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A CIO s View of ProjectManagement and ValueCo ChairmanMarc Newman LFHIMSS MBADate 1 19 2017.
Pawan Goyal FHIMSS MD PMP CPHIMSSPM SIG AGENDA Welcome SIG Reach Out Continues SIG Home Page Please visit.
New HIMSS SharePoint technology SIG production site in HIMSS 17 Meeting Tuesday 21st 5 00PM Survey Coming out soon Credits PMI and CPHIMSS Thanks.
Presentation and Discussion Next Meeting Next meeting at HIMSS 17 Wrap up PM SIG PM SIG Home Page.
New SharePoint Technology The PM SIG is building a collaborative work space utilizingSharePoint 13 The production site is established and beingIf you have expertise and or are interested in participating inthis exciting effort please contact the Co Chairs.
Please come to the meeting on Tuesdaynight 5 00PM We are putting together agreat program for you CAHIMSS CPHIMSS Presentations have been provided for credit.
acceptance Series has been accepted Each session 1 credit PMI presentation credit is now a self tendinglogging activity .
Thanks to Dr Luis TaverasFormer CIO Hartford Healthcare and Barnabas HealthJan LugibihlAnd others who took the time to add.
ideas and content A Work in progressProject ManagementSpecial Interest GroupA CIO s View of Project.
Management and ValueMarc Newman LFHIMSSJanuary 19 2017 MBALuis Taveras Phd Disclaimer.
This document is not formal research but an outline to be used for generaldiscussion It attempts to gather ideas and concepts from many sources including the authors and to present these ideas in a coherent manner to theSIG and Fellow membership Some references are provided where they may be interesting and useful .
Materials have been extracted and in some cases presented as published Inother cases original materials were edited as the author sees fit to make apoint or to better explain a concept The document in the end is designed as a learning tool to provide usefulguidance provide the basis for discussion and may be get members excited.
about the topic Last we sometimes focus on what we like to explore Learning Objectiveso Understand Key Questionso Understand Core Concepts and Definitions.
o Define Benefits Realizationo Explore Views of Value Creation Problem Statement Key Questions View Customer.
Views CIO Views Project Management Achieving Value and Benefits Summary Problem Statement.
Understanding and applying concepts of value within project and IT management arecritical to success in a fast changingHealthcare environment where value basedpurchasing is driving the strategic agenda .
The PM SIG will be exploring this concept at twoo As a value creation process within strategic and tacticalplanning with the possible development of a ValueMaturity Modelo As an approach to enhance a PM s ability to deliver.
benefits from their project Key Questions As it relates to HCIT projects what is value and howdoes it relate to benefits and business results When do you explore the value of your project s at.
the exploratory stage or when the business case isready for review and approval How does the value and the timing of valueassessment influence your organization s selection ofprojects to invest in .
How do you use value assessment to drivecommitment and accountability Concepts and Definitions Determining the value to be realized froman IT solution necessitates a multifaceted.
value proposition and required wresting withnumerous tangible intangible andinterdependent aspects Ref Price Waterhouse Cooper Sept 2001 California Health Care Foundation Concepts and Definitions.
SIG Definition Work in progress PM SIG definition of value is the outcomeachieved from meeting a businessstrategic or tactical goal Customer Projec.
Objective tGoal Projec MeasurablObjective t e BenefitsObjective t Concepts and Definitions.
Benefits are a direct result in the change toorganization created by execution of a project orchange Benefits are measureable through theuse of various types of metricso Benefits Tangible and intangible.
o If goal cannot be measured then the value of theapplied information system investment cannot bedeterminedo All intangible benefits can are quantifiable in someo Benefits Types Hard and Soft Assessable and perceived .
There are many perspectives of value This addsconsiderable complexity to understanding andachieving value benefits PMs sits in the middle tryingto negotiate it all Customer View Project view.
Business Products User type PM User level Deliverables User roleValue multiple definitions.
Benefits multiple typesCustomer View View from the perspective ofthe customer can be complex Who is thecustomer and what is to be achieved Business IT.
Strategic StrategicUnique PlanGoals GoalsBusiness IT TacticalTactical Plan Plan.
Sustain Tactical Goals measuresNew Change Tactical Goals measuresEnable Tactical Goals measuresOutcomes and Value RealizationProgram Project Management View Where is Value .
Cost QualitySchedulingManageme ManagemeManageme Estimating Resourcent Management .
Soft Skills Team ManagementManageme PM ToolsScope CommunicatiRequirements.
Project onManagement Management ManagementPortfolio Investment RiskManagement ManagemeIntegration Life Cycle.
