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Coretta Scott King AwardAnd the State of New JerseyDepartment of Education CoreCurriculum Standard 6 1.
Social Studies Skills 6 1 2 By the end of 2nd grade Explain the concepts of long ago and far Apply terms related to time including past present and future .
Retell events or stories with accuracy andappropriate sequencing Develop simple timelines 1865 1950 Bibliography.
Aston Dianna Hutts The Moon Over Star New York Dial Books forYoung Readers 2008 Bolden Tonya Maritcha A Nineteenth Century American Girl New York Harry N Abrams Inc 2005 Giovanni Nikki Rosa New York Henry Holt and Company 2005 .
Grimes Nikki Talkin About Bessie The Story of Aviator ElizabethColeman New York Orchard Books 2002 Hamilton Virginia Her Stories African American Folktales Fairy Talesand True Tales New York The Blue Sky Press 1995 Hamilton Virginia The People Could Fly American Black Folktales New.
York Alfred A Knopf 1985 Howard Elizabeth Fitzgerald Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys NewYork Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers 2000 McKissack Patricia C Days of Jubilee The End of Slavery in the UnitedStates New York Scholastic Press 2003 .
McKissack Patricia C Goin Someplace Special New York AtheneumBooks for Young Readers 2001 Morrison Toni Remember The Journey to School Integration Boston Houghton Mifflin Co 2004 Nelson Kadir We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball .
Social Studies Skills Continued 6 1 4 By the end of 4th grade Explain how present events are connected to Apply terms related to time including years decades centuries and generations .
Organize events in a time line Distinguish fact from fiction Fact FictionSome of Both Present Events.
Related to the1860 1946 Standard 6 2 6 2 2 Civic Life Politics and Government by theend of 2nd grade.
Give examples of authority and recognize problemsthat might arise from lack of effective authority Explore basic concepts of diversity tolerance fairness and respect for others Citizenship.
Recognize real people and fictional characters whohave demonstrated responsible leadership andcitizenship and identify the characteristics that havemade them good examples Civics continued.
6 2 4 Civic Life Politics and GovernmentBy the end of 4th grade Describe the characteristics of an effectiverule or law Differentiate between power and authority.
American Values and Principles Describe how American values andbeliefs contribute to the continuation andimprovement of American Democracy Standard 6 4.
United States and New Jersey History 6 42 Family and Community Life by theend of 2nd grade Compare family life today with long ago State and Nation.
Recognize the names of major figures inAmerican history Discuss the contributions of importantwomen African Americans and NativeAmericans to United States and New Jersey.
United States and New JerseyHistory Continued 6 4 4 Family and Community Life by the end of Compare family life in a community of the past to lifein a community of the present .
Discuss the reasons why various groups voluntarilyand involuntarily immigrated to America and NewJersey and describe the problems they encountered Describe situations in which people from diversebackgrounds work together to solve common.
Standard 6.1 Social Studies Skills 6.1.2 By the end of 2nd grade Explain the concepts of long ago and far away. Apply terms related to time including past, present and future. Retell events or stories with accuracy and appropriate sequencing. Develop simple timelines. 1865 1950 1969 Bibliography Aston, Dianna Hutts. The Moon Over Star.

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