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Technologies for ElectronicCommerce and EBusinessWalt Scacchi Ph D Winter 2003 Overview.
Introductions Course audience and demographics Administrative matters Foundational concepts Course topics.
Questions Topic 1 Overview of EC and EB Introductions Instructor Dr Walt Scacchi Teaching assistant s .
Administrative support Natasha Shuqum Course audience and demographics what are your career interests Executive Corporate Officer Vice President .
Division Director etc Mid Career Manager not an IT department IT Consultant Entrepreneur Academic Scholar .
Other Administrative matters Office office hours and contact ICS2 242 Tuesday 2 30 4 30pm and by appointment.
Office 949 824 4130 Email Wscacchi uci edu Web http www ics uci edu wscacchi Administrative matters Projects and Exams.
Team project final presentation deliverables Mid term exam Assignments and Discussion Assigned articles and case studies Web site case studies.
Web based business intelligence gathering Administrative matters Attendance and Participation Both count Administrative matters.
Grading policy Final project 50 Mid term exam 20 Assignments and discussion 20 Attendance 10 .
Project team formation Team size 3 5 people Start building your team today Administrative matters Communicating course material .
Am I explaining course materials so that youunderstand If not you must let me know Course preparation All course materials e g lecture notes readings assignments will be posted on the Web.
Discussion Assignments or team project work each week Administrative matters Access See my Office hours and TBD hours contact me .
Progress Grades Scheduled assignments and team project work Emphasis of conceptual understanding 50 lecture and course work on concepts fortechnologies for EC EB.
50 work on putting these concepts into practice viathe team project Administrative matters Rigor iterative presentation and exploration Formal vs informal.
Two iteration cycles Overall value of course to you You will learn fundamental concepts oftechnologies for EC EB You define your team project to best address your.
professional goals You should ask questions about topical issues Course matters Reading Materials Required http www ics uci edu wscacchi ... Textbooks .
REQUIRED Davis Benamati E Commerce Basics Technology Foundations and E Business Applications Addison Wesley Boston MA 2003 Amazon info available at UCI Bookstore Recommended Kalakota and Robinson e Business.
2 0 2nd edition Addison Wesley Boston MA 2000 Amazon info available at UCI Bookstore Foundational concepts EC and EB technologies applications and EC EB Infrastructure Internet Web .
Technology and Business Planning for EC Problems and Protections for EC and EB Open source software for EC and EB Learn by Doing team projects and SharedExperience class discussions .
Course topics Overview of EC and EB EC EB Infrastructure World Wide Web and Web Information The business of EC and EB.
Consumer focused EC Course topics EBusiness and Corporate Intranets B2B ECommerce and EC Grids Cybercrime.
Security and Privacy Future Applications of EC and EB Questions What do you want to learn or take awayfrom this course .
What are your criteria of success What do you want me to do to help youachieve your success What about the team project Others .
Technologies for Electronic Commerce and EBusiness Walt Scacchi, Ph.D. FEMBA 290 Winter 2003 Overview Introductions Course audience and demographics Administrative matters Foundational concepts Course topics Questions Topic 1: Overview of EC and EB Introductions Instructor: Dr. Walt Scacchi Teaching assistant(s): none Administrative support: Natasha Shuqum Course audience and demographics ...

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