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Database DesignCourse Overview Course IntroductionA database is an organized collection of related data In modernorganizations databases are used to support day to day.
operations such as personnel management inventory control and customer tracking For instance organizations such aslibraries use database to keep track of their holdings and patroninformation while analyzing circulation data and customer profileto assess consumer demands and service quality .
To provide instruction in both fundamental database principlesand user centric methodologies for effective creation of adatabase system this course will focus on applications of basicdatabase theories in the stand alone environment of MS Access Database Design 2.
Course Objectives Basic database concepts and theories Basic data modeling principles Practice Database design.
Database implementation skills Understand How to build database systemsDatabase Design 3 Course Requirements.
Prerequisites Basic computer skills Technical background is not required Grading Homework Assignments 30 .
Midterm Project 20 Final Project 50 Participation Extra Credit Database Design 4 Course Requirements Grading.
Homework Assignments 30 DB Design DB Implementation Extension of lab exercises do the lab first Midterm Project 20 DB specification consisting of.
database objectives business rules E R diagram DB Specification Template Final Project 50 MS Access implementation of the DB specification Sample Project.
Participation Extra Credit e g Class interactions course feedback etc Database Design 5 Course Policy This class advocates an open book policy of allowing students.
to consult textbooks Internet resources and classmates whenworking on assignments to facilitate learning and promotecollaboration The Honor Code is in effect With the open book policy it isespecially important to clearly indicate in submitted work any.
materials used from other sources Full citation informationshould be given for such sources Students are expected to be active participant in classdiscussions where they will ask questions provide insights and explore ideas .
Database Design 6 Course Resources Required Readings Lecture material and online contents Supplemental Readings.
Access 2013 The Missing Manualby Matthew MacDonald 2013 Pogue Press Databases Demystified 2nd Edition by Andrew Oppel March 2010 McGraw Hill Database Systems Design Implementation and Management 12th Edition .
by Carlos Coronel Steven A Morris Peter Rob 2016 Cengage Learning Course Website http widit2 knu ac kr kiyang t... Database Design 7 Course Resources Course Website.
Syllabus Description Prerequisite Policy Grading Textbooks Schedule Lecture Lab Assignments Assignments.
Description Readings Projects Description Requirements Evaluation Past Current Projects Resources Access Tutorials Resources DB Resources Web DB Resources.
Roster Student Roster log in required Attendance Gradebook from Schedule page Attendance record Assignment grades log in required Database Design 8.
“Database Demystified” is an easy-to-follow book that covers basic database theory, MS Access and SQL at an introductory level. “Database System: Design, Implementation, and Management” is a proper database theory textbook that contains an in-depth description of database theory.

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