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Course Name Drama and art in education 2nd Semester Course codeTitle Kathakali Dance The art of dance Unit .
By Shiuli Mahapatra INTRODUCTION KATHAKALI a form of ritual drama originated in Evolving from earlier forms of dance drama suchas KODIYATTAM KRISHNATTAM RAMANAT... .
It was performed in palaces and temples and atreligious festivals KATHAKALI draws its subject matter from theHindu epics chronicling the lives loves andconflicts of the Gods and heroes of indian.
mythology like Ramayana Mahabharata Puran ETYMOLOGY The Name KATHAKALI derivesfrom Malayalam words Katha which means story and Kali .
which means play KATHAKALI is consideres to be acombination of five art forms like 1 Natyam Acting 2 Nritham Dance .
3 Nrithyam Enactment 4 Sangeetham Music 5 Vadyam Instrument accompaniment PERFORMANCEA traditional Kathakali performance is usually.
conducted at night and ends early in themorning Kathakali is usually performed infront of a kalivilakku kali dance vilakku lamp which provided light whenthe plays were performed inside temples .
residences of nobles and palaces AKathakali performance scheduled to begin at10 00 pm will be announced in a specialmanner by the loud playing of chenda maddalam percussion elathalam and cheng.
ila metallic cymbals during the evening sothat they can be heard even at a distance This instrumental music called kelikottu isvery familiar to lovers of Kathakali A Kathakali actor needs immense powers of.
concentration skill and physical stamina gained through training based on Kalaripayattu the ancient martial art of Kerala Training beginsaround the age of ten and often lasts for eightto ten years The training program is intensive .
each day begins at 3 30 am and ends at 8 30pm with short breaks in between During themonsoon and winter there are rigorous bodymassage sessions Each student learns thecomplete language of Kathakali memorizing the.
combinations of facial expressions rasas bodily movements and hand gestures mudras Dancers also undergo special practice sessionsto learn control of their eye movements MAKE UP COSTUMES.
There are five main types of characters usually identified by the predominantcolor of makeup applied to the face or its5 minukku In Kathakali the pacha.
vesham with its predominantgreen colour is used to portraynoble male characters likekings and divine beings Thesecharacters have a mix of satvic.
pious and rajsik kingly nature Characters like LordKrishna and Lord Rama areexamples of pacha vesham Kathi charecters are.
proud aggressive andunrighteous charecterssuch as demon kingRavana are though theirmake up is basically.
green denoting that theyare high born a red markline on upturnedmoustache They alsohave white knob on the.
There are three varities ofthadi The most aggressiveand demonic known aschuvanna thadi redbeard Mythical and fabulous.
being like Bali King ofmonkeys are known as vellathadi white beard aboriginals forest men andcave dwellers are known as.
Karutha thadi black beard The lowest andaggressive being arekari It have smallpatterns of red white.
and yellow on acompletely black face It is used to representwomen and sages InKathakali the female.
character are alsoperformed by man Thevesham is used torepresent gentleness andhigh spiritual standing.
and is charecterized withyellow facial paint The costumes of the Kathakali dance arematched with the make up Some of theexample of the dresses are given below .
Head gear Kirtam Ear rings Tora Small ear rings Chetipuru Red cloth are used below the head gear Chuttitan False hair Chamaram.
Wooden bangles Tolput Necklace of beads Kajuharam Ghaghra uruteketta Ghungur of kathakali dance Gochamoni Ladies scarf Uruman.
REFERENCEo Drama and art in education Aniruddha Mukherjeeo Kathakali Wikipediao www newworldencyclopedia org e... o http ccrtindia gov in kathakal... .
If you have any queries please contact at Phone number 9732969846Whattsapp no 9800301705 THANK YOU.
The Name “KATHAKALI” derives from Malayalam words “Katha” which means story and “Kali” which means play. ETYMOLOGY . ELEMENTSKATHAKALI is consideres to be a combination of five art forms like -1.Natyam (Acting)2.Nritham(Dance)3.Nrithyam (Enactment)4.Sangeetham (Music)5.Vadyam (Instrument accompaniment) ...

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