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Criminal Negligence or Accident Child Fatality Severe TraumaA Multidisciplinary ResponseLisa Bender LMSWChild Abuse Prevention and Treatment.
Program Manager Iowa Department of Human Services Manner of Death for Children2008 2009 Total Natural 234 60 6 202 65 0 436 62 6 Accident 87 22 5 62 19 9 149 21 4 .
Suicide 10 2 6 8 2 6 18 2 6 Homicide 19 4 9 6 1 9 25 3 6 Undetermined 36 9 3 33 10 6 69 9 9 Total 386 311 697Source Iowa s Child Death Review Team Annual Report for 2008 and 2009.
Child Fatalities in IowaChart TitleSource Iowa s Child Death Review Team Annual Report for 2008 and 2009 How Do We Prevent ChildBy improving our ability to determine the true.
cause and manner of fatalities and near fatalities To do this takes a collaborative multidisciplinaryresponse to child death and severe trauma cases Nurses etc ED providers Family Practitioners .
Child Abuse Experts Mental Physicians Health Substance Abuse TreatmentProviders MedicalEnforcement.
Local County State Law First Responders Paramedics Fire MedicalDepartment EmergencyWho Do We Need at the Table County Attorneys Attorney s General Juvenile Justice.
Judges Court Appointed Special Criminal Forensic Pathologists State Local MEsand Medical Examiner Investigators Child Protective Services DHS Other i e hospital private practice .
Social Workers Emergency Medical EMS in IowaIowa Code 147A Establishes Iowa.
Department of PublicHealth IDPH as the leadagency designated forcoordinating implementingthe provision of emergency.
medical services in the state Functions under Medical IDPH Credentials Basic Level EMS EMR Emergency Medical Responder.
EMT Emergency Medical Technician Advanced Level EMS EMT I EMT Intermediate EMT P EMT Paramedic PS Paramedic Specialist.
AEMT Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Endorsements CCP Critical Care ParamedicSource Iowa Emergency Medical Care Provider Scope of Practice April EMS Personnel.
Responsibilities Duty to Act Rooted in the Good Samaritan Law Star of Life represents six primary EMSfunctions .
1 Detection2 Reporting3 Response4 On Scene Care5 Care in Transit.
6 Transfer to Definitive Care EMS at Arrival Scene safety Appearance of environment Law enforcement present.
Initial impression Life threatening Stay and Play or Load andSource Reylon Meeks RN PhDc Fire Chief City of Pleasant Hill EMS On Scene.
Stabilize the patient Provide life saving interventions History from caretaker s Determine hospital Transport patient.
Source Reylon Meeks RN PhDc Fire Chief City of Pleasant Hill Arrival to Hospital Give report Overview of call and treatments Hand off to a higher level of care.
Anything transported is left Clothing Bottles Diapers Document the call.
Make a CPS and or LE report if there is reasonablebelief that abuse neglect may have contributed todeath or injurySource Reylon Meeks RN PhDc Fire Chief City of Pleasant Hill What information may EMS.
Observations Who called 9 1 1 Who was present at the scene What environmental conditions were present i e temperature health safety hazards indications of.
drug alcohol abuse etc Where was the injured deceased located upon arrival What was the emotional reaction of the caretaker s and any other individuals present including other What information did the caretaker s provide about.
the child s condition Law Enforcement Various JurisdictionsState Agencies Iowa Department of Corrections.
Iowa Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Iowa Department of Transportation Motor VehicleEnforcement Agency Iowa Department of Public Safety 7 divisions including .
Iowa State Division of Criminal Investigation Iowa State Division of Narcotics Enforcement Iowa State Fire Marshal Iowa State Patrol County Agencies .
99 counties in Iowa Sheriff s office in each duties outlined in Iowa Code Provide law enforcement outside of urban municipalitiesLocal Municipal Agencies Several hundred local municipal law enforcement.
agencies in cities and towns across IowaColleges and Universities Roles Responsibilities ofLaw EnforcementPublic Safety.
Prevent crime and keep peaceEnforce the Law Iowa Code Local Municipal CodeInvestigation Prosecution.
Gather evidence to meet burden of proof Roles ResponsibilitiesRelated to CPS Law Enforcement LE are Mandatory Reporters ofchild abuse neglect .
LE works jointly with CPS when there areallegations of both child maltreatment and acriminal act A peace officer has the authority to remove a childfrom the home without a court order when a child.
is believed to be in imminent danger Local Police DepartmentDes Moines PD is largest and most urbanlaw enforcement agency in the state ofDMPD made up of nearly 500 personnel .
379 sworn officers 110 civilian support personnelSource http www dmgov org Departments... DMPD divided into 2 MajorDivisions .
1 Operations Division2 Investigations Division includes Detective Bureau made up of Intelligence Section Family Conflict Section.
Crimes Against Persons Crimes Against Property Identification SectionSource http www dmgov org Departments... Family Conflict Section.
The Family Conflict Section consists of speciallytrained investigators responsible for theinvestigation of criminal behavior of a sexualnature and also cases serious child abuse orThe section includes a Domestic Abuse Resource.
Team DART a Victim Advocate who works directlywith the DART investigators to reach out to victims ofdomestic violence Crimes relating to elderly abuse areinvestigated here as well Source http www dmgov org Departments... .
