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1.PHP and MySQL AdvancedFeatures12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz1

2.Learning Objectives• Track sessions• Use cookies• Secure a MySQL/PHP application• Example12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz2

3.Tracking Sessions HTTP is a stateless protocol – it cannot maintain the state between twotransactions. When a user requests a page following another one, HTTP does nottrack whether both pages come from the same user (they areindependent). Session tracking allows to track a user during a transaction spannignseveral pages. Ex: login choose products checkout in a shopping cart application.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz3

4.Tracking Sessions A PHP session has: A unique session ID A cryptographically random number. Session variables associated with it. The session ID is generated by PHP and stored on the client side during all thelifetime of a session. The session ID can either be stored on the client computer in a cookie or passedthrough URLs. A session ends: When the user closes it or the browser client is closed. After a predefined time specified in php.ini file.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz4

5.Tracking Sessions Implementing a session: Start a sessionsession start();(sessions can also be started automatically if PHP sets-up that way) Register session variables SESSION[‘var name’] 42; Use session variablesif (isset( SESSION[‘var name’] )) … Deregister variables unset( SESSION[‘var name’] ); SESSION array()(; Destroy the sessionsession destroy();12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz5

6.Tracking Sessions ?phpsession start(); SESSION['sess var'] "Hello world!";echo 'The content of SESSION[\'sess var\'] is '. SESSION['sess var'].' br / ';? a href "page2.php" Next page /a 12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz6

7.Tracking Sessions ?phpsession start();echo 'The content of SESSION[\'sess var\'] is '. SESSION['sess var'].' br / ';unset( SESSION['sess var']);? a href "page3.php" Next page /a 12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz7

8.Tracking Sessions ?phpsession start();echo 'The content of SESSION[\'sess var\'] is '. SESSION['sess var'].' br / ';session destroy();? 12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz8

9.Using Cookies A cookie is a piece of information that’s stored by a server in a textfile on a client’s computer to maintain information about the clientduring and between browsing sessions. A server can access only the cookies that it has placed on the client. Function setcookie takes the name of the cookie to be set as thefirst argument, followed by the value to be stored in the cookie. The optional third argument indicates the expiration date of thecookie. If no expiration date is specified, the cookie lasts only until the end ofthe current session—that is, when the user closes the browser. Thistype of cookie is known as a session cookie, while one with anexpiration date is a persistent cookie.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz9

10.Using Cookies• If only the name argument is passed to functionsetcookie, the cookie is deleted from the client’scomputer.• Cookies defined in function setcookie are sent to theclient at the same time as the information in the HTTPheader; therefore, setcookie needs to be called beforeany other output• PHP creates the superglobal array COOKIE, whichcontains all the cookie values indexed by their names,similar to the values stored in array POST when anHTML5 form is posted12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz10

11.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz11

12.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz12

13.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz13

14.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz14

15.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz15

16.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz16

17.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz17

18. 1992-2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. AllRights Reserved.

19. 1992-2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. AllRights Reserved.

20.Security Features Authentication Authentication / access control with session control.Start a session with a login screen and pass on the authorized userin SESSION variables. Apache’s basic authenticationmod auth checks against name-password pairs on a server file(.htaccess) MySQL authenticationmod-auth mysql checks against name-password pairs in aMySQL database12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz20

21.Security Features Encryption Password encryptioncrypt( password)MD5( password)sha-1( password) (Secure Hash with 40 characters) Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) to secure communications betweenservers and browsers over the InternetPGPGPG ( Isabelle Bichindaritz21

22.Security Features Code security Value checking SQL injection prevention – escape strings sent to database servermysql escape string,mysqli::real escape string,mysqli real escape string12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz22

23.Dreamhome Staff Management The Dreamhome Staff Management application letsusers: List the staff working at a branch Add staff Update staff information Delete staff. bichinda/dreamhome/login.php(username: Brand,password: SG5)ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz12/3/201223

24.Dreamhome Staff Management Files: login.php(login)dreamhome.php (general menu)branch.php (list of staff per branch)add.php (add staff interface)add-staff.php(add staff to the database)delete.php (delete staff interface)delete-staff.php (delete staff from the database)update.php (update staff interface)update-staff.php (update staff from the database)logout.php (logout)functions.php(all functions called by the other pages)12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz24

25.Dreamhome Staff Managementlogin.phpdreamhome.phpbranch.php12/3/2012add.phpupdate.phpdelete.phpaddstaff.phpupdatestaff.phpdeletestaff.phpISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz25

26.Templates Two types of applications Applications allowing users to search through a databasewithout requiring them to login dhBranchStaff.html (or dhBranch.php) anddhBranchStaff.php Applications requiring users to login and/or allowing them tosearch / add / delete / update the database Dreamhome staff management system (dreamhome.zipfrom Angel) by selecting the features useful for theapplication.12/3/2012ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz26


Secure a MySQL/PHP . application. Example. 12/3/2012. ISC329 Isabelle Bichindaritz . HTTP is a stateless protocol – it cannot maintain the state between two transactions. When a user requests a page following another one, HTTP does not track whether both pages come from the same user (they are independent).

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