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FY13 Deferred MaintenanceAssessment Report HighlightsNovember 7 201310 02 2020 1 To provide a consistent auditable Deferred.
Maintenance DM estimate at the Agency and Centerlevels and to provide an assessment of the generalcondition of NASA facilities from the system levelusing NASA s deferred maintenance parametricestimating method .
To provide a facility performance metric which can becompared to and trended against other commonlyused facility metrics The basis for the annual Agency Performance andAccountability Report and it is an integral part of.
meeting the requirements of the E O 13327 13423 13514 OMB and the Federal Real Property Councilreporting requirements 10 02 2020 2 Facilities Condition Index.
The overall condition of NASA facilities remained thesame since FY12 FY13 FCI remained at 3 7 Active facilities remained at 3 7 Inactive facilities remained at 3 6.
HVAC Systems remained at 3 5 and Plumbingremained at 3 4 the lowest rating of the systems Exterior and Roof systems are 3 9 the highest10 02 2020 3 FY13 DM Estimate.
The DM estimate decreased The Agency DM decreased 1 5 35 04M from 2 330B to 2 295B Active sites decreased from 2 19B to 2 16B Inactive sites decreased from 136M to.
The largest DM system estimate electricalsystems increased by 3M to 504M10 02 2020 4 Demolition Program 75 Facilities Demolished since FY 12 DMA.
Reduced DM by 12 73M Led by MSFC and KSC Reduced CRV by 79 06M FY 10 was the first year that demolished CRV andDM were excluded from the DMA.
In the past 5 years 307 facilities demoed with avalue of 302 4M for DM and 1 098 9M for CRV 10 02 2020 5 5 Year Demo TrendNASA FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13.
Demo Bldg Reduction 47 26 139 37 75Reduction 98 0M 1 6M 98 3M 95 7M 12 73MReduction 338 0M 20 2M 343 4M 364 4M 79 06 M10 02 2020 6.
FY13 FCI Average2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Fiscal Year10 02 2020 7 FY13 Total DM.
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Fiscal Year10 02 2020 8 FY13 Total CRV2009 2010 2011 2012 2013.
Fiscal Year10 02 2020 9 FY13 FCI by Center10 02 2020 10 FY13 DM by Center.
10 02 2020 11 CRV B 10 02 2020FY13 CRV by Center 5 Year Trend.
NASA FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13FCI 3 6 3 6 3 7 3 7 3 7DM B 2 547 2 553 2 472 2 330 2 295CRV B 28 38 29 18 30 18 31 49 31 76of CRV 8 98 8 75 8 19 7 40 7 22 .
10 02 2020 13 Observations Critical facilities are operating in good condition onlybecause of superior preventive maintenance practices The electrical systems are critical to NASA and continue.
to have the highest DM value 504 million of the nineassessed systems In an effort to save operations and maintenance funds some Centers have started to maximize space utilitizationby consolidating personnel in fewer facilities and closing.
or mothballing the unoccupied facilities The Demolitionefforts have reduced our Health and Safety risks andeliminated our O M requirements for demoed facilities 10 02 2020 14.
8/14/2014. Demolition Program. 75 Facilities Demolished since FY 12 DMA. Reduced DM by $12.73M. Led by MSFC and KSC. Reduced CRV by $79.06M. FY 10 was the first year that demolished CRV and DM were excluded from the DMA. In the past 5 years, 307 facilities demoed with a value of $302.4M for DM and $1,098.9M for CRV.

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