Types of trauma cases investigated by FamilyConflict include sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults intra family sexual abuse attempts to entice children.
child exploitation obscene communications child in need of assistance proactive Internet cases child abuse trauma cases.
infant deaths Iowa Department of Publicpreventab Suppressle injuries criminaland activity.
Minimize Promotecosts of integrity compliancewith excellencegovernment in the.
requirements workforceSource http www dps state ia us overv... Iowa Division of CriminalInvestigation The mission of the Iowa Division of Criminal.
Investigation is to provide law enforcementservices to qualified city county state andfederal agencies who request the expertiseor resources of the division DCI Major Crimes.
Comprised of 28 Special Agents across the Called in to assist local enforcement withmajor crimes such as Death investigations Assault investigations.
Sexual offense investigations What is the Role of LawEnforcement Observations made by responding officers Who called 9 1 1 and who was present.
What was observed at the scene What evidence was gatheredImmediate actions Secure scene Interview witnesses.
Remove children if believed to be in imminent danger Ongoing investigation prosecution Conduct joint interviews Provide insight on family criminal history or involvement Gather other evidence which could impact CPS outcome.
Child Protective State of IowaIowa s child abusereporting and assessmentlaw Iowa Code sections.
232 67 through 232 75 was initially enacted in1978 and has beenamended several timessince then .
Criteria for CPSAssessmentIn Iowa the Department of Human Services DHS has been given the responsibility and legalauthority to conduct an assessment of child abuse.
when it is alleged that The victim is a child There is a caretaker The child is subjected to one or more of the tentypes of child abuse defined in Iowa Code .
The Code of Iowa defines a child as being Any person under the age of eighteen years The Code of Iowa 232 68 defines a caretaker or person responsible for the care of a child as any of thefollowing .
A parent guardian or foster parent A relative or any other person with whom the childresides and who assumes care or supervision of the An employee or agent of any public or private facilityproviding care for a child .
Any person providing care for a child but with whomthe child does not reside without reference to the durationof the care Categories of AbuseThere are ten categories of child abuse identified in Iowa.
Physical Abuse Mental Injury Sexual Abuse Denial of Critical Care Child Prostitution.
Presence of Illegal Drugs Manufacturing or Possession of a Dangerous Substance Bestiality in the presence of a minor Allows access by a Registered Sex Offender Allows access to Obscene Material.
Physical AbuseAny nonaccidental physicalinjury or injury which is atvariance with the historygiven of it suffered by a child.
as the result of the acts oromissions of a personresponsible for the care of the Mental InjuryAny mental injury to a child s.
intellectual or psychologicalcapacity as evidenced by anobservable and substantialimpairment in the child s ability tofunction within the child s normal range.
of performance and behavior as theresult of the acts or omissions of aperson responsible for the care of thechild if the impairment is diagnosedand confirmed by a licensed.
physician or qualified mental healthprofessional Sexual AbuseThe commission of a sexualoffense with or to a child.
pursuant to chapter 709 section 726 2 or section728 12 subsection 1 as a resultof the acts or omissions of theperson responsible for the care.
of the child Denial of Critical CareThe failure on the part of aperson responsible for the careof a child to provide for the.
adequate food shelter clothing medical or mentalhealth treatment supervision or other care necessary for thechild s health and welfare when.
financially able to do so orwhen offered financial or otherreasonable means to do so DCC Subcategories1 Failure to provide adequate food and nutrition.
2 Failure to provide adequate shelter3 Failure to provide adequate clothing4 Failure to provide adequate health care For all of the four above failure must be to such anextent that there is danger of the child suffering.
injury or death 5 Failure to provide the mental health carenecessary to adequately treat an observable andsubstantial impairment in the child s ability to 6 Gross failure to meet the emotional needs.
As necessary for normal development and evidenced by the presenceof an observable and substantial impairment in the child s abilityto function within the normal range of performance and behavior 7 Failure to provide proper supervisionWhich a reasonable and prudent person would exercise under.
similar facts and circumstances to such an extent that the failureresulted in direct harm or created a risk of harm to the child orthere is danger of the child suffering injury or death 8 Failure to respond to the infant s life threateningconditions.
Failing to provide treatment which in the treating physician sjudgment will be most likely to be effective in ameliorating orcorrecting all conditions Child ProstitutionDefined as the acts or.
omissions of a personresponsible for the care ofa child which allow permit or encourage thechild to engage in acts.
prohibited pursuant to IowaCode section 725 1 Presence of Illegal Drugs Presence of illegal drugs isdefined as occurring when an.
illegal drug is present in achild s body as a direct andforeseeable consequence ofthe acts or omissions of theperson responsible for the care.
of the child Manufacturing or Possessionof a Dangerous Substance Manufacturing or possession of a dangerous substance occurs when the person responsible for the care of a child .
Has manufactured a dangerous substance in thepresence of the child or Knowingly allows the manufacture of a dangeroussubstance by another person in the presence of a child or Possesses a product containing ephedrine its salts optical.
Criminal, Negligence, or Accident:Child Fatality & Severe Trauma Cases. A Multidisciplinary Response. Lisa Bender, LMSW ... Criminal/Juvenile Justice. County Attorneys, Attorney’s General, Judges, Court Appointed Special Advocates ... Juvenile Court Action. Criminal Court Action. Service Provision.

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