Manageme ManagemeChange Vendor Manageme Governance Procureme19 Monitoring ManagemeCIO View of value is often the bridge between IT and.
multilevels of customers and users Reduces project length cost Improved on time delivery Bolstered customer relationships Higher perceived benefits from delivered product.
Improved strategic alignment Increased cost benefit accountability maybe Stop bad projects more quickly Improve overall morale of the organizationCIO View The ability to meet the GOALS and.
achieve desired value is established by theorganization which can be supported by theinformation system Expectations of value can determine which goalsare supported by technology.
The budget investment process is thefundamental link between planning goals expected value and the business investment in As IT maturity increases the value and thestrategic impact from investment can be.
expected to increase Achieving Value and BenefitsCIO View IT value capability and role is perceived in differentways An organization will invest resources into an HIT projectversus a different type of projects based on the perceptions and.
expectations of achieving the desired outcomes and value Health System HospitalGovernment Physician by typeValue is based on the perception of the customer Achieving Value and Benefits.
Value achievement is based on the balance between requirements ITcapability and the number of requirements achieved outcomes Strategic Plan Requirements MetMinimu Max Valuem Value to.
Achieve OrganizatioSelected Partial ValueValue Achieved AchievedMinimal AllHIT Requirements Met.
Achieving Value and BenefitsAchieving HIT Value ManagementValue BenefitsBenefits BenefitsIdentificati analysis.
Derive andand Sustainmenton Planning Delivery Transitionprioritize Monitorycomponent project Monitor.
Identify s components ongoingvalue Derive Monitor Consolidaperformanc Quantify metrics benefits and e.
Baseline value te and Continue ID plan register coordinat change Monitor Report e benefits process toowner Results benefits Operation maintainof Map through p l benefits.
benefit benefits Report Identifydelivery into plan value emergent Map value through value andinto customer benefitsstrategic activity.
Modified PMI Model Achieving Value and BenefitsWhat makes CIOs Crazy IT owning all projects All projects being labeled as high priority.
Misalignment between the PM and the business Customers who do not engage with process Poorly defined goals and deliverables Failure to allocate sufficient customer and IT Imbalance between project characteristics and.
maturity of IT or the Customer Late weekly status reports Poorly written communications Value is in the eye of the beholder Value and benefits must be tied to plan goals.
and objectives Achieving expected value and benefits isdriven by good management and projectmanagement processCultural Assessment Program Executive Sponsor Xxxxx Yyyy.
Leadership Status Report Status Report Date February 26 20xxPeriod End Date February 25 20xxThis Period Accomplishments Issues for Steering Committee PotentiManagement Escalation al Risk All interviews and focus groups completed Reviewing and approving quantitative survey.
Survey stratification parameter values completed questions Developing survey instrument questions Transcribing interview recordings Receiving final employee data needed for Capturing and aggregating key themes generation of stratified survey sampleIssues Being Managed by Team Workgroup Planned Activities Next Period.
Developing and vetting quantitative survey questions Approval of quant survey communication Generating stratified sample Approval of quant survey questions Setting up quant survey online Scheduled Vacation Other Planned Activities Program Risks N A N A.
Communications Integration Program Executive Sponsor aaaaaa bbbbbbbLeadership Status Report Status Report Date April 1 20xxPeriod End Date April 1 20xxThis Period Accomplishments Issues for Steering Committee PotentManagement Escalation ial.
Launched internal and external annoucements None at the momenttown hall events memos to all employees docs donors calls comms to all VIPs and donors etc Launched public microsite on partnership Leveraged announcement in media.
Furthered discussion about Phase II commsintegration workIssues Being Managed by Team Workgroup Planned Activities Next Period Communications Integration Plan overall Debrief with team Engagement of stakeholders Debrief with PR leads.
Development of communications messages and Begin planning for executive leader facility tourvehicles Launch weekly internal engagement activities Deal close celebratory events Further infrastructure planning for the new corporate Infrastructure for the communications efforts of the affairs teammerged system Solidify date for Phase II planning session with team.
Compliment strategy team in the development of thenew vision strategy and values with particular focuson communications and engagement aspect of thiswork this has yet to begin Scheduled Vacation Other Planned Activities Program Risks.
Questions and DiscussionResource Management/ Soft Skills/ Team Management. Quality Management. Planning, Scheduling & Estimating. Cost Management. Time Management. Issues Management. Scope/Requirements Management. Views. CIO View of value is often the bridge between IT and multilevels of customers and users: Reduces project length/cost. Improved on-time delivery ...

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