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FRENCH GRAMMAR Cher Monsieur Je vous prie de m excuser pour mon absence au cours d aujourd hui Je ne peux pas venir parce que hier je suis all e voir la Reine et nousavons fum alors maintenant j ai mal la t te .
Bien vous Dear Sir I would like to apologise for my absence today I will not be able tocome because yesterday I met the Queen and we smoked together so now I have a headache .
La Reine the Queen La guerre War Un animal de compagnie a pet Le Brexit Brexit En retard late.
Une manifestation a demonstration une gr ve a strike Une navette spatiale a spaceship 1 Constituez des groupes de trois quatre personnes2 Inventez une occasion de se rencontrer anniversaire ap ritif .
3 Invitez vos camarades4 Contenu de l invitation le jour l heure qui est invit pourquoi on invite combien de personnes sont invit es l adresse comment venir quoi apporter demande de confirmationnom verbe adjectif autre.
Une f te Inviter Nombreux Pour Un Boire un se infinitif anniversaire verre Joyeux se AvecUn Avoir lieu Triste Chezrestaurant Jouer Non alcooli Apr s.
Une bo te de Danser s Avantnuit Nettoyer S rieux seUn bal P chermasqu TravaillerUn ap ritif S clater.
Un film Fumerconf renceUne partieUne r unionLe m nage.
SPANISH GRAMMAR Muy se or m o Escribo para reservar una habitaci n en su hotel yuna cama un armario una mesa Dear Sir .
I am writing to you in order to book a room in yourhotel and a bed a wardrobe a table PROBLEMS WITH THE LINGUISTICCOMPETENCE Grammatical structures and vocabulary.
Cohesive message Strategic competence Difficulties understanding the concept DOES THIS USUALLY HAPPEN WHENVISITING A DIFFERENT COUNTRY .
LINGUISTIC VS COMMUNICATIVECOMPETENCE Can we help our students to develop bothcompetences at the same time CONTEXTUALISIN.
Sociolinguistic Competence Speech acts differ cross culturally Teach contents and how to use them in real life THE IMPORTANCE OFEXPLAINING RITUALS.
WHEN GIVING THE PRESENT I have brought this for you Happy birthday WHEN RECEIVING IT Oh my god Thank you You didn t have to do it WHEN STARTING TO UNWRAP IT.
What is it What is it Really it wasn t necessary WHEN UNWRAPPING Never say what the present is Keep speculating about the content WHEN DISCOVERING THE CONTENT OF THE PRESENT.
Say you like it and give thanks again Play it down Really If you don t like it you can return it Insist on the greeting HOW CAN WE IMPLEMENT THISINFORMATION IN OUR LESSON .
CONTEXTUALISING GRAMMAR ROLE PLAYSCOMPLIMENT RITUAL P1 Qu bien te sientan estos pantalones P2 S Te gustan Pues son barat simos la P1 Me encantan De verdad .
P2 Ah pues gracias Ya sabes cuando quieras COMPLIMENT RITUAL Me encantan I really love them En serio son preciosos They are really beautiful.
Ser n viejos pero son bonitos Maybe they areold but they are beautiful Cuando quieras te los presto Seguro que tequedan genial You can borrow them wheneveryou want I m sure they perfectly suit you .
WHEN IN ROME CHAOS OF AN OUTER CULTURE SELECTIVE PERCEPTION OF BIBLIOGRAPHY ABASTADO C 1982 Culture et m dias in Le Fran ais dans le monde CANALE M and M SWAIN 1980 Theoretical Bases of Communicative.
Approaches to Second Language Teaching and Testing AppliedLinguistics n 1 HYMES DH 1972 On communicative competence in PRIDE J B andHOLMES J eds 1972 Sociolinguistics MIQUEL L and N SANS 1992 El componente cultural un ingrediente.
m s en las clases de lengua in Cable n 9CANALE M. and M. SWAIN (1980) “Theoretical Bases of Communicative Approaches to Second Language Teaching and Testing” Applied Linguistics. n°1. HYMES DH (1972) “On communicative competence” in PRIDE J.B. and HOLMES J. (eds) (1972) Sociolinguistics

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