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Commercial VisionPRO VisionPRO 8000 Features Commercial VisionPRO 8000incorporates all the standardfeatures of the VisionPRO family .
Sleek design Menu driven programming Large touchscreen display But the Commercial VisionPRO8000 goes even farther and is.
tailored with features specificallyfor commercial applicationsOS Number Applications2H 2C ConventionalTB8220U1003 3H 2C Heat Pump.
Commercial VisionPRO 8000The Commercial VisionPRO 8000 offers thesedistinguishable commercial features Enhanced energy savings Economizer output.
Holiday setback Commercialized control algorithm Better and more consistent control in commercial applications Multiple keypad lockout levels Configurable recovery ramps.
Occupied unoccupied scheduling Title 24 energy air quality compliance NomenclatureU Universal dual powered system flexibility scheduling flexibility .
Line DesignationTB Buildings Thermostat Specification DetailsTH Homes ThermostatTB 8 22 0 U 1 003Family Designation System Stages Application.
8 VisionPRO touchscreen 22 2 Heat 2 Cool 0 Standard7 VisionPRO conventional Commercial VisionPROInstallation Procedures Installation.
Steps to install Commercial VisionPRO 8000 Mounting Powering Thermostat Set Calendar Installer Setup Menus.
Main Settings Menu Regional Settings Menu Advanced Settings Menu System Test s Installation Wallplate Mount.
Mounts directly on wall 4 x 2 electrical box Coverplate available Application Wiring Choose.
Conventional or HeatPump terminal labels Insert wires interminal block Jumper factory.
Wiring 1 Heat 1Cool Conventional1 Power Supply2 Factory Installed Jumper3 Optional Sensor1 Heat 1 Cool single transformer .
Wiring 2 Heat 2 Cool Conventional1 Power Supply2 Factory Installed Jumper3 Optional Sensor2 Heat 2 Cool single transformer .
Wiring 1 Heat 1 Cool Heat Pump1 Power Supply2 Factory Installed3 Set to O or B in Setup4 Optional Sensor.
1 Heat 1 Cool Heat Pump with NO Auxiliary Heat Wiring 2 Heat 1 Cool Heat Pump1 Power Supply2 Factory Installed Jumper3 4 Optional Sensor.
5 Must Wire Common6 Set to O or B in Setup2 Heat 1 Cool Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat 10511 Powering Thermostat Hardwired.
Batteries included 3 AAA Alkaline batteries Mounting Thermostat on Wallplate Locks straight into Line up pins with the.
Push thermostat straightonto the wallplate until itsnaps into place Activate Real Time Clock To activate the Real.
Time Clock simply pullon Tab to removeduring installation Set Calendar Real Time Clock Set.
Set Year Set Month Set Time Real Time Clock Set Adjusts automatically for.
daylight savings time Maintains time and dayduring power outage Press DoneCan turn Daylight Savings Time feature off in Installer.
Initiate Installer Setup1 Press the SYSTEM key2 PRESS and HOLD thetwo unmarked keys asshown until the display.
Approximately 5 seconds Installer Setup Display Setup Number on Left 4 digit number starting with Use the up arrow to advance.
to the next installer setup Current Setting on Right 2 digit number Use the up and down arrowsto change the current setting.
Exit Installer SetupCommercial Press the Done Key Easy to Use Installer Setup Menus1 Installer Setup is broken into 3 menus.
Main Settings menu numbers 0120 to 0290 Must Select the System Type Regional Settings menu numbers 0300 to 0499 Advanced Settings menu numbers 0500 to 07102 Smart Installer Setup.
Setup numbers automatically change defaults based onprevious choices Setup number choices appear and disappear based on previous Main Menu Installer Setup Menu Items Setting the Calendar Cycles per hour.
Year Month Date Compressor Schedule Options Heat Emergency Heat 7 day Recovery rates Non Programmable Heat 1 20 F hour System Type Cool 1 20 F hour .
