strengthens the loyal fansand helps them to follow their team s Fantasy Sports Every major sports provider has fantasy.
ESPN CBS ABC FOX Yahoo Sports Illustrated Most professional sports Football Basketball Hockey Golf NASCARFantasy Sports.
Gambling Gambling ranges from betting on teams professional and collegiate horses andeven card games such as poker and othercasino games The computer allows many.
people to establish bets with online bookkeepers such as sports com Online Poker People from all over the world are able to playpoker in a fake world of poker chips and poker.
tables With ESPN s coverage of poker intelecasts of The World Series of Poker morefans want to learn and play poker and thecomputer is able to satisfy their desires to Online poker.
In ConclusionOverall the addition of computers during our leisure time especially along the fan based side of sports hascreated a more appealing and better side of sports Theaccessibility of sports information and overall appeal to.
the viewer has allowed sports to grow which allowseveryone to enjoy all aspects of sports Thesecomputers make things more appealing quicker toaccess and easier to use so as to improve sports has a.
The accessibility of sports information and overall appeal to the viewer has allowed sports to grow which allows everyone to enjoy all aspects of sports. These computers make things more appealing, quicker to access, and easier to use so as to improve sports has a whole.

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