Dante’s “Inferno” or Part I of “The Divine Comedy”

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Dante s Inferno or PartI of The Divine Comedy Abandon all hope ye who enter here Good Friday 1300 Dante is lost in the woods He tries.
to climb the sunny mountain but isblocked by 3 beasts a leopard alion and a she wolf The ghost of Virgil author of the Aeneid comes to show him how to.
get to the top of the mountain Heaven where Dante s true love Beatrice waits for him 9 Circles of Hell Anti Inferno just.
before theentrance to Hell reside the souls ofthe uncommitted people who lived.
their lives withoutmaking consciouschoices betweengood and evil First Circle Limbo.
Contains the Admitted tosouls of the Heavenvirtuous but who Noah Moses etc were born beforethe advent of Not admitted.
Christianity or Virgil Homer were neverHorace Aristotle Socrates etc therefore could.
not properlyhonor God The Gate of Hell through me youenter then into the city of woes Hell is portrayed as a city.
Second Circle The Lustful Dante feels This is the mostsympathy because natural sin andthey are the one associatedessentially with love so it s.
punishment isdamned by love Helen lightest They are whirledCleopatra around by a.
Sins of the fleshgigantic gale Francesca tells hersymbolic of theirstory earthly passion .
Third Circle The Gluttonsgluttonousmust lie onthe groundsewage and.
filth rain downupon them Fourth Circle The Hoarders They lacked Plutus In Greekall regulation Mythology .
in moderating Plutus was thegod of wealth their expensesand gave uptheir souls in.
the pursuit of Fifth Circle The Wrathful andthe Sullen Last station of The Sullen Upper hell Refuse to accept.
Souls attacking Divineone another in Illumination andputrid slime are foreverdoomed to lie inthe stinking mud.
beneath theriver Styx Sixth Circle The Fallen City of Dis The Phlegyas The BoatmanCapital of Hell.
Rebellious In a fit of rage PhlegyasAngels set fire to the temple ofApollo because the godCreatures of had raped his daughter ultimate evil Apollo promptly slew him .
Refuse to let the Phlegyas whose ownfather was Mars appearspoets pass in Virgil s underworld as Incapable of an admonition againsthuman reason showing contempt for the.
Circle Seven Round OneThe Violent against Neighbors The Descent into As they shed bloodLower Hell in their lifetime so Marked by a.
must they wallowboiling river of in the boiling riverblood of blood for all Great Warmakers highwaymen and.
all who wagedviolence againsttheir fellow man Circle Seven Round Two The Round Three The.
Violent Against Violent Against God Themselves The Nature and Art TheSuicides Blasphemers the The Souls are encased Sodomites and thein trees whose leaves Usurers .
are eaten by the Plain of burning sandHarpies overseers of and an eternal rain ofthe damned Thus fire they who destroyed Symbolism is sterilitythemselves are and wrath All three.
denied a human form are unnatural actions Circle Eight Malebolge The Evil Ditches The upper half of the Hell of theFraudulent and the Malicious.
Malebolge is a greatamphitheatre within are 10circles each containing sinnersof Simple Fraud Circle Eight.
Round One The Panderers and Driven on an endless walk by horned demons torepresent the way they goaded others on in lifeto serve their own purposes Circle Eight.
Round Two The Flatterers Sunkin excrement the trueequivalent of their false flatteries on Circle EightRound Three The Simoniacs.
Peoplewho have tried to buy sell ecclesiasticalfavors or offices They are doomed to remain upside down in amockery of the baptismal font they are baptised Simon Magus Simon the Samarian magician.
Acts VIII 9 24 Upon his conversion toChristianity he offered to buy the power toadminister the Holy Ghost and was rebuked by Circle EightRound Four The Fortune.
Tellers and Diviners The souls of all thosewho attempted byforbidden arts to lookinto the future .
Tiresias the ancientGreek prophet Doomed to foreverwalk backwards theirheads are turned.
around and their eyesare blinded by tears Circle eightRound Five The Grafters Unscrupulous use The Grafters are.
of one s position to stuck in boiling pitchderive profit or which representsadvantages the sticky fingersextortion they used in their Money or an life It also serves.
to keep them out ofadvantage gainedsight the way theiror yielded byunscrupulous deeds.
unscrupulous were kept out ofmeans site Circle EightRound Six The Hypocrites The Hypocrites are.
weighed down byleaden robes asthey eternally walkaround a circle The robes are.
brilliantly guildedon the outside butserve to hide theterrible weight oftheir deceit in life .
Circle EightRound Seven The Thieves A pit full ofmonstrous reptilesthemselves around.
the thieves binding theirhands which haddone so much evilin their lifetime .
Circle EightRound Eight The Evil Counselors Their crime was to Ulysses crimes were abuse the gifts The Trojan Horse Persuading Achillles to.
given to them bysail to Troy wherein histhe Almighty lover died of grief at Ulysseshis departure .
Odysseus and The theft of the sacredDiomedes statue of Pallas which Ulysses narrates a was believed toprotect Troy thustale of his last.
resulting in Troy svoyage and death downfall Circle EightRound Nine The Sowers of Discord Just as their sin was to.
rend asunder what Godhad meant to be united so they are hacked andtorn through all eternityby a great demon with a.
bloody sword Aftereach mutilation thesouls drag their bodiesaround the pit andreturn to the demon .
only to be hacked again Circle EightRound Ten The Falsifiers Class I The They representAlchemists what society would.
They are punished bybe if all falsifiersafflictions of everysense darkness succeeded astench thirst filth place where the.
loathsome diseases senses are anand a shrieking din affliction rather Classes II V Evilthan a guide Impersonators .
Counterfeiters False The Ninth and Final Circle TheCentral Pit of the Malebolge The giants They are symbols.
of the earth tracethat every devoutman must clearfrom his soul basehuman natures .
the uncheckedpassions of the Circle NineRound One Caina the treacherous to kinRound Two Antenora the treacherous to.
Caina Named for Antenor namedCain for Antenor the Here lie those who Trojan who waswere treacherous believed to haveagainst blood ties betrayed his city to.
the Greeks Circle NineRound Three Ptolomea treacherous to guests and hosts Ptolomeaus of Count Ugolino and.
Maccabees who Archbishopmurdered his Ruggieri who arefather in law at a in Antenora forbanquet treason In life they had plotted.
together ThenRuggieri betrayedUgolino andcaused his deathby starvation .
Ninth CircleRound Four JudeccaThe Center Satan Judecca Judas Satan Fixed into the iceIscariot at the center to which.
The treacherous to flow all the rivers ofguilt and as he beatstheir masters his great wings as if to They lie completelyescape their icy wind.
sealed in ice only freezes him moretwisted and surely into the polluteddistorted into every ice He has three facesand in each mouth heconceivable posture .
clamps a sinner whomIt is impossible to he rips eternally with hisspeak to them teeth Thepoets now climb through thecenter grappling hand over.
hand down the hairy flank ofSatan himself a supremelysymbolic action and at lastreach the next level Purgatorio.
Dante’s “Inferno” or Part I of “The Divine Comedy” “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…” Epic poem written by Dante Alighieri sometime between 1308-1321. 1st part of a three part series known as “The Divine Comedy” Part II: “Purgatorio” Part III: “Paradisio”

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