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I am in England andCriminal Name the food here is not tobe tasted as much asjust swallowed without.
Kristen Gilbertgrimacing Gilbert Back Ground Information Born on November 13th 1967 oldest of the 2 daughters Raised in Massachusetts .
Choric Lair Fake suicide attempts Was very controlling and would steal from friends Graduated from high school at sixteen Went to Greenfield Community College and got a degree in.
She married Glenn Gilbert and had 2 kids with him Very social at her job VA hospital Had a relationship with James G Perrault Co worker andleft her husband and 2 kids While having the affair she tried to poison her husband.
before Thanksgiving Crime Date Victim s PunishmeVicious Threats Teen years Various CourtBomb threat January 1998 James G Perrault 15 months in target federal prison.
VA Hospital Building oneemployment Murder First 1996 Henry Hudon 35 Life In Prisonand Second Stanley Without Parole.
Degree Jagodowski 66 Kenneth Cutting 41 and EdwardSkwira 69First degree Second degree.
murder murder does notinvolves require premedita premeditated ation however killing In otherwords the killer.
made a plan to Most Recent Crime 1996 The most recent crime was the murders inthe veterans hospital First and Second degree murder .
Was trying to impress a police officer at thehospital with her nursing skills First degree murder involvesa premeditated killing In otherwords the killer made a plan to kill.
the victim and then carried that planSecond degree murder does not Evidence Brought Against Criminal Missing epinephrine Kristen offered a vial of epinephrine to a.
fellow nurse who suffered from asthma Phone records of her admiring that she hadkilled at least one person Higher death rate tripled when she was Three nurses reported the increase of deaths.
related to heart attacks and the decrease ofepinephrine Sentence Gilbert was found guilty in federal court onMarch 14th 2001 of first degree murder for 3.
of the deaths She was guilty of seconddegree murder for the fourth death and theattempt of two more lives By law she was to be put to death butbecause Massachusetts does not have the.
death sentence she was given life in prisonwithout parole for at least 20 years Theory That Explains HerDeviant Behavior Not deviant behavior.
Kristen was raised in a good home Her mother and father were bothpresent as well as a younger sister Kristen grew up fairly normally Whenshe got to her teen years she started casing trouble Her family and friendwere not sure where her compulsive lying was coming from Kristen graduated high school at the age of sixteen By 1988 she had.
graduated from Greenfield Community College and was a registered nurse In 1989 she got married to Glenn Gilbert and also received a position at theVA hospital Shortly after the marriage they had two children Kristen s life was very normal up to this point other than the lying Shemet a police officer James G Perrault at the hospital and started having an.
affair with him When he ended the relationship the death rate on Kristen sshifts tripled Most of the deaths being from heart attacks Kristen lived a fairly normal life until she met James Cultural Reference Book June 1st 2003 .
Perfect PoisonBy M William Phelps TV Series April 13th 2011 Deadly IntentEpisode The Lethal Injector.
First and Second degree murder. Was trying to impress a police officer at the hospital with her nursing skills. First . degree . murder: involves a premeditated killing. In other words, the killer made a plan to kill the victim and then carried that plan out. Second . degree . murder: does not require premeditation, however.

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