12 choices Additional Menus Fan Operation Go to Self Test O B terminal Go to Regional Menu Go to both Regional and Continuous backlight Advanced Menus.
Main Setting Menu ItemsUniversal Application Up to 2 Heat 2 Cool plus Aux Heat Forced Warm Air.
Single stage Multistage Heat Pumps Single stage Multistage.
Commercial Main Setting Menu ItemsUniversal Scheduling Multiple Programming Options Non programmable.
Select Schedule Periods OCC1 UNOCC1 OCC2 UNOCC2 OCC1 UNOCC2Commercial.
Main Setting Menu ItemsBacklighting On Demand Whenever a key is pressed the light will stay on forapproximately 8 seconds.
Continuously Must be hardwired with acommon and installer setupset to continuousCommercial.
Regional Settings Menu Item Auto or Manual Changeover Deadband Fahrenheit or Celsius Daylight Savings.
Remote Temperature Sensor Outdoor or Indoor Remote Compressor Lockout Heat Pump Only Auxiliary Lockout Heat Pump Only Regional Settings Menu Item.
Changeover Auto Changeover Default position Manual Changeover Set in Regional Installer Setup menu.
Commercial Regional Settings Menu ItemOutdoor Temperature Sensor C7089U 2 wire remote sensor.
Hook up to the S1 and S2 terminals at the thermostat 200 feet maximum View outside temperature on home screen or bypressing the More key Used for Heat Pump System.
Temperature Lockouts Regional Settings Menu ItemRemote Indoor Temperature Sensor T7770A 20K NTC or C7189U 10K NTC 2 wire remote sensor.
Selectable via ISU 340 Sensors can be used as follows One sensor Multiple sensors Installation.
Series Parallel Temperature Averaging NetworksThermostat ThermostatT7770A T7770A T7770A T7770A T7770AT7770A T7770A T7770A T7770A T7770AT7770A T7770A T7770A.
Advanced Settings Menu Items Number of Periods Keypad Lockout Compressor Off Time Partial 1 Partial 2 or full Temperature Range Stops Temperature Control s Heat and Cool Heat and cool recovery.
12 or 24 hour clock Display Offset Extended Fan Operation Reset Defaults Heat and Cool Installer setup and schedule Advanced Settings Recovery Ramps Recovery Ramps.
Recovery scheme ramps the setpoint towards the desired Ramped setpoint helps eliminate overshoot with oversizedcommercial equipment Commercial VisionPRORecovery Operation.
Conventional RecoveryTemperatureTemperature Commercial Recovery RampsTemperature.
Set Point Setpoint actuallyTemperature ramps up at auser defined rateduring recovery Conventional Recovery.
Temperature ActualTemperature Commercial Recovery RampsTemperature ActualTemperature.
RecoveryAdvanced Settings Menu Items Recovery is shown toalert occupant that thesystem is in recovery.
Note The setpointdisplayed during recoveryis the final setpoint notthe ramping setpointCommercial.
InstallationAdvanced Settings Menu ItemsExtended Fan Operation Fan runs 90 seconds aftercall for heat ends.
Available if thermostathas control of fan Fan runs 40 seconds aftercall for cool endsCommercial.
InstallationInstaller System Test Test HVAC equipment Cool stages Heat stages.
Overrides compressorCommercialPart of Installer Setup InstallationInstaller System Tests Test 1.
Turn cool stage s on and off Turn fan on and off Turn heat stage s on and off Turn emergency heat on andoff heat pump only .
Commercial Turn TOD Econ on and offPress Arrows Move Arrows TurnDone To Next Test System Onto Exit or Off.
Commercial VisionPROScheduling Procedures Scheduling Feature Review Default Schedule is Energy Star Menu Driven Program Scheduling.
Each day can be scheduled differently Ability to Select Multiple Days Armchair Programming SchedulingSet the Schedule.
