Database Models: Flat Files and the Relational Database

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Database Models Flat Filesand the Relational DatabaseObjectives Understand the fundamental structureof the relational database model.
Learn the circumstances under whichit is a better choice than the flat file What is a database Structured Data Procedures for.
Data entry Storage Validity checking Sorting Selection.
Reporting Why use a database To organize preserve data To facilitate analysis and modeling To gain insights into the relationships in.
To help turn data into information To explore data using exploratorytechniques To support the organization Flat file databases.
Text files word processing packages Loosely structured storage Sorting whole tables or individualcolumns by number data text Reports via mail and merging functions .
Excel as a database All Word database capabilities plus Data entry Selection Queries Statistics.
Calculations Graphics chart development datasummarization Relational Database Systems All the features support by Excel.
Plus all of the following features Validity Checking Relational queries Extensive import export capabilities Object oriented model.
Strong data typing support for formatted text memo fields OLE calculated fields Why use the relational model Minimize redundancy Minimize wasted storage.
Facilitate updates appending new data toexisting systems Facilitate queries makes asking questionsof the database easier Keeps tables small for portability and.
improved data processing Things to be cautious about Issues and Design considerations Boolean Integer Long Currency Single Double Date String and Variant.
How expressions with different data types are When to split entries between different fieldsand when to combine them in a common field When to use more than one table in a database and when to use only one table.
Other things to consider Redundancy unnecessary repetition ofinformation wastes computing resources One to one relationships One to many relationships.
Many to many relationships special case Databases are dynamic Can accept entry of new data even whiledisplaying results from current data Desktop vs Client Server.
Transaction databases Internet databases Timber Stand InventoryCompartment Stand Origin Watershed ELTP63 184 1889 Dry Gulch 26.
78 200 1967 Dead Horse 18210 24 1942 Whitefish 45Information in each column are the attributes of the database information ineach row are records How to design a relational.
Identify the purpose of the relational database Identify the various the subjects of the database Determine what information on each subject is Determine how the subject information isrelated to other subject information.
Refine and redesign the database when designflaws are identified Final designs are seldom thefirst designs considered Tall Timbers Forest Management Inc Tables.
Forest communities Harvest schedules Prescribed burn schedule Wildlife habitat quality Riparian management objectives.
Restoration plans Special concerns for threatened and endangeredDatabase Models: Flat Files and the Relational Database Objectives: Understand the fundamental structure of the relational database model Learn the circumstances under which it is a better choice than the flat file

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