Press the Schedule KeyCommercial View ScheduleView Schedule The current schedule period.
will flash to indicate whichperiod is being viewed Press the Day and Periodyou wish to view Press Cancel or Done.
to return to Home ScreenCommercial Edit ScheduleEdit the Schedule Press the EDIT key.
View modeCommercial Schedule Day SelectionPick Days to Schedule Press any number of.
the seven days ofthe week to editCommercial Schedule Day DisplayOK to Pick Multiple Days.
Check marks appearon the days chosenCommercial Schedule OCC1 SelectionPress OCC1 Key.
OCC1 will begin toflash indicating itCommercial SchedulingSet OCC1 Time.
Use arrows to set theCommercial Set Temperature Use arrows to settemperature.
Use arrows to settemperatureCommercial SchedulingPress UNOCC1 Key.
UNOCC1 will begin toflash indicating it is chosen Set Time Set Temperatures Press OCC2 and.
UNOCC2 and RepeatCommercial SchedulingPress Done Key When finished setting.
the times and temperaturesfor the Days Selected press DoneCommercial Saving Schedule Changes.
Saving Changes The Days scheduled Display showsConfirmation thatthe schedule.
changes were madeCommercial Cancel Schedule PeriodTo Cancel a Scheduled Period From the edit screen choose the period to cancel.
Press the keyCANCEL PERIODCommercialExample Cancel UNOCC1 Cancel Schedule Period.
Once the Scheduled Period is Canceled Time Temperatures disappear The bar above the UNOCC1 period is removedCommercialReinstate schedule period by pressing arrow keys to.
5 set time and temperature 10511 SchedulingFan Schedule Press Fan key while in the Edit mode Auto default fan runs with system.
On fan runs continuously during the schedule periodCommercial Override Fan ScheduleFan Schedule Override Fan Schedule.
Press the fan key to the desired setting Like a mechanical fan switch The fan will stay in ON untiluser manually changes fan setting back to AutoCommercial Following Schedule Display.
Following Schedule Home Screengives confirmationthat schedule isbeing used.
Commercial Schedule OverridesSchedule Overrides1 Holiday Holds temperature for.
a designated number2 Override Holds temperatureuntil the time the usersets can be limited.
via ISU 535 Commercial Scheduling Holds temperaturetemporarily until the.
next scheduled period Press Override key or Upand Down Arrows next totemperature Next schedule period time.
is shown this is whenCommercial the temporary hold will Adjust end time bypressing Up or DownArrows next to the time.
Scheduling Hold temperature for adesignated number of Press Up and DownArrows to set the.
temperature desired while Press Arrows to set thenumber of DaysCommercialPress Cancel or Sched key to cancel Holiday early.
Commercial VisionPRO OperationFeature Review Precise Temperature Control System Status.
View Outside Temperature Clean Screen Low Battery Screen Locked Temperature Range Stops.
Compressor Protection Operation The human body can sense a 2 F temperature To keep occupants comfortable the thermostatmust keep the temperature within 1 F of the set .
ComfortableSet TemperaturePoint 70 F OperationThermostat qualities that lead to comfortable temperature.
Top quality components Innovative design Superior control algorithms Digital Thermostats Controlling to an ideal Cycle Rate using Proportional Integral Operation.
Proportional Integral Control Proportional Error P The difference between the set pointtemperature and the room temperature Integral Error I The length of time the room temperaturehas differed from the set point temperature.
OperationProportional Error The difference between the roomtemperature and the setpoint temperatureA TemperatureTemperature.
A Proportional Error OperationIntegral Error The length of time the room temperaturehas differed from the setpoint temperature70 Temperature.
Temperature0610 is the Cool Temperature Range Stop. The Lowest Cool setting is 500F. This can be adjusted from 51 to 990F. Compressor Protection The thermostat is designed with a 5 minute compressor delay if the compressor. This prevents the thermostat from calling for the air conditioner if the air conditioner had just shut off.

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